MONDAY 22nd October, 2007

  1. I couldn't believe my eyes! It's MONDAY and no-one has started the thread!!!! I mean, afterall, it is early evening here in Oz and therefore should be morning "Up/Over!". :spin: Unless I've missed seeing it.........

    So...... to MONDAY!

    Wishing everyone a happy week!

    I was up early, went for a walk with the dogs and DH came too.
    The usual monday chores for me after breakfast.
    Across to the shops for some supplies.
    And that's been my monday!

    Catch you later..............
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  3. by   bethin
    Good evening Grace!

    Sleep well, hope you have a great Tuesday.
  4. by   nursemary9

    I'm at work & I'm Charge plus I have 6 pt's. Yes, we're short again!! We had plenty of staff, actually, tonite, but they pulled an RN!! Another unit only scheduled 1 RN for tonite & just left it that way, so we had to send a Nurse!! Nice!!!
    Oh well, what's the use of complaining any more!! There's no hope of change. I really do feel it will always be this way!!
    OOPS---wrong----we're having a Magnet Visit the week of the 31st. You can bet that week we will have TOP NOTCH STAFFING!!!
    We'll probably be tripping over ourselves!!I can just see it now!!

    Well, I work again tonite, but am not charge. I have a nail appt in the AM, but I may cancel that. Depends on how I feel!!
    I think my nail's will be OK for another week.

    I think I'm just in a bad mood!!

    I'll be back later!!

    You all have a good day!!

    Grace, Thanks for starting the thread!! Hope your Monday is good!!

    Beth, get some sleep!!
  5. by   bethin
    Mary Ann, you need to get some sleep! You make me tired just reading what you do after working night shift. I started last week doing one 11p-630a and while I have no problems staying awake (I stay awake all night every night) I am pooped after work and the thought of getting my nails done seems like a chore.

    Oops, I am going to see the Dalai Lama speak at IU this Friday morning at 0830. I have to see if I can get off work at 0600 instead of 0630. It's a 2 hour drive there but the roads are very winding and it will be rush hour. I pray I can stay awake long enough to hear him speak.

    Packed up a few boxes. Didn't realize I had soooo many clothes and shoes! My parents will flip when they come tomorrow. One LARGE box was filled with socks, bras, and underwear only! I filled another large box and 3 large suitcases with clothes and I still have clothes hanging up. Haven't even started on the shoes and purses - I think I counted 28 pairs of heels (why heels when I wear crocs to work - i dunno), 3 pairs of running shoes, and only 4 pairs of flats.

    My desk is cleaned out and that was a chore to go through all those papers. Will try to catch a nap and back to packing! Hope everyone has a great Monday!
  6. by   bethin
    For those who forgot it was Monday:

    HeeHee, I'm weekend option and I LOVE Monday's!
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  7. by   nursemary9

    For about 10 yrs, I would get out of the Hospital at 0730, after working all nite, and then go to my Home Health job.
    During that time, I'd see about 5-6 pt's per day.
    So now, I'm not doing that any more, but my body still doesn't want to go to sleep until 3 or 4 PM. It became used to that.
    It's like, when I get out of work & hit the morning air, I get mt second wind.

    I have never been a person to need a lot of sleep. Now, as I've gotten older, I do need a bit more, but still not lots.

    I often think how wonderful it would be if I could just go home & sleep---however, there's just no way!@!
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  8. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Happy Monday!

    Grace-It should almost be time for tea. What are we having? I hope dear sis is hanging in there, as are you.

    bethin-Good-luck moving. Dh and I are ready to just buy this house we're in now, just so we don't have to pack and move everything again. Blech!

    MaryAnn-You're staffed how we usually are. I got pulled to another floor last weekend for 3 pts. There were four nurses playing online for three of the four hours I was there. I think they could have absorbed my three and left me on my own floor. You're sure right about staffing when the Magnet folks come around. Keeping the hospital staffed @ bare bones the rest of the time is how they'll be able to afford the extra staff (and all the unneccessary bells and whistles) to put on a show for Magnet.

    It's 05:30 and I've already put a load of laundry in the washer, called work, fed/changed ds and I still can't go back to sleep. The dh' alarm clock monster struck again. Someone (not naming names . .. . dh) stayed up to watch our Steelers ball up a game at the last minute and couldn't go to sleep afterward. Kind of puts a damper on things when you have to be @ work @ 05:00 and stay up until 01:30, huh? Ds and I are off to WalMart and Kohl's and then just try to get some things done around the house.

    Have a great Monday everyone!
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  9. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning everyone!

    bethin, it is surprising how much stuff you do have. I was amazed by how many boxes I had to fill when I moved.

    Had the weirdest dream--I had a headache and took a bunch of aspirin. Then was afraid I'd OD'd and tried to induce vomiting. I actually woke up feeling nauseous! It's rare for me to remember dreams, yet I've had a bunch like this recently (maybe stress?).

    Hope tonight is better. Anyway, no morning classes today so I get to start the morning nice and slow.:spin:
  10. by   suzy253
    Morning all! Thanks for starting the thread Grace!

    Bethin--ugh..I hate packing and moving. Do you like your new place?

    Mary--your tales sound so much like my hospital. So when you sleep at 3 or 4 pm, how long do you sleep for?

    NurseBaby--did the same to me last week, floated me to a different floor. The other RN's certainly could have absorbed the few patients that I had....then they gave me two admissions. I think my name has now floated back up to the top of the float list as they were pulling nurses from my unit all week to float to orthopaedics.

    Off today--just have to pick up a few groceries; go to work tomorrow and am having some major dental work on Thursday. Not looking forward to that.

    Congrats to the Boston Red Sox for winning the AL pennant! Now off to the World Series.
  11. by   suzy253
    Hiya Joe--kinda snuck in there on me. Hope you have a great day.
  12. by   nursemary9
    [quote=suzy253;2458631]Morning all!

    Mary--your tales sound so much like my hospital. So when you sleep at 3 or 4 pm, how long do you sleep for?

    I sleep from about 4 PM to 9:30PM. Then I'm at work by 2300.

    I only work 8 hr shifts---2300--0730.
    That's plenty long for this old lady!!
    We have options here--either 12 hr shifts or 8 hr. We can work either
    72 hr or 80 hr & both are considered full time.
    It's convenient, but that's why our assignments can get so screwed up.
    Have a nice day off.
  13. by   Sabby_NC
    Gooooooood Morning to every one..

    Hmmmmm slept in a little this morning but with hubby getting up early to study kinda had me awake.. LOL...

    Does not matter today is mine mine all mine bwwhahahahaha.

    Plan to get my van cleaned at the car wash and sorted out with my supplies so it is better organized. I do not carry too much stuff as it tends to get out of control.

    Have some letters to write to Aussieland and NZ. So shall get those done.

    Have to get moving on the diaries I am writing for each family member of Mike ( Hubby's brother ) who died in our home. He had terminal cancer and I was his nurse for only 1 short month.

    I journalled every day and he shared so much with me that I want to share with the family. Lots of fun, laughter and tears while he was with us. I am including some photos in their journal as well as the poem Hubby wrote when Mike died and a song that his nephew wrote and sang at his funeral.

    Hubby has a large family 7 siblings and his Mumma so I had better get going. I am going to have them all nicely wrapped and will have them given at Christmas time.

    Wow where did all that come from... Talk about being side tracked.

    Hope you all have a blissful day snoozing, or working.

    I wonder how Cse's sister's puddy tat is doing?

    Take care one and all.

    Off to harass the hubby before he heads off to school. He starts clinicals next Monday Yippeeeeee he is soooo excited to start the real 'guts' of the course LOL His words not mine

  14. by   CseMgr1
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    I wonder how Cse's sister's puddy tat is doing?
    She is stopping by the Vet's office on her way into work this morning, to find out.

    They were supposed to call my sister Saturday afternoon and give her an update on "Fuzzie's" condition, but never did...and she is PO'D, to say the least. :angryfire And I don't blame her.

    Just like everything else these days: people making promises and not keeping them.

    Thanks for asking, Sabby. I'd kind of like to know how she is, myself.