Monday November 18, 2013

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    So happy that the weekend was glorious, relaxing and I am ready to tackle my day. Yesterday was dreary, foggy for the most part, we were up early and took the boys out while it was misty rain and fog that was rather thick but it was so much fun.

    Hiked around in different places up these rotten steep hills, my legs and derriere feel it. LOL But what fun we all had and the dogs came home very sleepy indeed.

    Made a nice crockpot full of veggie soup which is delish I have to say so I am going to be slurping on that for supper tonight.

    Got all I wanted to achieve this weekend out of the way, going to start on my Christmas Cards for my family back in Australia and get those out the door.

    I do have to find out how I can get my cross stitch framed so I must make that phone call and enquire about this sometime very soon.

    May you all have a most magical and happy Monday.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    Back to work today for me, fortunately I have Friday off. Now is a time I definitely need time off. I actually woke up before my alarm, which was good because I forgot to set it this morning.

    Was able to get outside a bit yesterday before the storms hit. Very windy and cloudy, but very warm for this time of year. Lots of rain and wind for the afternoon, stayed in and did a lot of cooking. Other than that took it easy.
  4. by   nursefrances
    Good morning Sabby, Joe, and all who will visit the GM thread today.

    Sabby, glad you had a nice weekend. The crock pot soup sounds great. When we moved last year I gave away my old crock pot. I need to get a new one soon. It is definitely crock pot weather now.

    Joe, hope your week goes by fast. You will be enjoying your 3 day weekend before you know it.

    This week is my "late" week at work. My hours are 9am-5pm (or whatever time surgery ends if later). This is the week when I have more time to get on my computer, browse around AN and say hello to all my friends.

    I'm sipping on my coffee and eating a blueberry bagel from Panera. Have you seen how many blueberries they put into this thing? yum. Well, I better get going. I want to visit some more around here before I have to get ready for work. Thinking about going in to work 30 minutes early. We will see.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Oh dear . . . I took some "nighttime" cold medicine after posting in yesterday's thread late last night and woke up late!

    I am here for coffee and quick good morning.

    For those who missed it - I bought a MacBook Pro yesterday. So I'm officially a member of the Apple Family now. Haven't unpacked it yet.

    Enjoy your Monday! later gators . . .
  6. by   Ted
    Good Afternoon -

    Steph - I hope that your new MacBook Pro does you good. A while back (obviously) I purchased an early 2008 MBP. I've since upgraded it so that it has a solid state drive and 6 GBs of RAM (the max that it can have), then I gave it to Amy. It should last her a good long while. I don't necessarily think that Apple computers are any better than well-built PC computers, but they meet my needs nicely.

    It's beautiful, warm, sunny weather outside. Amy and I took advantage of the nice weather and got the gardens in order as well as put the outside furniture in-doors in preparation for the winter. Last night I made significant headway in composing "Fall in Mid-October", another orchestral "art-song" that I'm (finally) writing. Don't know if I'll have it finished by Christmas. It was nice to finally focus on writing some music, though.

    I'm working the next three nights so I'm doing the usual "eat/sleep/work" routine.

    Take care, folks. I hope all who travel here has a nice day.