Most PC College Courses in America

  1. Read the link for more: It's not based just on the course titles, but on the content.

    I got an A in Phallus 101 - Los Angeles Times

    Based on a survey by the Young America's Foundation:

    12. Nonviolent Responses to Terrorism

    11. American Dreams/American Realities

    10. Cyberfeminism

    9. "Mail Order Brides?" Understanding the Philippines in Southeast Asian Context

    8. Native American Feminisms

    7. Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism

    6. Border Crossings, Borderlands: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Immigration

    5. Blackness (Whiteness is a pre-req)

    4. Adultery Novel

    3. Taking Marx Seriously

    2. Queer Musicology (Assets that gays hear music from gay composers differently then non-gays.)

    and #1:

    The Phallus (critical theory and social justice, of "feminist and queer takings-on of the phallus.")

    AS the writer of the article suggests: Why not take a course in "The Phallus"? You can get the same credit for it as for a course in Greek tragedy.

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