Monday - August 25th, 2014 - Good Morning!

  1. Good Morning!

    It's 6:11 AM (EST) here in this part of the world. . .

    Just woke up. Coffee is still brewing. . .

    Working the next couple of nights then I'm off for three nights.

    Yesterday was nice. Dad went with church with me. Afterward we went to a parish BBQ provided by our Pastor and his family. We enjoyed the day together which ended up being a beautiful sunny day.

    Also yesterday, I got an email requesting my video-taping services. It's for a church that has a program in place growing fresh fruit and vegetables that are donated to local food pantries. It's a very cool program that is maintained by the youth of that church. I did a mini-documentary (at their request) last year show-casing this wonderful program. They want me to do a short follow-up, introducing their new Priest. Seems like a nice thing to do so I accepted their request to do this follow-up. Now all I have to do is find the time to do this in addition to the three-plus other projects. Yikes! LOL!

    Yes! That wonderful "DING!" just went off telling me that the coffee is finished brewing! Of course this beautiful-sounding "DING!" just woke up my two canine-family members as well! They're now telling me that it's time to go outside then and pee, come back in and eat breakfast, then go outside again to run around. . . like they do each and every day. Like clock-work! LOL!

    Peace, folks!

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  3. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted and everyone else,

    Ted I hope you get some rest before work today, may the next two shifts go well for you.

    Nice relaxing day for me while Hubby was running the roads on visits, admission, consult etc. He had a busy day but he felt so good when he got home.

    Made up some meals for him so he ate one of those then went to bed early just in case he got called out overnight but God was generous and let him sleep.

    Managed to do quite a bit of CHPN reading so that was good, took at 2 hour nap, showered and washed the hair. Relaxed after my pottering around.

    Ready to start my day so I pray you all have a most excellent day.

    Much love to you all.

  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Ted it sounds like you're in demand

    Morning Sabby

    Relatively quiet day yesterday. Ran errands in the morning, then went and saw dad. We decided on a date for the brunch toward the end of next month. Presently working with my friend to come up with a time and location. Not much else the rest of the day, just some studying and some exercise.

    Have been rethinking the Wisconsin trip. September has a fair amount going on...Labor Day, the brunch, the Octoberfest at dad's church...and October we're supposed to visit my aunt. Maybe I'll wait, and if we don't end up visiting my aunt I'll go to Wisconsin instead. Been to Wisconsin so many times over the years.

    Starting another work week. Will see the counselor tonight too, should be interesting. Will be nice, knowing that I have Monday off.
  5. by   TopazLover
    Good morning early risers and a later one for those as the sun chariot climbs to the west.

    Very tiring day at work. Long day, 8 1/2 hr on the feet continuously, long day. Ran into some interesting people, including a local LEO who has been retired for 31 years. Bless him. Sold some stuff to a new owner of a wonderful restaurant. Restaurant is Italian and he has 100% Scots name. He promised he cooks with the Italian part of his heritage. All these human parts of our clientele make for a much improved work life. It may seem hard to work with aching tired body but easy to smile when you get to connect with people.

    Joe, I am also contemplating a road trip. I really want to show my friend the beauty of leaf season. Need to decide some time to go up to the Catskills. My friends up there are expecting an early fall. I may check in with Ted to get a feel for best time for leaf season. Of course we need to hire more workers if I want to take extra time off. I know my boss will give me the time off. I just need to sock away a few hundred "George Washingtons" to do it.

    Working late today so have to get rear in gear and do some hausfrau things.

    Delightful weather again today. I smile as I write this. I have a fb friend, a nurse, from FL. He rubs the nice weather in our faces all winter as we, in the north, freeze our noses and our toeses. All summer we get to play turn about as he hits hot and humid. This year, especially, our weather has been positively wonderful all summer.

    Have a fantastic day.

    Care and Share
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning. Up and back on call in 9 minutes. I'll see 2 hospice patients today. That's our census!

    Had a nice relaxing weekend. Yesterday was Sheep Day again. We all meet up at a ranch near our ranch (once owned by David Gates from the band Bread). The kids wash and shear their sheep and then we have a bbq and then the kids "show" their sheep for the sheep leader and her father, who raise sheep. This is the 2nd Sheep Day we've had - getting ready for fair, which starts on Wednesday for all the 4-H groups who have to bring their animals in. Saturday was spent cleaning up the sheep barn and getting the stalls ready.

    The dogs are barking up a storm outside. We live on a highway so that's almost impossible to keep them from barking. Wonder what is going on though . ...maybe a pickup parked out front with a dog in it . .that usually sets them off.

    Have a great day.
  7. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    It's still morning for a few more minutes, so Good Morning, all!

    I stayed up 'til 2 AM and slept 'til 11 AM. Finishing up my first cup of coffee and about to start on the second cup.
    I don't yet know what the weather will be or what is going on in the world. Dogs are sleeping as I am trying to wake up.

    Going to work a 3-11 today, at a different retirement center than the one I usually go to. This tiny,little, 90-ish patient I'm going to, I have not seen in over a year, but I hear she is still much the same. Only thing on her agenda will be a shower before suppertime.
    She's not a handful mentally, like some of my other patients, so it promises to be a "Q" evening.
    Unless I am called by the office to do a fill-in shift somewhere it will be another 4 days off this week. I can handle it! Though my checkbook will grouse.

    Hope everyone's Monday is not blue!
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Quick dash-by to tell the folks who bake. . . .there is an amusing site called cakewreck; google it and you might get a few laughs from it!
  9. by   herring_RN
    I woke up with a migraine, tookIimitrex, and went back to bed with two dogs in and eye mask and radio on.

    Feelng better. Not going to the gym today.