Mourn my loss with me , RIP permanent nights

  1. so its happened *sniffle*
    my unit manager won the battle ( I still maintain I will win the WAR booyah) , I go on day shift starting Monday
    after a year and a bit of straight nights this is completely gonna knock me on my butt ........
    I am , not a morning person to put it mildly....
    to be up at 5am of my own free will is one thing ,to HAVE to wake up at 5am and haul ass into work for 7 is quite another..

    just when I thought I had escaped the multidisciplinary team altogether, I will be cavorting with them on monday morning...
    dieticians, social workers, doctors, speech therapy, pysio, OT .......oh how I havent missed you!

    I can play dirty, when the inevitable occurs and we once again find ourselves short on night shift, as much as I would like to , I will NOT swap from days to nights to help out

    my nice girl days are THRU

    I'll be starring in the next "good girls gone bad" video for sure, so keep your eyes open...

    wahhhhhhh I'm whiny , and I don't care, this is INJUSTICE

    ah well , I can do it I suppose, I mean I did it before, as long as no one expects me to talk to them before noon everything should be just fine
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  3. by   Genista
    Sorry you got pulled off nights Hapeewendy! (I can't believe that one. We can't find enough brave souls to go on nights where I work).

    Changing shifts sucks! I feel your pain! But, have no fear, you'll adjust quicker than you think. I went from pms to days back to pms fairly easily. It only took a week or two to fully adjust.

    I think the worst part is having to switch your whole routine around. Yeah, I know it was sweet on nocs not having all those darned people around (I liked that part too, when I did mandatory nocs awhile back). But at least on days, you do have all those people around as resources. (Trying to find a silver lining in this for you...are you buying any of it?)

    Do you love nocs enough to want to change floors or hospitals? Most employers in my area pay extra for working NOCs. I am curious how this shift change will impact you. It could be a hard financial blow as well, depending on your shift diff. If you love Nocs that much, you are going to be a valuable asset to most employers. Something to keep in mind, if dayshift turns out to be not your thing.

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS- Coffee is your friend.
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  4. by   maggie7
    Sorry Wendy. I've been watching this whole dilemma with you. I guess it's one of the major reasons I stay in LTC. I get to work 1 shift, 11-7, and it's my shift of choice.
    Did you ever hear from the hospital you faxed your resume to?
    I couldn't find that thread again.
    It's difficult for me to spend a week of orientation on days. I'm just a night person.
    How will this play out with your classes?
  5. by   hapeewendy
    well friend, I heard from the hospital I applied to that they are still in the process of going thru all their "internal" applicants , so its looks like its gonna take awhile to get to the rest of us poor souls hehe , thanks for asking though!
    and this is , in my opinion anyway, going to affect my classes in a big way , still have every thursday off for school, but I find the switch to be brutal on my body and my sleep patterns have been on a "sleep during the day" routine for over a year now..
    so I think I've decided to *Hopefully* hear from the university that I was infact enrolled in the part time program, instead of the CE program, that way I dont have to struggle to do the degree in 19mths, I can slow down my pace
    and seriously, after this semester, I'm thinking of hightailing it outta here and doing some travel nursing... not married, no kids, ppl keep saying it would be a good time to do it , and I'm starting to feel that way too...
    yeah so its like a bad soap opera, where none of the characters except the charming 20 something nurse heroine of the story , are endearing
  6. by   emily_mom
    You'll get through it Wendy. Days suck...I am going in this morning to cover an absence...

    I had asked for mainly PM's when I started, and for the next month, I have ALL days except March 15 and 16....

    We can commiserate together my dear....

  7. by   kids
    I can't believe your whining over day shift...crap...I've plotted murder to get off of nights!
  8. by   Little One2
    Hi Wendy,

    Sorry to hear that the manager got her way. She must be a good talker.

    I do miss everyone there. Mondays are very busy on that floor. Watch out for the pharmacist coming to your med cart at ten-everybody gets in the way.

    Hopefully, you will have a decent RPN working with you. That will determine whether you have a successful day.

    Good Luck!
  9. by   passing thru
    Just think, you could be in Tucson, San Jose, San Diego, or Fort Lauderdale right now. Spring break starts in 2 weeks and lasts about 3 weeks. Spring break in Florida......... ahhhh Many 20 somethings there...... tanning
  10. by   passing thru
    Or New Orleans and Mardi Gras.
    Why not work where there's a celebration?

    If I was 20 something, and single, I'd be packing.
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  11. by   bagladyrn
    My sympathy Wendy! As a hard core night person, I can empathize. The couple of times I got pulled to days, it took only about 2 weeks for the rest of the staff to be saying "Put this woman back on nights!"
  12. by   Tweety
    It's one thing to be put on a shift when newly hired that you didn't ask for. But I find it absolutely unacceptable to be pulled from a shift against your will.

    From another hard core night person, I feel your pain. I worked a 12 day last May and as God is my witness I shall never work days again!
  13. by   Heather333
    Originally posted by hapeewendy

    my nice girl days are THRU

    I'll be starring in the next "good girls gone bad" video for sure, so keep your eyes open...

    Hey, are you gonna flash your sparkly and glittery t*ts like the girls in those videos? Cause that would get you sooooooooooo much attention

  14. by   hapeewendy
    Originally posted by Heather333
    Hey, are you gonna flash your sparkly and glittery t*ts like the girls in those videos? Cause that would get you sooooooooooo much attention


    well ya know, if it gets me put back on my night shift , well I just might

    thanks for the empathy my friends
    I'm full of dread and loathing rightabout now
    t minus 22 hours :/