Monday the 7th of May, 2007

  1. Hi All, just starting the Good Morning thread!

    The thread is for all premium members who just want to share their day, BMW and complain (lol), or just say hi!
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  3. by   Liddle Noodnik
    these are some posts from the sunday gm thread that i wasn't able to respond to yesterday! (you guys talk too much! lol!)

    Quote from stevielynn
    the funeral was sad and difficult.

    took our 5 year old to his big bro's house where he showed off his skills at riding a bike w/o training wells. then went to his choice of restaurant, applebee's. i had a good greek salad.

    dd got home at 0030 from vallejo with lots of stories of rollercoasters . . . oh and they won their division in the band concert.
    sounds like a rollercoaster day! {{{{{{{{steph}}}}}}}}}} hope things are a little easier today!

    Quote from muffie
    was anybody awake at 02;03;04 on 05/06/07 ?
    um, you would know ... was i? lol

    Quote from muffie
    :wakeneo: wassup ?
    "at the beginning of the matrix, a black-clad computer hacker known as neo [played by keanu reeves] falls asleep in front of his computer. a mysterious message appears on the screen: "wake up, neo."1 this succinct phrase encapsulates the plot of the film, as neo struggles with the problem of being imprisoned in a "material" world that is actually a computer simulation program created in the distant future by artificial intelligence (ai) as a means of enslaving humanity, by perpetuating ignorance in the form of an illusory perception called "the matrix."

    Quote from muffie
    the crossing of the paws; very dignified pose
    i just adore when lexie does this, it's just so cute! i haven't been able to catch it on film yet ...

    Quote from siri
    ... will make some deviled eggs later
    hi siiri! ol' buddy ole pal... care to share?

    Quote from compassion1
    we're having an open house today. had one interested nibble. single dad with a 16 y.o. dd. he teaches phys. ed. a fellow hospice nurse might be interested but he hasn't shown up yet. we'll see and just keep praying. going to make a sam's run now. got a couple of "bulk" type things to get. you all have a wonderful god blessed day.
    still praying!

    Quote from dianah
    oh, and gas here was $3.49 per gallon.

    otoh, gas in rome a couple weeks ago was 20 something, minus 30% because of euros (per friends who vacationed there)

    Quote from compassion1
    sentiment remains the same. we deserve the accolades every day. cheers to us!

    Quote from siri
    for some reason, i just don't feel all that great. so, think i'm gonna sign off here and chill out.
    please feel better!
  4. by   nursemary9

    Back at work; LOTS of pain meds tonite. Lots of Blood Draws in the AM.:uhoh21:


    Well, wouldn't feel like work if it wasn't busy!!

    Zoe, Thanks for starting the thread!! Hope you will be able to get some sleep!!

    Siri, Hope you are feeling better this morning!!

    Got to run--pt's calling!! Charting to do!!

    Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL day!!

    See you all later

    Mary Ann
  5. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from nursemary9

    Well, wouldn't feel like work if it wasn't busy!!

    Zoe, Thanks for starting the thread!! Hope you will be able to get some sleep!!

    Mary Ann

    God bless ya for running around!

    I didn't try TOO hard to go to bed, I was having too much fun no workie tomorrow ... Of course there is HOUSEWORK, making APPTS, errands, making out bills ... I suppose I could go to bed now! Take care! Hope the rest of your nite goes well and your sleep today is sweet! (but wait til you get home!)

  6. by   ertravelrn
    Good morning Everyone....
    At work, kinda the lull before the am storm....labs, up to bathroom,etc
    Just stepped outside and it is a nice refreshing rain, although strong winds are causing damage not too far from here.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I will catch up with ya'll later.
    I get to go home after work this am
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Morning -

    I was hoping to see the little red light blinking on the phone telling me I was called off but I'm assuming they admitted more then the 5 that I left yesterday.

    Took ds down to the basement and plopped him in bed with his big sis. Big sis moans "I don't feel good" . . yeah, probably those late nights in Vallejo at the band competition and all the rollercoasters . .no whining.

    Coffee is ready . . . . you all have a good day.

  8. by   Cherish
    GM Everyone!

    Can't Sleep! Have a final exam and project due tomorrow...yeaa!! and nay!!!:uhoh21:

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  9. by   Tweety
    Good morning!
  10. by   suzy253
    Morning all! why am I up so early??? i think I work today. Better check my schedule!!! :spin:
  11. by   Sabby_NC
    Good morning fellow collegues,

    Am out of bed but the body is not that willing yet!! Having trouble moving from here to the shower. I need some encouragement!! Oh well another slurp of java may be all I need. *slurpssssssss* there BUT still here LOL

    My day will be busy as I am precepting a new staff member out in the field.

    What ever you are up too today enjoy it, let the little irritations just run off like water of a ducks back. Make the most of it.

    A fabby day to you all from Sabby in NC.:smiletea2:
  12. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Mornin' y'all!

    Final exam is tomorrrow....mid-term HESI is Friday.

    2nd semester almost over! ....Then I can come back to chit chat again.

    Y'all have a great day!
  13. by   sirI
    good morning ya'll

    gotta grab my morning fuel

    have lots to do this week. i thank ya'll for thinking of me and for the well wishes.

    hope you all have a
  14. by   suzy253
    Hiya Siri!!! How are you feeling today?