1. Nurses makes less money because they like the work, but a lot nurses have husbands who are earning good money.
    Don't be angry/worried or something else because:
    it's only a statement..............
    smile........ Ton
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  3. by   KC CHICK
    It may be just a statement....

    I'm a nurse and make more money than my future husband does....he's a police officer. The statement that you so bravely posted on this board is a VERY sexist statement implying that all nurses are women ...and that all women rely on men that make more money than they do. (Of course, you know a woman can't support herself...where on earth would I get that idea? )

    By your statement, I'm assuming you're a offense intended if you're a woman. (I just couldn't imagine that a woman would make a statement like this.)

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  4. by   ton
    wrong wrong wrong, yes indeed i am a man but i did not brave post this tread, and am for sure not sexistisch (or however you write it) but howe ever the most nurses are women..........
    ore not?????
    Most of the time I try to understand how its going overthere
    and it's seems to be about the same as in my country,
    this respons of your writing is not stimulating for men to join the "force"

    smile again and " remember its just a statement"

    Greetings Ton
  5. by   Q.
    Hi Ton-

    This theory would work except that my co-worker who's a nurse has a husband who is NOT working; and another co-worker of mine has a husband who was laid off (he's an engineer).

    In fact, alot of nurses I know are the breadwinners.
  6. by   live4today
    Being married to a senior enlisted soldier in the Army makes me, the nurse, the highest wage earner in the family...not my husband. I did not marry him for the money, obviously. He did not marry me for the money either because I don't play that game. Been married twelve years and he has never once asked me for money. Money is to be enjoyed and used to pay for necessities, for survival, and a little fun when the "funds" allow. It should not be used as an excuse, Ton, to be married to a man. This is how it is here in America! Thank you for sharing your Netherlands viewpoint with us. It helps to bridge the "culture shock" between the two countries, ey???
  7. by   ton
    hello chick, susy and renee,

    Must I be happy or afraid of these replys, I don't know yet.
    I am the only one who works (paid....) at home.
    So I don't say that we "the nurses" don't make less money then our partners (money:ugly word by the way) but I try to find out why we nurses don't get more. So why we don't get what we deserve??
    I must say my opinionis not a common Dutch one, because, yes ou did guess it right.............. there are also a lot of woman
    working ,the male nurses are far in the minority.
    Just another question: the workers in shifts in plant over here are earning 31% extra of there salary but not in the hospitals, they work with percentages less more.Why? In The U.S also?
  8. by   semstr
    ok Ton,

    I could reply to you in "our" own language, but nobody but we, and Marijke (sorry for not answering you!!) would understand.
    i don't really understand what you are trying to say here.
    was this a statement or what? Please explain, dank je wel (means thank you)

    Take care, I am another Renee(you'll never guess my birthname........ yes, now you know I am really dutch: Renske.......
    awful, ain't it)