moving to a new house, help!!!

  1. Hey guys, I need some help with ideas to make my move to my new house as painless and smooth as possible. Im kinda scared to pack up and move to a new house. I have soo much stuff, I have no idea where to start!!! Help!!
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    I always take the opportunity to richly bless the local homeless shelter, salvation army or whatever will take all that stuff that has been hiding in th closets, garage or under beds.
    This way you can accumulate new stuff.
    I hate moving and it doesn't take me long to get very not picky about being able to live without alot of junk. Many of thse organizations will come and pick up.
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Okay..when I had to move...I made sure I did things in somewhat of a packing order!

    For dishes..use your towels in the house to pack them in! Lay the towel down, but in a plate...fold towel towel if necessary....I mean...serving wear and towels are something you need right away so pack them together, serves well here too!!!!!! Saved me a lot of headache! weight of boxes though..that can get heavy fast!

    Make sure to pack memory stuff (albums, photos, letters....all that stuff) in a separate box that is protected from any storage area you will wind up putting it in...whether temp or not! I find plastic boxes with lids are good...they are the last to be unpacked...make them safe because it can be months!!!!!!

    Blankets..easy..use them between boxes as a buffer to make sure things aren't broken!

    Think about necessity and do those, shelter, medications!, and furniture..those go in first! Decor last and put them in good sealed containers in case you can't get to them quick!

    Hope that helps! I love that towel Idea!!!!!!
  5. by   Medic2RN
    TriageRN - I did the same towel thing for when I moved (several times) it is terrific!

    I don't know how organized you really want to be. I would not mark anything on the outside of the boxes that would alert people of the valuables you have inside the boxes. I marked down what room each box was going to go into and numbered them. The number corresponded with a list of the items packed. I hate it when you need something and can never find it while unpacking. I had some friends list "china", "silverware", etc. on their boxes and somehow those boxes never arrived at the destination as the movers had promised.

    I also packed a suitcase of things I would need for a few days because chances are you will not find anything you really need during the process.

    Good luck! I hate moving!!