Monday January 6, 2014

  1. Good Morning to you all,

    Up early due to coughing, not hauling myself into work today too sick to be around patients and staff. Going to phone MD to see if he has an apt, I believe I have Bronchitis and need something more than I am taking to get over this crud. Glands are swollen and I am ruddy sore from coughing. Not fun!

    Please if you have to go out in this bad weather be careful, do not want anything to happen to my AN buddies.

    Enjoy your day as best you can, I guess the dogs get a bonus with me being home although if I were to be working I would have left them inside anyway.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hope you get better soon Sabby

    Well, I finally got started and applied for some new jobs yesterday. Plan to do the same today and throughout this week. Feels good that I finally got started with that.

    Didn't do much yesterday, with all of the snow and everything. Did some cooking and also a little shopping as well. Mostly stayed in.

    Going to be very cold today, hopefully I won't have any problems starting car.

    Just found out our office is closed due to the weather. At least I won't have to worry about getting to work.
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  4. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning! Is it Monday already?? I worked all weekend and it was crazy. So many people have the same thing Sabby has. We saw 110 people on Saturday and 72 on Sunday. There were several cases of flu, but mostly bronchitis-like URIs. Tis the season. Weather has been strange. It went from below zero temps to 51 degrees in 48 hours. Tomorrow will be back to Arctic temperatures. No wonder everyone is sick.

    Sabby_ I hope you can see your PCP today and get some medication. Rest all you can. Joe-good luck with the job search. It does feel good to take charge and send out applications.

    Off to work I go! Have a good day, everyone.
  5. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Sorry to read that your still feeling yucky, Sabby_NC. Glad that you're taking a needed sick day for yourself, though. Hope you can get that appointment with the MD today! Feel better.

    Joe - Good for you for starting with the job application process. I hope you find the job that you enjoy and meets your needs. Working in an unpleasant job is no fun.

    BCgradnurse - Wow! You did have a busy week-end! Seeing 180+ people over the week-end seems like a lot! We're experiencing similar bizarre weather patterns, too! At present, it's 53 degrees outside and raining. Just a few days ago it was - 13 degrees outside and snowing. Later on this evening, it's supposed to be freezing weather again. It's crazy. Hope your work-day goes well.

    Well, it's 8:43 AM (EST) here. It's spring-like outside with the warm temperature and rain. I have no plans for today except to keep dry. LOL! I'm off from work tonight, thankfully. Still haven't worked on any music. I have ideas in my head but haven't translated them to something other people can hear! LOL! In a little while, I'm going to force myself to work on this one orchestral project that I started several weeks ago. I listened to what I've completed so far and I like it! I just need to FINISH it!!

    Hope all who travel here have a pleasant day. . .

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  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Morning all.

    Talking after church yesterday with folks about how warm it has been here in the mountains. The trees look like they are starting to bud out and daffodils are coming up - way too early. No rain or snow so we are way behind on that. But I have to admit I like it. It was 80 degrees in the "big city" down the road and in the 70's here.

    No news about my mom - brother is rather sketchy with that stuff (long story). We will be in the vicinity this coming weekend so I plan to go see her then.

    Gotta go wake Spidey up - first day back to school.

    Joe - it is nice to have a day off due to weather.

    Sabby - hope you get in to see the doc. We've got the respiratory illness and gastroenteritis going around here. So far, I've escaped them both.

    Take care everyone!
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  7. by   Sabby_NC
    Was able to get an 8:45am appointment with my PCP, URI/ Bronchitis, due to my immunosuppression he prescribed Levaquin for a week and some good cough syrup so that should do the trick, still running a fever and of course he wants me to be 24 hours free of fever before heading back to work.

    Heading back to bed but so thankful my PCP saw me, this sure is miserable.