Monday Morning Quarterbacks

  1. :stone I am a Democrate, I voted for Al Gore OK. I honestly think this hoopla about what George Bush knew is nothing but "HIND SIGHT IS TWENTY/TWENTY". I am sure he recieved generalized alerts repeatedly in his short tenure. Look how many we have had since and how empty they have turned out to be. I wish he would have said something and so does he. However, the facts do not support the amount of fuss being made. He just did not have specific information, he did not know that such and such was going to happen on so and so date. What is really going on? CIA and FBI trying to devert attention from their own gross failure? Democrates trying divert attention from the fact that Bill Clinton's failure in Somalia and lack of reponse to Cole bombing made terroist bold? Geeze, I sound like Fox Mulder, I am not usualy like this.
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    Not to be an apologist for Republicans, (A politician is just a cut above a child molester) but, the vast majority of all public media is very heavily biased toward liberalism. From the reporters to the editors and producers, most of them think and vote democratic. So anything that makes liberals look good is viewed as more newsworthy. And any sensationlism sells ads. Gary

    "Ted Kennedy has killed more people with his car than I have with my guns."
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    Are you actually surprised yb politicians mud slinging? I mean we had to listen about Monica for over a year!!! This is just the same bs going the other way