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  1. Hi all, I posted about my dog getting even with me for his bath and here is a couple other stories about him.
    Please keep in mind that he was my first dog ever. I certainly have made some big mistakes with him, but I considered it a learning experience. Zach is 9 y/o black shephard/lab, with one ear that stands up straight and one that flops. He also has a huge bald spot on his tail. (That's another story). I swear these are all true.

    Story #1
    When we got Zach he was just shy of 4 weeks old. His mom had stopped feeding him. He was this adorable little ball of warm black fur. I fell in love. I had never had a dog in my life. So, we take him home. I am bottle feeding milk, keeping him warm, bought him tons of toys, and bring him everywhere I go. I decide to take him for a ride to show him off to my mother. When I get there, I pick him off the front seat, hook his leash and slam the car door. Right on his tail. Well, he is screaming bloody murder. His tail is flopping about an inch from his behind, I really mean flopping in the breeze. I pick him up, run into the house with tears in my eyes cause I broke my puppy's tail. I'm lamenting that I am such a bad mother, etc. Now this tail is really hanging, its at a 45 degree angle. I call the vet to see what can be done. Amidst chuckles, he tells me, I couldn't have broken his tail cause dogs don't have bones in their tails its all muscles. Lesson #1.. Dogs can pull a guilt trip on you.

    Story #2
    Fast forward to that following spring..... It was finally a nice spring day, so I decided to open our upstair bedroom windows to air out the house. All morning Zach is running around the house will his toys. Every so often he goes upstairs with one. Finally around noon, I hear him barking like mad upstairs. I go to investigate..He got his head out the window barking. I figure he is barking a bird, squerill, etc.. but alas, I look out the window. What to my wondering eyes do I see??? 12 or more dog toys sitting in the gutter and the rest on the ground below. He had spent the morning tossing his toys out the window and had finally ran out of toys...Lesson #2 close all screens even if you don't have kids.

    Story #3 "when boredom strikes"
    Even dog must get bored. Zach's favorite thing to do is to go to the top of the stairs, lay down on his back, hang half of his body over the top step until he starts sliding down. About halfway down the stairs, he starts rolling assover end until he hit the wall at the bottom with a thud. He then proceeds to shake himself off, run back up the stairs and continue to do this till we yell at him to stop.

    Story # 4 "any thing a kid does to a dog is ok"
    Zach is pretty patient with my kids. One story in particular sticks in my mind. When my oldest daughter was a baby, she used to tease the heck out of Zach. She'd take his toys and climb all over him. Pull his tail, ears, teeth on his leg, etc. Well, one day she decides she is going to check out Zach. She crawls over to him. He gets up to leave, but she is going to have no part of this. She grabs his tail. Pulls herself into a standing postition. Holding on for dear life, she lets go with one hand and swats him hard on the rump. He gives her the look, then slowly starts to walk with her in tow. She is holding on to his tail walking and laughing. She had never walked before . You should have seen the pair of them. Lesson 3- Don't invest in a baby walker, get a good sturdy dog.

    Story #5 "bald tail dog"
    As I mentioned previously, I've never had a dog. So Zach's first summer he gets fleas. I'm gonna take care of this.. I buy the flea collar, and flea bath. Wash him and put on the new collar. He continues to bite at his tail. So I figure, that even though I can't see the fleas, he must still have them. Heck, I even sprayed the house. Ain't gonna have no fleas living here. I buy flea powder, sprinkle it on him. Next morning, he is really biting himself like mad. I go to walmart and by some more flea bath and another type of flea spray. Wash him up real good, and soaked him with the spray. Well, by now he has ripped off a huge patch of hair off his tail about the 4 inches long by 3 inches wide. I'm thinking, boy, I never knew fleas were like this, its time for professional help. So, I call the vet and bring him over. The vet checks him from head to tail. He announces that Zach is the cleanest dog he has seen in a while, and that there ain't a single flea on him. Apparently, the first flea bath got rid of them. However, Zach is allergic to the stuff that make flea kill work. I was actually making things worse for him. He gives him a couple of shots and sends us home. Poor dog.. 8 years later and that fur on his tail still hasn't grown back.

    More to follow later.....Berta

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  3. by   jadednurse
    More doggy stories please!
  4. by   Jay-Jay
    I adopted a German Shepherd whose owner had to go into a nursing home. My uncle, a farmer, had taken the dog, but didn't really want it, and she knew it. She was 2" over the breed standard for female Shepherds, and weighed only 35 lbs, which was about half what she should have weighed.

    Once I got her home, and she knew she was loved, she started to eat again, and to put on weight, though she was always rather skinny, and had to be coddled into eating by me pouring gravy over her dry dog food.

    Anyway, after I'd had her a couple of weeks, I went to visit my uncle. The dog was okay until I decided to go to the barn. She refused to follow. A short time later, my aunt came to the barn, and said, "Jane, you'd better go get your dog. She's headed back to her old home."

    I ran back to the house, calling her name. No dog. Looked down the road, and across the fields towards her old home. No sign of her.

    Finally, I decided to get into my car and drive over to her old place, which was just the next farm down the road. Well, I'd left the car window open, and there she was...curled up in the back seat! It was her way of saying: "I hated this place...NO WAY you're leaving me here! I'm YOURS now!"

    [sigh!] She was such a sweetheart! Had to put her down at the age of 9, because her spine was fused with arthritis, and she couldn't walk anymore. She was such a brave girl... she must have been in terrible pain with the pressure on the nerves, but she never showed it.
  5. by   jadednurse
    Aww Jay-Jay, what a sweetheart that dog must have been!
  6. by   Jay-Jay
    She really was, Jaded. I named her Lili Marlene, after the old WWII song (a German song for a German Shepherd!). Also, her previous owner had called her Lassie, and I thought the switch from Lassie to Lili wouldn't be too hard for her. (After watching Lassie for so long on TV, when I was a kid, I just couldn't bear to use it as a name for any breed other than a collie!) Here's an example of just how gentle she was!

    My niece, Shannon, was going through a phase where she was terrified of large dogs. She'd obviously had a bad experience, probably with the Shepherd-type dog owned by one of her mom's brothers.

    This particular afternoon, Shannon was playing on the couch, while Lili lay sprawled on the floor right next to it. Shannon somehow managed to fall off the couch, and land right ontop of the dog! Lili just lifted her head, and gave the girl a hurt look, and ....

    Shannon ran up the stairs, crying for her mom!
  7. by   FROGGYLEGS
    We used to take our dog, Little Gene, to PetCo a lot. We used to get a kick out of dressing him up in the winter. He never seemed to mind it.

    He had several "outfits", but one day we saw a black leather Harley Davidson coat made for a dog. We aren't particularly interested in Harley stuff, but that coat was cool.

    Of course we bought it and Little Gene would wear it from time to time when he went out with us. It was the cutest thing. I joked with my husband that he was using the dog to check out women. Anytime he took Gene out with him dressed in that coat a ton of women would come up to him to comment on our dog.

    Little Gene was a lady killer.
  8. by   jadednurse
    That's so cute Froggylegs. And speaking of cute, I saw a picture of Pinkie on another thread...what a cutie! How's the training coming?
  9. by   FROGGYLEGS
    It is going okay. The puppy is a wild one. We haven't had a puppy puppy in years. He's nipping a lot and i'm trying to get him to quit that without much luck. He learned to growl this week. I guess he is sort of impressed with his new skill. He did it once just for a second and for the next 3 days he has been a growling machine. I came home one morning and he greeted me with an impersonation of Cujo. He is 8 weeks old today and he seems to be doing a little better over the past two weeks. I think most of the problems with his behavior are due to him being so young and energetic, hopefully he'll be easier to train in the next few weeks. They grow so fast. It seems like he has "grown up" in the two weeks we've had him. He is sleeping through the night now and has lost a lot of his clumsiness.

    Jaded, I found a toy that I thought Pinkie would like because it had silver glittery strands mixed in with its hair. He seems to like shiny stuff; he's always trying to chew on our watches. So I bought it and Pinkie loves it.

    It crossed my mind the other night that this toy that he loves so much is a monkey. No dog can resist the charms of the vixen love monkey clan.