money for living expenses

  1. Hey guys,
    I had previously posted (here, or on student board, can't remember) that I was trying to solve the problem of how to support myself since I can't teach school while I'm in nursing school (I'm a sub teacher now).

    I found out that I can make $27.50 an hour 3-5 hours/week/student teaching kids that are in the hospital or cannot come to school for some reason. Some students I won't even have to write lesson plans for, I just follow their regular teacher's plans and keep them on track for their return. One teacher told me she made $300/week teaching 2 students. And the best part is, they need teachers to come to hospitals and students' houses from 3p to 8p - will work perfectly w/ my school schedule, and I think I will be able to flex my hours around school (although I have to do further research)!

    If I can get a job in a hospital as a phlebotomist (I'm taking phlebotomy and advanced phlebotomy this semester) then I'm hoping I can get benefits and tuition reimbursement from the hospital. Then supplement my income by teaching. It's a lot of hours, but if you guys can work full time and go to school then II can work 2 part time jobs, right? I am only concerned about getting hired in a lab because I understand that most labs want 6 months of exper. before they'll hire you (the same old catch 22). I hope I will be hired where I do my 40 hour externship.

    Anyway, just wanted to share this good news. I've been sweating this all through the last couple of years as I worked on my pre-reqs. I'm hoping to start the ADN program in Fall and transfer to the BSN program in my 4th semester.

    I'll keep you posted.