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    Secret Government Again?
    Are Some Trying to Force Conflict with Iran?
    Arms dealer in talks with US officials about Iran
    Pentagon hard-liners pressing for change of government in Iran have held secret, unauthorised meetings in Paris with an arms dealer who was a main figure in the Iran-Contra scandal.

    No One Could Forsee Using Airplanes as Bombs?
    Secrecy on 9/11 Warnings
    >>contents of a key briefing Bush received in August 2001. It included "FBI judgments about patterns of activity consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks; as well as information acquired in May 2001 that indicated a group of Bin Ladin (sic) supporters was planning attacks in the United States with explosives." In an extraordinary footnote, the panel cites public statements by National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice that characterized the August briefing as general and having provided historical perspective on Osama bin Laden's methods of terror.<<<
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    Powell said, however, "the terrorists need to know we will not be deterred."

    "We intend to not stay any longer than we have to, but we will stay long enough to make sure that we allow the Iraqi people... to put in place a representative form of government," he said.

    In the meantime, Powell said, more nations were contributing peacekeeping forces while Iraqi police and security units can be built up to guard facilities "and not tie up coalition forces doing that."

    entire article:

    Thank you for the links spacenurse. If the yahoo link is accurate.. I'm glad more nations are contributing peacekeeping forces in Iraq, hopefully things will go a lot quicker and our troops can come home.
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    A bit of news without the links...

    British troops battle to control mobs in Basra
    Rioters attack petrol stations in protest over dire shortage of fuel and electricity

    Jamie Wilson in Baghdad
    Sunday August 10, 2003
    The Observer

    British troops in riot gear fought to restore calm in the southern Iraqi city of Basra yesterday as dire shortages of fuel and power sparked disturbances.

    One witness said soldiers fired into the air to keep back a crowd at a petrol station as Muslim clerics desperately appealed to the crowds for calm. Another said the British fired baton rounds at a crowd, wounding two young boys.

    Reports that at least three soldiers were hurt in the riots had not been confirmed last night.

    British commanders blamed the shortages on oil smuggling, sabotage and looting. Main roads leading into Iraq's second city were blocked as black smoke rose from fires. By late afternoon, many of the British forces appeared to have withdrawn, leaving large parts of the city in the hands of the rioters, who threw stones, burned tyres and attacked cars registered in nearby Kuwait.

    Locals accuse Kuwait of buying up diesel oil being smuggled out across the desert and the sea.

    'All the disasters that have come upon us are because of Kuwait and Kuwaitis,' said one, Abu Hassan.

    'The British have been here four months and things have not improved. Now we have shortages in everything.'

    There has been ill feeling between Iraqis in the south and their wealthy Kuwaiti neighbours since Saddam's invasion of the oil-rich state in 1990.

    British officials said they were doing all they could to stamp out oil smuggling and the sabotage and looting of power cables that have left electricity supply at 'minimal' levels, depriving Basra of refrigeration and air-conditioning as temperatures soared above 50C.

    Residents, businesses and hospitals have difficulties running their own generators.

    'There has been widespread unrest in Basra today in response to the current critical fuel and power shortage,' the Coalition Provisional Authority office in Basra said in a statement. 'Many districts have had minimal power for four days now.'

    The statement said an Italian official in the Coalition office in southern Iraq, Mario Maiolini, met a delegation of community leaders to listen to their concerns.

    One British military spokesman said violence broke out outside at least four petrol stations and troops rescued the occupants of a Kuwaiti tanker in the process of being torched.

    'We are taking measures to control the crowd,' he said. 'We are doing our best to bring about a normalisation of the situation.'

    He could not confirm that troops had opened fire. The owner of the flashpoint fuel station where the tanker was burned said soldiers fired baton rounds, wounding two boys in the crowd.

    Shia Muslim clerics were at the scene, on Saad Square, trying to convince the crowd of hundreds to stop hurling stones at the soldiers.

    Hundreds also marched on the headquarters of the British forces demanding the restoration of power and fuel supplies.

    The Navy said yesterday it had intercepted a ship smuggling 1,100 tons of oil out of Iraq.

    Royal Marine commandos from HMS Sutherland boarded the vessel, the Panama-registered Navstar 1, in the northern Arabian Gulf late on Friday and arrested the captain and his Ukrainian crew.

    'This is the most significant seizure we have had since the end of the war,' said Lieutenant Commander Richard Walters.

    The US administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, said coalition forces were determined to put an end to any illegal activities hurting Iraq's economy and its people.

    'The seizure of the Navstar 1 demonstrates the commitment of the coalition forces and the Iraqi police to protecting Iraq's assets, so that they can benefit all Iraqis, rather than the criminals,' he said.

    Earlier in the week, US authorities seized 12 oil barges and detained 150 people in a two-week campaign to stamp out the activity.

    Damage to Iraq's major northern oil pipeline has meant sales since the war have been restricted to supplies from its Basra fields.
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    Is Iraqi Intel Still Being Manipulated? The sad and secretive tale of an Iraqi scientist
    US Troops Raid Iraqi Village Near Iran <>
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    Iran-Contra, Amplified
    George Harrison, age 88, sat in his Brooklyn apartment and recited lines from Irish poet Patraic Pearse who, upon standing at the grave of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa, executed by the British, wrote these lines, and Harrison wishes the Lord would make everyone in Washington read them:
    Mr. Gore has never been mistaken for an entertainer. In the superamplified media din created by the likes of Arnold and Kobe and Ben and Jen, it's very difficult for the former vice president, a certified square, to break into the national conversation.
    That says a lot about us and the direction we're headed in as a nation. You can agree with Mr. Gore's politics or not, but some of the points he's raising, especially with regard to President Bush's credibility on such crucial issues as war and terror and the troubled economy, deserve much closer attention.
    "Millions of Americans now share a feeling that something pretty basic has gone wrong in our country, and that some important American values are being placed at risk," said Mr. Gore.
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    Originally posted by spacenurse
    "Millions of Americans now share a feeling that something pretty basic has gone wrong in our country, and that some important American values are being placed at risk," said Mr. Gore.

    But what's really sad is that many Americans are A-OK with the lies and the trashing of our values and the direction our country is going in and that is pretty sad.
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    What lies?

    The President said the Regime would go down, it did. No lie there.

    The President said that Iraqi people would be liberated, they are. No lie there.

    The President said SH was harboring Terrorists. Terrorist camps were found. No lie there.

    The President says we will find WMD and the search continues. No lie there either.

    The President said it would not be easy to rebuild Iraq and it would take time. No lie again.

    Now I ask the nay-sayers.. where are the lies? Was it stated pre war that our troops would not be targeted by snipers during the rebuilding phase? Did the military say that conditions would not be dangerous? No.

    If there is any trashing it's trashing of our country by Politicians for their own personal agendas and those who bash President Bush for the fun of it.

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    Powell: Saddam Hussein Has Had Enough Time to Disarm
    By Kathleen T. Rhem
    American Forces Press Service 01/31/2003
    WASHINGTON - U.S. officials believe Saddam Hussein has had more than enough time to peacefully disarm. Secretary of State Colin Powell sent a message today to those who think the Iraqi dictator deserves more time.
    "It's not a matter of time, it is a matter of telling the truth," Powell said to the National Conference of World Affairs Councils of America this afternoon. "And Saddam Hussein still responds with evasions and with lies."
    U.N. inspectors have been in Iraq for more than six weeks under the auspices of Security Council Resolution 1441, which authorized serious consequences if Iraq fails to disarm willingly. So far, the inspectors have reported nominal cooperation from Iraq; the Bush administration says that's not good enough and is threatening military action, alone or with allies, if Iraq doesn't comply soon.
    A small number of European countries, most notably Germany and France, and several prominent Americans have urged the president to give the inspectors more time. Powell said today that more time wouldn't yield any more progress.

    Ted Rall, "Before he ordered U.S. forces to kill and maim tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi soldiers and civilians, Bush and Co. repeatedly maintained that they had absolute proof that Saddam Hussein still possessed WMDs. "There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of destruction," Dick Cheney said in August. In January, Ari Fleisher said: "We know for a fact that there are weapons there." WMDs; not a "WMD program" as they now refer to it.
    WMDs--not just indications of possible, or probable, WMDs.

    Absolute proof. "Absolute" proof is a high standard--heck, it's a nearly impossible benchmark

    During the first days of the war, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stared into television
    cameras, looked right at his employers (that's you and me), and said that he knew exactly
    where they were. "We know where they are," Rumsfeld said. "They are in the area around
    Tikrit and Baghdad."

    Uh-huh. So where are they? "