Monday November 12, 2007

  1. re: think test
    "hope you do better than i did. not too observant i guess.
    try your luck to check your power of observation":

    congrats to the high scorers! those who couldn't see the test are obviously not ... welll ... that was the test. lol

    just kiddin... i feel bad you couldn't get the link to work!

    Quote from diarygirl512
    first off - the thought of dressing my brother up as a little girl had both me and my mom laughing just now!!!!
    i have piccy's somewhere - we also used to dress him and the neighbor girl as bride and groom, and marry them - they would come out from under the fronds of the weeping willow ... and then go back in for their honeymoon (we didn't know what a honeymoon was of course...)

    Quote from diarygirl512
    the book my signature refers to is persuasion by jane austen.....
    Quote from diarygirl512
    "i can listen no longer in silence. i must speak to you by such means as are within my reach. you pierce my soul. i am half agony, half hope. tell me not that i am too late, that such precious feelings are gone for ever. i offer myself to you again with a heart even more your own than when you almost broke it, eight years and a half ago..."
    oh mannnnn.... sounds like me a few years ago - "dating" this guy over the internet - he was perfect - i was perfect - ah the longing - ah the torment - ah the thrill and wonder, listening to songs he would send, giggling over the phone ... forever it would be ... two hearts beating as ... (sound of record needle ripping across the album).....

    Quote from dria case anyone is wondering....sarah did in fact beat me at 3 lousy points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yes, i was wondering, ha ha!

    Quote from jnette
    pretty neat.. i got 15 out of 25. a few really threw me as i don't pay attention to stuff like vhf tv things... and a couple others i really don't pay much attemtion to.

    but i'm a real "visual" type person and learner, so a lot of them i could jsut "see" in my head, and got them right.
    i got 15 also - (how did those guys score higher than we did??)

    Quote from muffie
    had a nice dindin with my only bro and caught up on stuff
    oh that's great muffie!!

    Quote from conrad283
    as far as the stakeout goes. if something were to happen, i would be obtaining license plate(s) and descript's. and maybe i'd follow them, but that's as far as i would go. i don't need anything on my record for when i go to get a job.
    ha ha, never thought of that last bit ... lol -- i just didn't want you wearing black and blue, or worse!

    Quote from zooz
    as for what you can't send, you can find out the general shipping restrictions and, once you get the apo code, any shipping restrictions for that particular region pretty easily.
    oh, cool! thanks zooz!

    Quote from dutchgirlrn
    i got 15 correct. there were 2 more that i would have gotten if i had gone with my first instinct but as they say. close only counts in horseshoes so its 15 correct for me.
    "never change your first answer", isn't that what they say? lol

    Quote from joe nightingmale
    something about spending almost the entire latter half of sunday studying depresses me.
    i feel that way about housework!!! and appointments! and errands! on my day off ... -- truth be told i want to do nothing on my day off! well, except for fun stuff - which usually includes doing nothing lol
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  3. by   Liddle Noodnik
    How bout this one?

    scratch that, bad


    How bout this?

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  4. by   bethin
    I got a 20 on the first one, and missed one on the last quiz. Every week, in the paper there's a quiz much like the last one. I always do it, no matter how painful. I figure if I'm going to be a lawyer someday, I better know how to think critically and read between the lines.

    Work was super crazy on Sun. Two nurses quit and management isn't replacing them. They were weo, and no nurses that work during the week only will do weekends. My feelings: when hired, you're told you may have to do weekends, but when the time comes they don't wanna. I say suck it up and take turns. It's not fair to the patients who don't get a bath on the weekend but get great care during the week. Lots of other crap too: I'm severely allergic to latex but management refuses to stock latex free gloves in rooms but I can't keep a pair in my pocket for emergencies because it's an infection control issue. Well, an emergency happened and I put reg gloves on. Immediately couldn't breathe and had to have coworker run, get a wheel chair and cart me to Er. By the time I got there, my hands were triple in size and my sats were in the 70's. Had to get an epi shot. I doubt even this will change protocol. Well, when I show them the law it might.

    Also had to work with what I consider an unsafe nurse. Her pt needed to go to the br. I passed the nurse who was sitting down on my way to the room - nurse was sleeping. I went into pt room and noticed that she had a syringe full of medication that had not been pushed. Woke up nurse who said "oh yeah, that's her lasix." She walked into the room, and shoved that plunger down before I could say anything. Split second that med was gone. Now, I'm no nurse, but on more than one occasion a nurse has said that you don't push lasix quickly. I want to quit this job. I'm sick of sleeping nurses, nurses who read magazines while everyone else is running up and down halls caring for patients. The other aides who say as I walk towards a call light "why bother, he doesn't need anything." I need to quit - I'm turning into a real meanie while at work.

    So glad I have a week off! Then only one more weekend and I'm off for 4 days while I recuperate and regenerate in a monastary deep in Kentucky.

    I talked to db this week and he said that he caught Kennedy in a lie. When he spanked her and told her Jesus doesn't like it when she lies, she responded with, "how do you know? Jesus told me he doesn't get mad when I lie. Did Jesus tell you this?" Then, when they went to church she loudly proclaimed "It's Sunday! Jesus doesn't work on Sunday's! Let's go home and watch Dora!" Yep, she's a cutie. I love this age when you don't know what will come out of their mouths. Kennedy told me weeks ago that her mommy told her that when she comes to my house that she can drink all the pop and eat all the candy she wants.

    Like I'm going to believe a 3 year old.
  5. by   Alois Wolf

    it's a chocokitten!

    good morning everyone, i hope everyone is having a good morning. good day at work so far, very relaxed and i have my 24oz. wawa coffee at the ready. can't wait till my sup. leaves the office so i can put in my cd haha.

    took the brain test... this is how i scored.

    left brainright brain43%57%

    you are more right-brained than left-brained. the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. in addition to being known as right-brained, you are also known as a creative thinker who uses feeling and intuition to gather information. you retain this information through the use of images and patterns. you are able to visualize the "whole" picture first, and then work backwards to put the pieces together to create the "whole" picture. your thought process can appear quite illogical and meandering. the problem-solving techniques that you use involve free association, which is often very innovative and creative. the routes taken to arrive at your conclusions are completely opposite to what a left-brained person would be accustomed. you probably find it easy to express yourself using art, dance, or music. some occupations usually held by a right-brained person are forest ranger, athlete, beautician, actor/actress, craftsman, and artist.

    your complete evaluation follows below:your left brain/right brain percentage was calculated by combining the individual scores of each half's sub-categories. they are as follows:
    your left brain percentages
    53%[color=#606420]linear (your most dominant characteristic) 38%[color=#606420]logical 34%[color=#606420]symbolic 27%[color=#606420]verbal 22%[color=#606420]sequential 14%[color=#606420]reality-based (your least dominant characteristic)
    your right brain percentages
    58%[color=#606420]intuitive (your most dominant characteristic) 48%[color=#606420]fantasy-oriented 46%[color=#606420]concrete 42%[color=#606420]holistic 28%[color=#606420]random 25%[color=#606420]nonverbal (your least dominant characteristic)
  6. by   Conrad283
    Quote from zoeboboey
    re: Think test
    "Hope you do better than I did. Not too observant I guess.
    Try your luck to check your power of observation":

    ha ha, never thought of that last bit ... lol -- I just didn't want you wearing black and blue, or worse!
    I got 21-25.

    I don't want to be wearing black and blue either. I've had two black eyes in my life. When I was 5 I ran into a door frame, and in high school when I wrestled, I got dropped flat on my face (Ouch). There are no plans in the future for a 3rd.

    Having a record is bad
  7. by   dianah
    Hi all!

    I got 18/25 on the think test.
    The other wouldn't open correctly for me.

    I'm winding down our Sunday.
    After intense discussion of the pros and cons, we finally hit the road at 11am today to spend till 7pm at Disneyland!
    The Halloween decorations are gone, gone, gone, and the parks are just starting to be decorated for the Christmas season:

    Here's the entrance to California Adventure (soon to undergo a major theme shift/renovation, from a mixed-California theme to more of a "these were some of Walt's ideas" theme. I'll miss the Golden Gate bridge, which is part of the park due to be removed in order for new facelift to reflect the new theme)

    Here's a window in a log-cabin-type shop in Frontierland, filled with all things holiday:

    We caught the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show in The Golden Horseshoe Saloon. It's ALWAYS good!!
    Here Kurt (the "front man" and main singer) personifies Elvis!

    Here's Sleeping Beauty's castle with some of its holiday look (snow on the turreted roofs, and some garlands of ornaments-- hard to see in the piccy, but they're there. As the days progress, icicle lights are to be hung from the balconies):

    And now for the piece de resistance, It's A Small World with all its holiday lighting!!

  8. by   Conrad283
    Goodnite all, sleep well.
  9. by   dianah
    Goodnight, Conrad.
    Sleep well.
  10. by   Alois Wolf
    Left/Right Brain Test

    I hope that url works for you guys.

    Scroll down you'll see it.

    If it doesn't work try using a different browser. I had trouble getting to the quizes in firefox... so if thats what you use trying using internet explorer. Microsoft may be evil... but the quizes are nifty.
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  11. by   nyapa
    Hello, I'm awaaake! There is the most brilliant storm building up outside. Because it is so hot and humid where I am, rain is like gold! The only thing is, I'm having to contemplate walking to work in it tonight.

    Zoe, I got 13. I figure that alot of those questions were American based, and I'm too ignorant to know :trout:. I love the question about the way water goes down the drain. I wonder if it is different in the southern hemisphere?

    And the second one wouldn't open properly for me either.

    Bethin, I'd go for the lawyers too if they are allowing you to be exposed to a substance that you are obviously allergic to. And it sounds like you did have a crook shift. I would consider leaving too. Did I read there that you are doing a law degree? You have one clever little girl, most of them just say "No"! not debate the issue :spin:

    Alois, whats 'wawa' coffee?

    Night Conrad.

    Dianah, because I'm new to this section of the board, I'm wondering where you are travelling to, and how long you plan to do it. The photos of Disneyland are great! I have a sister in law in the US but its too far and expensive for us to go there. Especially because we are in a remote area of Oz (it is a small city but it is a fair distance from the next major cities in Australia).

    Thanks Alois, I just did the second one, and my percentage was 47% Left Brain, 53% Right Brain. Apparently I am creative, my problem solving skills cannot be understood by others (loose interpretation). And the professions don't include nursing Guess I better give up now!

    Time to go, hubby is spoiling and cooking up pork chops! Blast, that storm has gone right over!
  12. by   bethin
    I'm left brain which is great - lawyer was listed as one of the recommended career choices.
  13. by   bethin
    dar15, yes, I do want to go to law school but I'm not even close yet. Few more years before I can take the entrance exams and apply.

    yeah, still peeved that my employer just doesn't seem to care. Many of the hospitals here are going latex free. I need to work at one of those hospitals.
  14. by   dianah
    Thanks Alois!

    I am 53% Left Brain, 47% Right Brain-ed.

    And now it's time to go to bed!
    See you all in the morning!