Monster garage?

  1. anybody watch monster garage or american chopper with jesse james?
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  3. by   CashewLPN
    I love jesse james... theres something abut him... hehehe(the bad boy thing)

    on a serious note...
    yes... I do...
  4. by   MishlB
    Totally agree with the bad boy thing....he's a hottie!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   CashewLPN
    I'm gonna go see the cars at the NY Auto Show this week!!!
  6. by   MtnMan
    Both shows are way cool, my daughters like to watch moster garage and junkyard wars with me. American Chopper is about the Tuele family, orange Count Choppers from Jersey. They are on of Jesse's competitors.
  7. by   colleen10
    My husband and I totally dig watching "American Chopper" about the father/son Tuele family.

    Did any of you see this weeks episode where Paulie Jr. and Sr. were at each other's throats for most of the episode and then they were sitting on the coach in the living room trying to talk things out and the dad started to cry?! Both my husband and I started to cry too, we're a bunch of wusses.

    I'm not even into motorcycles but it amazes me what they come up with in their garage.
  8. by   LaVorneRN
    Did you guys see the Spider(Blackwidow?) bike the father and son Paul and Paul Jr.(last names start with a T?) My husband watches and I caught this one show. The bike was incredible! Then I saw the one with Jesse building a chapel in a truck and married a couple in Vegas.
  9. by   debbyed
    The spider was one cool bike!
  10. by   MishlB
    They are ALWAYS at each others throats...but I LOVE it! Can't wait for each new episode...maybe I will have to buy the series....Paul Jr.'s bikes are amazing, wish I had half his creativity. Have to admit though, I am crazy about Vinny, Paul's friend.
  11. by   colleen10
    Next weeks episode of "American Choppers" should be a good one. It is a bike made in memory of the NYC Fire Dept./9-11
  12. by   MelRN13
    I love both of those shows! It's the bad boys on choppers thing, I guess. I even have a west coast choppers baby tee!!
  13. by   Buddha
    Did you know Jesse James is really related to the bank robber Jesse James. His ancestors continued the tradition on. Jesse has a cute little boy named Jesse so Sorry gals he is happyily married his wife name is Carla.
  14. by   MishlB
    He just got remarried last a former porn star. I can still look, right??