Morning Sickness

  1. Well, there is one more bb browser that is pregnant. I am due on May 22. So many emotions- but it's all good.

    My question is- did anyone NOT have morning sickness?
    Here I am, at 7 weeks, and I have not felt any nausea at all. Should I count my blessings, or be concerned? (I read somewhere that the risk of having a miscarriage is higher when you don't have morning sickness) Maybe I read too much?

    Thanks in advance for any advice
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  3. by   misti_z
    Well I haven't had any morning sickness, yet.................many books I have read say that it usually starts at about 6 weeks, give or take. I have also talked to some moms who had no morning sickness. I wouldn't be worried if I were you.

    Count your blessing right now but be prepared for it to start anytime soon!!

    Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  4. by   ptnurse
    First baby no nausea or morning sickness at all. Second baby I was a little nauseated for a couple of weeks. Never actually got sick or even felt like I needed to stay close to the bathroom. Both kids were born very healthy. I don't think morning sickness or lack of it is an indicator of anything. I do have one girlfriend that never had a second child because she was sick (she says) from the moment of conception until the delivery with the first one. And by the way CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
  5. by   RNinICU
    I had six babies, and never a day of morning sickness. I felt great during my pregnancies. Congratulations!!! :angel2:
  6. by   Mama Val
    Pregnant with twins and never had a day of morning sickness or any other preggy problems.
    Congrats and don't worry to much,
    my advice is listen to your body and your doctor/doula and enjoy the ultimate "woman's condition"
  7. by   live4today
    hi rachet65

    congrats on your upcoming parenthood trap! juuuuuuustttttttt teasing ya! :chuckle

    is this your first baby? i noticed your age on your profile, and not bad at all! :kiss

    i birthed three babies.....rugrats.....beauties! :d

    had really really bad morning, noon, and night sickness with my first child. swore she would be my only child, too, because of it.

    had morning sickness with my second child.....not nearly as bad as with my first pregnancy, but one thing i always did when i saw the color red........threw up...never failed....nope.....not once!

    then, there was baby number three.....ahhhhhhh...not much morning sickness at all......just a little nausea the first few months, but after that, i did great! she paid me back on the labor and delivery table though.
  8. by   hoolahan
    Nurse Rached,

    Congrats!!! :angel2:

    I know why you are worried, and this is just the start of all the tales you will hear, like Val said, listen to your body and doctor.

    Count your blessings! I had mild nausea with both kids, and it really made driving hell! I also had a heightened sense of smell (really works against you when you're nauseous) and cried if someone looked at me cross-eyed, when we sang hymns in church, and at commercials on TV! Overly emotional!

    Best wishes!
  9. by   Robin61970
    Never had any with my boys, but was sick as a dog with my girl.....hubby said we women always make things hard,lol..........
    Never sick any day of my pregnancy. In fact, it was the best and healthiest I've ever felt

  11. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by RNinICU
    I had six babies, and never a day of morning sickness. I felt great during my pregnancies.
    Wow, easy pregnancies and deliveries-I'd have 6 too

    I had a little evening sickness and first thing in the morning sickness from about wk 6-12, but never threw up. I'd get headaches at night & a little "urpyness" in the AM...before I'd even sit up in bed I'd munch a couple of crackers or goldfish & that seemed to stop the nausea.

    But after week 12 it was smooth sailing, er, wadling
  12. by   CountrifiedRN
    Hi Rachet65, Congrats!

    Like Robin, I wasn't sick with my two boys, but with my girl I was sick for the whole first trimester and part of the second. Robin, your husband was right!

    The pregnancies where I wasn't sick were great, but oooohhh, the weight gain! It's a lot harder coming off than putting it on!
  13. by   rachet65
    Thanks for all the positive thoughts, everyone.
    Cheerfuldoer, yes, this is my first, and yes, I am OLD (37!), but if millions of other women can do it, so can I (I think).

    anyone else have a baby after 35? (or 36 or 37)
  14. by   live4today
    You are NOT old maternal gramma was almost forty when her last baby was born.......that would be my mother!

    I think women just THINK they are too old loooonnnggggg before they really are because of what the male dominated world has long led women to believe about themselves.

    Men never age.......women age.

    Men stay virile......women grow frigid.

    Men stay fertile until death......womens eggs rot before age 30.

    Men can marry any woman they want.....even if that woman is young enough to be part of their DNA.

    On the other hand.....women are shamed for desiring a man younger than they are......let alone marry a younger man.

    Old old old old standards........that old standard men use to sing to us women "you can't do what I do" old hat!

    Now......what's good enough for the good enough for the gander. And that's a fact, Jack! :kiss

    So.......birth those babies until the last egg drops women! Heck.....I wouldn't hesitate to get preggo at my age of fifty if I could. I would slug the first person who'd tell me I shouldn't, too.