Montreal, Canada

  1. the shooting:

    CBC radio one this morning. Now looks like there were two gunman.
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  4. by   nuangel1
    its awfully said .they must of been so scared.
  5. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    My daughter is a PhD candidate at McGill. Her lab is across the street and down the block from Dawson College. She and her lab assistant had lunch in the Dawson College cafeteria yesterday, something they do regularly because the food is good and cheaper than most of the other options around there. They had just left to go back to the lab when the shooting started. They made it back to the research building before the MUC police locked it down, and spent the rest of the afternoon watching things out the window. I nearly had a heart attack when I found out... this afternoon. I was at work while all this was unfolding, and had a migraine when I came home. I didn't even look to see if there were any messages, I just went to bed. She sent me an email today and only then did I know she had called to let us know she was okay. I'm torn between relief and elation that she's okay, and guilt that I didn't know sooner! I don't think she'll seek counselling, she's not that kind of girl, but we'll see.