Monday December 2, 2013

  1. Good Morning rise and shine,

    Time to get back in the groove of the morning ritual as you climb out of bed to start the prep for work. I can see you are all so happy over this. LOL

    I had a most wonderful time off work although while out hiking with the dogs yesterday our Chief Clinical Coordinator texted hubby to see if I could do Triage phone calls until the next person takes over.

    Relieved I was not at home although if I was I am sure I would have done this but I did have many things I wanted to achieve yesterday so they did manage to find some one else. They could not get in touch with the RN who was supposed to be on call in her area.

    I feel so happy to be heading back to work, back to my patients to ensure they are doing the best that they can, I see none of them had any problems over the break so that is good.

    May you all have a most productive and happy day.

    Just putting the link up to show you they have published my article which warms my heart.

    Be safe, be happy and go out there to make a difference in those lives that we touch.

    Much love to you all.

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby! Glad your article got published.

    Off to work today, going early to get a start on things. Feeling nervous, wondering what awaits. And knowing that I have to make changes in the way I do my job, in order to reduce the stress. And knowing that I have to start looking for another job soon. Would be nice if no changes were needed and I could let things ride for a few years...but I can see now that's not possible. But hopefully I'll get to that point with the next job.

    Yesterday was pretty quiet, went out for a walk in the morning and saw my dad in the afternoon and took it easy the rest of the day.

    Nothing else but the usual stuff going on this week. In a way it'll be nice to have a full 5 days of work to get everything done, I think that may help the stress. I think having two short weeks in a row made everything more stressful.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    Congrats on your article getting published, Sabby_NC! Very cool! Gonna read it once I'm done typing here.

    Joe - Glad to read that you had a nice, quiet day yesterday. Those quiet days are good for the soul.

    Nothing much planned today except to just relax and slowly continue on with the music writing. (Only got a few measures written yesterday.) Church and choir rehearsal(s) was nice, yesterday.

    Currently drinking First Coffee. Plan on drinking Second coffee after I read Sabby_NC's article, and then continue on living the day.

    Peace, folks!


    Edited to add: Just read your article. So glad that your poem was published, Sabby_NC. Well done and congratulations!
  5. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Good morning Sabby, Joe, and Ted! and everyone else who happens by!

    They couldn't reach the nurse?? oooooo that is not good. Glad they couldn't get you though, you really needed the time!

    I am having a quiet Monday which is nice after my busy w/e's.

    Finished my National Novel Writing month, now to rest a bit and then next month will work on editing the darn thing, it needs LOTS of work!!


    hope you all had a great day!!
  6. by   TopazLover
    Good day all.
    Nothing new here. Tomorrow I have an interview for a job I suspect I don't want, but it will be good to get going.
    Have a good day. I will check back later. I need to spend some time applying for other jobs.
  7. by   herring_RN
    I loved your article when you posted here.
    I've sent it to many friends.