motorcycles....please tell me why

  1. *warning*
    this is not an anti bike thread

    im just wondering why some people have to adjust the exhaust system of their bikes making them 10 times louder than they have to be. is louder better for a bike?
    my comp is right under a window. id like to grab some of these bikers, pull them off their bikes...stick their heads against the tailpipe and REV IT UP.

    my bro has two harleys...neither one of them are that loud. sometimes the noise is so bad it makes me want to scream. and since there is a stop sign right here, this is where they decide to rev it up.

    cars arent that loud by law....why doesnt the same thing apply to bikes. really some of these bikes sound like they dont even have a tailpipe.

    i know some ppl here are "bikers" ...clue me in please.
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    IMO, the #1 reason people do it is because it is "cool". They often put on pipes that make more noise because they are wanting people to look at them and think, "boy, he must really be cool, his pipes are loud". Beginning to sound like a process of over-compensating...isn't it? But we won't even go there.

    Another reason some people put louder (less restrictive) pipes on their bike is to gain a small amount of horsepower by making the engine more effecient. Often a person will have some carb work, or engine work done and to be able to utilize the increase in power a less restrictive exhaust system will be put on the bike. Or, often just a less restrictive exhaust system will be put on to help the engine "breathe" better, thus increasing horsepower. Think of yourself attempting to breathe through a straw versus a vaccum cleaner hose. Much easier through the hose. To accomplish this the exhaust system must be less restrictive, which means less noise dampening.

    I have noticed that most "sport" bikers do the whole thing to get that little bit more horsepower, while "cruiser" type bikers mainly do just the exhaust to make more noise, after all, you don't get much in the way of performance on a cruiser to begin with. But it will increase their engine effeciency also.

    hope this made things a little bit clearer than mud.

  4. by   donmurray
    Console yourself with the thought that if they haven't tuned the carbs to balance out the "improved" exhaust flow, the engine will run too lean, and self-destruct in a very expensive manner!
  5. by   BadBird
    My hubby has one of those horrible noise makers, it is currently for sale, I think his mid-life passion for bikes has passed.
  6. by   thisnurse
    thanks for the explanation i see that there actually could be a reason for it.
    some of these bikes sound like loud constant farting.
  7. by   mattsmom81
    My son has one of these noisemakers and I think he likes to attract it is 'cool', as mentioned....noisy dam thing!
  8. by   kristi915
    I hate motorcycles. You'll probably think that I'm a little nuts for not likeing them after I tell you but, it's just my way of dealing things. My cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was going around a corner, and going too fast, a big dump truck was backing out of a driveway on the corner. My cousin couldn't see the truck backing out, and hit the truck. He broke his neck and several bones. The last picture I saw of his bike is the reason I don't like them: in pieces. You couldn't pick a single part out of his bike when you looked at it...
  9. by   Kayzee
    My hubby just bought a bike. I thought it was to alert others of your presence. told him I didn't want the x-tra noise. I know it can be annoying.
  10. by   2ndCareerRN
    I thought it was to alert others of your presence.
    The only way to alert others of your presence is to BE SEEN.

    All new bikes are equipped so that the headlight is on at all times for a reason. But you can improve on that. Have him get an aftermarket bulb for his headlight that is much brighter than the stock. Most stock are 55/60 can get a 55/100 watt or brighter. Always have the high beam on during the day. Another way to get noticed is a headlight modulator which greatly increases visibilty of his bike. Remember, most mc vs auto accidents are where the car turns in front of the motorcyle because " I didn't see it".
    If he will go for it, a high visibilty vest is also a very good piece of apparel, but most people don't like them.
    I hope he does well in his motorcycling career, if you or he have any questions, please pm me. If I don't know the answer I will find it for you.

  11. by   nurseratchett29
    Okay, Okay. I get what you are all saying but to put it quite bluntly, there is nothing like riding a Harley. The speed, the wind, the noise, and please don't forget,( and pardon my vulgarity )Harley Davidsons are the worlds largest vibrators.
  12. by   donmurray
    The current UK road safety ad has you in a car, with a motorcyclist behind, moving in and out of sight in the rearview mirror. The voiceover repeats; "Now you see him, now you don't" several times as you go along, until you turn across the traffic. There's a bang, you stop, open the door, and there is the biker and bike on the tarmac. The voiceover says; "NOW you see him!"