Monday, April 9, 2007

  1. :smilecoffeeIlovecof Trying to wake up here . . . .

    Good Middle of the Night from CA.

    Coffee is ready . . . shower is warm . . . . . you ALL have a good day.

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  3. by   nursemary9

    I'll start you all off, but I'll be back in a bit!!

    This is where all Premium members can come to share a bit of the day with the rest of us!!
    All are Welcome!!

    Come & Join in

    mary Ann
  4. by   nursemary9
    Oh Steph,

    I just started another good Morning thread!!

    maybe a Mod will come along & join them!!

    I'll be back later to join you all

    Are you off to work?
  5. by   Grace Oz
    good monday evening from me!
    our easter monday was spent enjoying a drive through the hills. we stopped off at a little english pub for an ale, then drove onto one of the beautiful hills towns where the glorious autumn colours paint a pretty picture on the trees.

    we stopped for coffee before heading homewards in the mid-afternoon.

    we were blessed with mild warm autumn weather for the entire easter break. just beautiful! great for those folks who went camping.

    i hope everyone has calmed down after sunday's overdose on chocolate! my, what a hyped up mob you were!

    mary ann, safe travel and enjoy!
    steph, if it's the middle of the night there, why are you trying to wake up as opposed to trying to go to sleep???!!!

    to all who follow, enjoy your monday!

    cheers .......
  6. by   Grace Oz
    not one, but two monday threads! lol
    i'll post in both and be sure to not miss anyone! lol
    g'day from me! it's evening, monday, here.
    mary ann, safe travel and enjoy!
    to all who follow, have a happy monday!
    cheers .....
  7. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!!!

    I merged the two Steph posted first by 60 seconds. LOL

    I'm starting 8 hour shfits today. Monday-Friday, every weekend off. Charge Nurse. I must be insane.
  8. by   Grace Oz
    Gee, tweets, that sounds ok to me! M-F, 8 hours, AND weekends off!
    Hmmmm ... well, maybe NOT the charge bit, eh?
  9. by   Grace Oz
    Ok, I'm outta here! Time for a final cuppa, then off to bed with me!
    Have a good one, everyone!
    Cheers ........
  10. by   Grace Oz
    PS: HEY! Where's my avatar gone?????!!!!!
    Has that pesky kangaroo jumped away???????
  11. by   Tweety
    Grace, there's a problem with the avatars. "They" are working on it, so we'll have to be patient. Some avatars stay and some disappear, doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it.
  12. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday. I spent most of mine sleeping.
    After working for someone else on Saturday 3-11, I was mandated for 11-7. Grrrr. all because our nurse manager is incapable of making a decent working schedule. On 11-7's there are 2 floor RNs and one charge RN. There was no coverage for the two floor RN's and then the charge nurse called out. It was so busy and I was so exhausted. I slept, got up, slept, had some dinner and went back to sleep again. I could go on and on with complaints about this nurse manager but don't want to bore you with all the details.

    Just enjoying some coffee now and will have a peek around the boards. BBL
  13. by   compassion1
    Hi all and good morning to you. Light rain this morning but we really need the rain. And it's starting to warm up again.
    Heading out to work this morning. I'm going to a patient that I thought, by all signs, would have gone to Heaven 4 days ago. Bless her heart.
    Starting a cold...sore throat, stuffy nose. Yuck! I'm starting ColdMD, pushing the fluids, etc. I guess I'll be able to keep chugging along.
    Everyone have a beautiful God blessed day.
  14. by   nursemary9

    Well, the BIG day is Finally here!! I just can't WAIT to get out of work so we can start our trip South!!
    I was looking forward to nice, warm weather, but I hear that it was sleeting in Dallas yesterday & Alicia said they had snow flurries!!! AMAZING!!

    Well, I'm still at work for another 2 hrs & 45 min----but who's counting!!
    Well, I got to work and absolutely had a MELTDOWN!!!
    I told you I floated on Monday to a surgical floor; well, it wasn't my turn to float tonite--in fact there were a bunch of people who were in front of me, since I just went.
    Well, They tell me I have to float to the geriatric floor!! HUH??????????
    WEll, the other nurse was a Travel Nurse & it was her turn; & she was willing to go----the supervisor said I had to go because she didn't want the regular RN from that floor to have to work with just a Travel nurse--it should be a regular RN from the hospital--she said it was policy.

    Well, where was this policy when I worked alone with a travel nurse every nite for several months; or when my friend on another unit has worked with a Traveler & only her?????????????
    What gets me SOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo MAD is not the floating but the making up of policies to suit the moment. You know what I mean??? And, of course, I can't find this POLICY in writing anywhere; including on-line!!!
    Well, I went & was not happy!! I could have refused & then I may have been in trouble for refusing to float. You know, I am near retirement & need this job yet for the insurance, so I am limited in what I can do; it was actually my first inclination to turn around & go home.

    Well, I left an e-mail for my manager expressing my anger--but in a professional manner. Requesting to see this "POLICY". or I was going to file a grievance or write a letter to corporate. You see, I don't believe this policy exists!! No matter what this supervisor says.

    Well, my nite here started out bad, but it did get better. At first rounds found an IV SOOOOooooooooooo infiltrated!! Then I find out this lady is not just a HARD stick, but that even the RN's from the ICU had an extremely difficult time getting this one in!!Well, being a chemo nurse, I'm good with IV's-------------but not this good!!! Another nurse from my unit did finally get one in, but You could tell this has been infiltrated for a LONG time & the other nurse just didn't want to bother with it----the pt. only has a SLOW KVO rate with antibiotics. So at least it's running now.

    Well, that about covers all of my complaints!!!
    I'm sorry to vent on all of you, but I'm still angry.

    Can you believe 2 RN's called in here tonite???On a Holiday???
    Oh well, I'd better let it go!!

    Again, I'm sorry I vented so much but I really needed to explode somewhere & better here then to the Supervisor!!

    WEll, I just want nice, good thoughts now; Boy, Southern States HERE I COME!!!
    I probably won't be back until tonite & by that time we should be in Joplin, MO!!

    I'll see you all then!!!

    Grace, I'm so glad you had a nice, mild Easter!! It sounds like Easter Monday was good for you!!

    To Everyone--hope you have a WONDERFUL MONDAY!!

    Mary Ann