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  1. "gunner's palace"

    a gritty new documentary that takes an unflinching look at soldiers stationed in iraq soon after the fall of baghdad.

    the film is produced by former soldier michael tucker, who spent two months with a field artillery division in baghdad.

    the soldiers are known as "the gunners," and during their 410 day tour they lived in the bombed out luxury palace that was the home to saddam hussein's son, uday.

    they ventured out for patrols, visited orphanages and acted as part-soldiers part-social workers.

    i just saw it yesterday. there's a part in the movie/documentary which portrays a sergeant saying how "to people back home, this war is just entertainment. like it's a movie, only better. now they've just lost interest".

    and it struck me as ominously true - there was only one couple besides me in the entire theater. the whole *******' theater was empty. and it wasn't because it was a bad movie/documentary or something - there was after all no plot or anything. this was as gritty as any war movie - only more provocative because it was all real, all the time.

    check it out guys, it's worth watching.
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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    I forgot to mention that after certain screenings on certain days, a local veteran from the unit (Cpt. John Powers, featured in the movie) was available for questions.

    A nice man I had the pleasure of meeting.
  4. by   Mkue
    Interesting, thanks Roy