Monday November 4, 2013

  1. Good Morning Friends,

    Brrrr it sure is chilly outside, dogs did not stay outside very long at all, fed and are no snuggled down near the gas logs sleeping away. They are not going to be happy when I get ready to head off to work. Oh well they do have nice warm kennels to hunker down in.

    Great day yesterday with walking the dogs, got the ironing taken care of, did a run down to Sams to get some supplies in for winter, stocked the freezer up with lots of nice things to cook for hubby during the colder months.

    Had a nice snooze later in the afternoon after catching up on The Voice from last week which was relaxing.

    Will start my 2 week retraining on an RN today so I am praying this goes well and he is receptive to this sharp learning curve. Hope all works out well as I do not like to know some one's job is holding on by a thread.

    Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got to do some fun stuff, Ted I ran the mower around the house to tidy it up but did not cut too much grass, more that onion grass but still it tidies everything up. I doubt I am going to have to worry too much about that for much longer.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby-

    Went for another ride yesterday, even though I was feeling kind of tired. Big mistake, I was even more tired and sore when it was done. Probably should have done something less physical yesterday. Didn't do much else yesterday, just took it easy and went to bed early. Which was good, I feel better today, though still sore.

    Nothing unusual going on this week (hopefully). Hoping for a relatively quiet week at work. Going to do a little more planning for Wisconsin, then I'll have to wait and see what the weather will be like.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 7:39 AM (EST) here!

    Sabby_NC - May the Preceptor-gods be with you today! Hopefully he'll take it all in and learn! In the meanwhile, you might want to get into your "Zen Calm" place of being! LOL! I'm sure you'll be patient as well as honest with the guy. If he improves then the Preceptor-gods will be happy. If he doesn't improve, then he'll have some hard realities to face I'm sure. Regarding the cold weather and dogs, we have frost on the ground too. Our two dogs still did their daily run and bark routine this morning but our little brown down, Chelsea, came indoors much sooner than usual. She doesn't like the cold much at all. The black dog, Mayson, seems to not mind it at all! He'll happily play in the snow! (Oh God. . . SNOW!! I am NOT ready for snow!! LOL!)

    Joe - You better "duck and cover"!!! You said the "Q" word!! All hell is gonna break loose, now, buddy! LOL!

    I'm sipping "First Coffee" right now. It tastes delicious. I'm working the next three nights so I'll be doing the usual, same-old, same-old routine. I've got to finish doing some mandatory in-services, some of which were thrusted on us the last minute! Just when I thought I finished everything, there's another in-service to attend or do on-line. (Whine, whine, whine! LOL!)

    Yesterday was weird. Some of the choir members came to "First Rehearsal" (held before the church service to go over that morning's anthem) came late. In the meanwhile, there was a rather difficult anthem that requires as many choir members as possible and also requires as much rehearsal time as possible. I don't usually get this way, but I was "sweating bullets". I have no problem postponing an anthem if it needs more rehearsal or if the choir members are not there on a given Sunday. But, the choir members present really wanted to do this anthem because it was appropriate for All Saints Day. Well, more choir members did finally come to "First Rehearsal" and the decision was made to sing that difficult anthem. I wasn't expecting profession at that time. But I must admit that when it came time for the choir to finally the "sung prayer" during the church service they sounded really nice. Interestingly, I made a LOT of small mistakes during the service. UGH! For whatever reason I just could not get focused.

    We met with the other officer of our HOA as was scheduled. There's much anticipation felt by all of us. Next Tuesday the Town Board is going to take up our concern during the monthly meeting, discuss having the town (finally) taking over the road, and vote to either work with us or not. I'll either be a happy camper next Wednesday or an angry, angry property owner. It's a long story, but the town should have taken over the road YEARS ago!! Unfortunately, politics play its ugly game even in small towns. It has nothing to do with the "republican verses democrat" type of politics seen at the state and national level. It has everything to do with "Us verses Them" mentality with the "us" being the people born and raised in the town and the "them" as the outsiders not from this town (despite being local business owners and tax-payers) who are now property owners. It's interesting that I've lived in this county for over 50 years and yet I'm still considered an outsider. By the way, for all of you people here who love discussion/debating politics, I'm voting for the Republican who's running for Town Supervisor and the gentleman who's running for Highway Superintendent who is also running under the Republican ticket. Both are quite accepting of "them" property owners. (And this will be all the politics that I will allow myself to discuss on these Good Morning threads. LOL! )

    Peace to all who travel here. . .

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  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning everyone from the frosty mountains. 19 degrees but should warm up to the mid-50's and be sunny.

    The dogs here stay outside all day. No way could I keep two mini-wienies (Marla and Ziggy) and a lab puppy (Rex) in the house by themselves all day. My house would be a wreck! The lab gets free rein in the yard and the wienies get a large fenced-in area with a dog house. The lab has a place to sleep on the front porch in the sunshine during the day. At night, Marla and Ziggy sleep in the basement by the wood stove on an old sleeping bag and Rex is being crate-trained upstairs. They get along ok with a human being around but the pup is too rambunctious to be left alone with Marla because she'll rip him up if he messes with her. Remember Spidey's sheep and how Marla got into the pen and ripped those poor sheep up in the hindquarters?

    Glad the weather is cooperating and the sun will shine today. I'm not ready for snow.

    Monday is hospice day - I'm working with our new nurse who will take 1/2 of the patients so my load will not be so cumbersome. I appreciate having another nurse on board.

    Enjoy your day!
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    It's a busy day today, so just time for a quick hello. Hope all are well.