Monday, Dec 10, 2007

  1. Well, not for at least another hour here but I figure I'll start it early.

    Is anyone else having problems with Christmas shopping? I've gotten gifts for my nephew but no one else yet. Not very easy this year....

    And does anyone know how to find lists of blogs? I used to post pretty frequently on political blogs but my interest in politics has waned, and I'm looking for some new venues. I'm afraid what I'll find will be like my MySpace page, which hasn't been updated in 2 months.
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  3. by   Diary/Dairy
    Morning Joe - thanks for starting the morning thread!!

    Sorry don't know about the blogs - I just blog on here......

    Work - good so far tonight. Keeping fingers crossed - This is my last week here - Mom gets here on Thursday. YAY!!! Soo looking forward to seeing my Mommy!!
  4. by   RNDreamer
    Good Morning Joe & DiaryGirl:

    Ahhh! another late night up studying. This is the last week of school for the semester, and next week is finals...I can't wait to go to sleep at a decent hour.
  5. by   Diary/Dairy
    NY Dreamer - Good luck with Finals!!!

    Joe, I got something for my youngest sister this weekend, Gave my other sister something when she was here - but I still have to shop for my brother, mom and dad.
  6. by   dianah
    diary, I hope your mom travels safely, and that you have a WONDERFUL holiday visit!!
    Your joy and anticipation at seeing her, leaps off the screen!

    NY, good luck w/finals!! (this too shall pass!!)

    Joe, thanks for starting the thread.
    I don't know much about blogs, sorry. Have you done a google search?
    I don't do much Christmas shopping anymore; neice and nephews and ds's all like money.
    No little ones to shop for, either.

    Time for me to head to bed, g'nite and will see you in (the real) Dec 10.
  7. by   Diary/Dairy
    Di, I am really excited that she will be here - for some reason, she does not want to see anything - I told her we HAVE to take her to see the Space Needle, and Pike Place Market at the very minimum......I'm thinking dinner that night, leave Friday AM -

    I guess I should start packing!
  8. by   dianah
    Oh, you'll have it ALL planned out, lol!
    I hope she'll enjoy it all!! (is she one of those who doesn't want a fuss made over her??)
  9. by   Diary/Dairy
    No - She just wanted to get back on the road - we have to make it back to Indiana by next Friday, so Mom can be back to work.......Not sure why she wanted to turn right around and leave that day - I do want her to see some things around here.
  10. by   dianah
    I hope you can arrange it to your mutual satisfaction.
  11. by   SuesquatchRN
    Joe, this is my favorite blog among a group of great blogs:

    Dianah, good night! I'm here because I can't sleep.

    DiaryGirl, I hope your visit is fabulous!

    NYDreamer, this, too, shall pass, and you'll have a few weeks with no studying! Although as I recall I felt guilty as sin the first few days into break!
  12. by   bethin
    Good morning!

    Joe, I finished shopping before Thanksgiving. Don't know anything about blogs either. Have you tried doing a search with the area you want to blog in?

    Diary, she wants to see nothing? Hope you have a safe trip and a good night!

    My nieces were at my house when I got off work Sat. night. Kennedy who is now 3 talks like a teenager. Imagine lots of "like", "um", "yeah", "I guess" with eyes pointed toward the ceiling. She came over to me and told me a story. All I could understand was "mommy", "daddy", "no pants", and "spanking". She walked away but I grabbed her and told her that the whole room wanted to hear what she had to say - she loves an audience. DB and SIL were there with beet red faces. She tells the story as "um, mommy spanked daddy....and he like didn't have any pants on! Daddy was a bad boy". Turns out it was nothing bad, it just looked that way. The things that come out of their mouths! They should do standup.

    Morning di, Sue and NYDreamer
  13. by   Diary/Dairy
    Well, bethin, she said she wanted to leave right away - but we are definitely going to have to go see some things - she may never be out here again - she is going to see some things!
  14. by   walkingrock
    mornin' ya'll's that's still up or already up...i'm a goin' to bed now...just nearly midnight here in ca...i am off tomorrow...yippie!