Morning friday 7th Oct

  1. Well I am work at the moment it is friday already. My eyes are tired and I need matches a bit like tweety pie uses in the cartoons to keep eyes open just in case Sylvestor eats him.
    Been a long stint and in 5 hours i am off til tues YEAH.
    I am flying to Manchester this afternoon at 3pm for the weekend, that is a place up North of England. I have a hospital reunion, there will be 60 of us who used to work in the Renal Unit meeting up. It should be a good night. it also gives me the opportunity to say goodbye to old friends. Dancing and :beercuphe
    the night away. It is almost 7 years since they shut down the hospital to bulid houses.
    Yes i am rambling but then it's saving me that horrible feeling of eyes drifting and me imaging my fluffy bed and pillow lol. :chuckle

    Anyway dont be sad today because I will be gone off line til monday eve.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Mornin' across the pond, my dear, even though it is only 2000 here. I know tis morning there. Have a beautiful day, Kay.

  4. by   leslie :-D
    hi kay (and everyone else!),'re not rambling at all. reuniting with former coworkers after 7 years show much camaraderie.
    also, i HATED working nocs. those times that i thought i was going to pass out, i'd walk the halls to check on the patients and see if anyone was awake (there was always someone awake). and we would talk for a bit which was most gratifying as i felt it served to enhance the nurse-pt. relationship.

    have a lovely time in manchester and have a drink for me. again, i think it's awesome what you're doing.

    leslie xo
  5. by   sirI
    Quote from madwife2002
    well i am work at the moment it is friday already. my eyes are tired and i need matches a bit like tweety pie uses in the cartoons to keep eyes open just in case sylvestor eats him.

    anyway dont be sad today because i will be gone off line til monday eve.
    have a great weekend my friends
    screaming the song at the top of my lungs!!!!!!

    :melody: wake up, little, su-zy, wake up:melody: ........wake up...little, su-zy, wake up.....!!!:melody: we've both been sound asleep. :melody: wake up little suzy and weep. :melody: the movie's over. it's four o'clock and we're in trouble deep........:melody: :d

    i will miss you the next few days, kay. have a great time!!

    want me to sing another one for ya? huh, do ya, do ya????:d
  6. by   dianah
    A quick note before I hit the hay, as they say.

    Well, tonight our music in the jazz class just STUNK!! REALLY!! Truth is, a skunk came meandering into the building, down the stairs to the second of three levels. We have class on the top, third level. One of the ladies in the band slipped away to go to the restroom, located on the lower (first) level, but stopped when she came across the skunk making his way down the steps! She scooted right back up to the classroom, lol, and sounded the alarm!
    Of course, half the class (the men!) had to go down to see it and see what could be done to coax it out . . . Nothing doing!! The professor called security, who only cordoned off the second floor, leaving doors wide open so hopefully the skunk would find his way back outside.
    Oh, but meanwhile the skunk let loose, NEAR a vent!! So the smell was pushed by the a/c into ALL the rooms -- was VERY strong in our classroom! OH MY, do we all stink! It's in my hair, my clothes, dh's clothes ---- he said his BANJO CASE even stinks!

    Phew, I gotta go take a shower. Kay, WAKE UP!!! You poor thing!!

    Hi to everyone else, hope you have a good day. Later, gators (and possums --------------- but NOT skunks!!! ). --------- D
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Quick note before I dash off to work.

    Been up for over 32 hours now. Picked up extra shifts at work. Gotta get to class right after work. I'll probably get to sleep a couple hours after class before I got to get to work again.

    Ah well, I need the money. Car's acting up again and I need to fix the speedometer or I'm in a whole new world of trouble with the cops here.... Could cost me anywhere from 150 - 800. I mean, who the devil has 800 quid to spare? :stone

    Heh! Okie.. .gotta rush rush rush. Hopefully I don't get pulled over on my way there....

    Take care y'all
  8. by   H ynnoD
    Hope you have a nice time Kay:hatparty: Dianah,they say take a bath in tomato juice to get rid of the smell.Don't know if thats true though.Good Morning Everyone!

    Thank God its Friday and its Payday.Longest 2 weeks when your broke the whole time.Called the Medical supply place thats suppose to be getting my wife her wheelchair.They had told Us 2 weeks for the Insurance to authorize it.So I called today and she said she had'nt heard anything and would call the insurance company and that I could call back in the afternoon and find out whats up.I called back and she told me it would be 2 more weeks.So I called the insurance company myself.They record all calls,so they told me of the only 1 conversation they had with her 2 weeks ago.They told her what my insurance company would pay and that if it was over 500 bucks she would have to call this other number.They told me that she has never called them back and never called that number.They did'nt know what she was talking about waiting 2 weeks either.They said it only takes a few miniutes to get authorization over the phone if she would call the number.So I called her back and confronted her with this.She started stumbling for what to say and said she would get it straightened out.I told her she better,because their not telling me the same thing as her.I'm going in tomorrow and see what she says.If it is'nt convincing.I'm going to talk to her boss and get my insurance company on the phone and see what she says then.

    I don't know why she would have lied about the having to wait for authorization.My insurance company is Blue cross and my policy is good for up to a millon bucks.I guess that was sort of a rant.Since it was the biggest part of my day.

    Hope everyone has a great day:hatparty:
  9. by   Roy Fokker
    Donny : Maybe she "forgot" :stone
  10. by   H ynnoD
    Quote from Roy Fokker
    Donny : Maybe she "forgot" :stone
    She would have been better off to have told me that
  11. by   Tweety
    Donny, there's no way you should have waited even a day. We get wheelchairs for our trauma patients with insurance within a few hours. (They don't want getting a wheelchair to hold up their discharge).

    Have a great weekend Kay.

    Roy, bummer about the car. Don't work too hard and get some sleep, don't you have studying to do?

    Hi Leslie, His Siri (I turned down the volume, way too early for that singing. LOL).

    Off to work today. I got the nicest gushiest letter from a patient yesterday thanking me for the care and saying what a good nurse I was. I needed that for sure. My preceptee made a med error yesterday and we're feeling real bad about that.
  12. by   akcarmean
    good morning everyone,

    have a great day, night, or good rest.

    roy i hope you can get some good sleep soon. i understand the need of money.

    donny i hope you get the w/c business straightened out. i would be a little made also.:angryfire

    leslie i see you are back so great to see you again.:kiss :icon_hug:

    well this week has been really busy. and last week.

    older ds ended up having 2 root canals instead of one last thursday. luckly the drive to chicago didn't bother my back like it did last time.

    last week i worked on 2 papers and studied for the test.

    i turned in papers on wed. and took the test. i am so mad:angryfire i know i failed the test and i studied my rear off. there were questions on there with material that he said was not going to be on the test. i questioned him 3 different times. one was in an email. when i get my test back next week i am going to go over the test and look everything up in the book and send an email to him with his answer in the letter and list all the stuff that should not have been on the test. and let him know that it was unfair. i will go higher if i have to . that is just plain uncalled for.

    :d well onto a better subject. i subbed (sp) for an aide in the school district on tuesday from 7:30 to 3:00 first day working a long shift boy was i exhausted. i went to bed early like 6pm.

    well yesterday i had orientation from 8am to 2:30pm in the ltc center. i start at 10:30 tonight and will work until 7 am tomorrow. i will do the same on sat. night. not really sure this is the best thing right now but we need the money. dh changed jobs and we took a $1.50/hr cut in pay. that is going to hurt. i had to make up the difference some where.

    i am waiting on a response from child care connection to see if the will start to pay for my babysitting. i is putting us behind on our othe bills.

    dh's last day of work was on sept. 23rd. his last check was on sept. 30th. i think their should be on more check for a week on the 14th of oct. but not sure.

    his new job they only get paid on the 15th and last day of the month. we were told the job paid weekly.

    with my new job at ltc my first pay check will be on the 21st.

    the day i worked with the school district i won't turn time in until the 15th and then get paid on the last day of the month.

    so to sum it up. we are without any money at all from sept. 30th until oct. 14th or 15th. :smackingf this is really hurting us.

    couldn't sleep guess i am excited about tonight. i have to go to springfield and pick up my work pants then i will do some homework. got to be about 5 after dh gets home and sleep until 9:30 tonight. then go to work.

    well going to go and get my nursing bag ready

    have a great day
  13. by   Jessy_RN
    Morning everyone,

    I was able to log into the site early in the morning but NOT again until late at night. By that time I was dosing off as I was very drowsy and sleepy.

    Will leave the page on today so that I don't have to come back and not get in...LOL!

    Ah and yes.........TGIF! :hatparty:
  14. by   jkaee
    Good morning.......(yawn)

    It's 0720 here, and all my kids are up except for the baby. These kids must have radar.....even if I get up super early to get some stuff done, they all wake up to keep me company! Thats okay, I need to jump in the shower and get food shopping done before the heavy rains come our way!

    Morning, Jess!

    Angie....don't stress too much about the test. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we've all bombed a test or two in our time (I know I have, anyway :imbar ). Good luck with your new job in LTC. I worked LTC for many years....I love the residents, and even though the work is hard, you will too.

    Tweety....a heartfelt note of thanks or praise does wonders for you, doesn't it? It's little things like that that makes nursing worthwhile. Med errors....yuk! Live and learn,they say.

    Donny.....hope everything gets worked out quickly with your wife's wheelchair. How has she been doing lately? Isn't all the red tape you have to go through ridiculous? You pay your premiums every month, yet have to jump through hoops to get the care you need. :uhoh21:

    Roy.....GET SOME SLEEP!!! Gosh, how do you do it?

    Dianah....I almost had an encounter with a demented skunk once, but thankfully escaped with my life!! Those little critters make me nervous. Stock up on Febreeze and get spraying! are just not right, my friend (lol). Singing like that first thing in the morning!!!

    Leslie....nice to see you around! Nocs took their toll on me, too.....way back when.

    Kay....I hope you are sleeping by now. Rest well, my dear!

    Morning, Deb! Have a good day!

    Well, my oldest is bugging me now, so off I go. My DH has a phone interview with the company in Virginia.....I still go back and forth with the whole thing but I know that we can just stay here, treading water so to speak, and go nowhere.....or we can take a chance and make a decision and see where it leads us. If it wasn't for my oldest DD and her maybe having to go and live with her dad, I'd do it for my husband in a heartbeat. But, then again, we've stayed in PA for over 8 years, it's time to make a move if we are going to make one at all.

    Gotta go, talk to you all later!