Monday 12th December, 2005

  1. greetings everyone! it's monday! :kiss c'mon, out of those beds and move it!
    am thinking of leslie and siri {{{hugs}}} have you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.
    and, because i'm such a slow typist...........
    g'day to everyone else and wishing you all a great week! sorry i'm unable to address each one of you individually. but please know, i do think of you individually, especially as i read your posts!
    we've gone from having bushfire hot weather, to rain and wind and cold cold cold! weird!
    time to cook the evening meal!
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  3. by   dianah
    G'day Grace! Stay warm!

    I hope everyone's day is better in some way than yesterday.

    Mon. nite Dh and I go to his work's Christmas dinner at a nearby restaurant.

    Wed. nite is the school's Christmas program, and oldest ds will sing in the choir.

    After that I think we're done for all the Christmas activities and I can see about preparing for the day itself. Most of our family presents have already happened, in one way or another. I'll probably just do stockings for the kids. The niece and nephews get something, too, as well as my family.

    But I'll think about that tomorrow. Have a good one.
  4. by   live4today
    hi grace! hi diana! hello all to come...until i return to this part of my world!

    i was just about to sign off for the night (that one is for you grace) :d and caught grace's thread. i knew she would sneak one in on us again. grace, what on earth will we do with you? :kiss hope your evening is going well. my night is about to begin. it's fifteen minutes prior to midnight in my neck of the woods. all the house is sleep except me. my eyelids are heavy...sleep cometh soon...everyone have a great whatever you wanna call it.

    before i go....hope everyone with kids gets a chance to go see the movie about the couple with 18 kids! glad my tubes are tied!!! and don't plan on marrying anyone with itty bitty ones, either. great and funny movie though. even the two year old loved it! she kept shushing us if we talked above a whisper telling us to be quiet. the four kids were very well behaved. better than the other peeps in the theatre. okay....time for my sweet sleep to come. morning comes quick around this house. the grandkiddies will be up at seven raring to go full speed ahead. that gives me seven hours of peace 'til then, so out of here. see ya in the real morning.
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  5. by   LeahJet
    [font=courier new]good morning everyone!
    [font=courier new]it's after midnight now so it's offically monday here.....3 more days off....ahhhhh. gonna get the rest of my christmas shopping done.
    [font=courier new]my 4 month old, ana, is going to make her theatrical debute next sunday in the christmas play. does anyone have any ideas on how to make some angel wings/halo? they are kinda expensive to buy.
    [font=courier new]hey cheerful..... from some of your other posts, i see that you are in/around indy. i used to live/work there....methodist. i also see where it is in the teens and kinda snowy. i am back in mississippi and it was in the 50's and sunny...gotta luv da south!
    [font=courier new]anyway...hope everyone has a great day!!!!
  6. by   suebird3
    all i can say is "bah humbug!" right now. blah, blah, blah! phoeey! and more in that line.

  7. by   mercyteapot
    The finale of Survivor was a disappointment. The two strongest players made miscalculations last week and this that cost one of them the game. I made 200 buckeyes today and finished decorating. After I spent the last couple days finishing up shopping for my Mom, my sister sends an email and says do I want to go in with her on a set of bookshelves. *SIGH* I would have much rather done that, had I known. Four more days of work, and then a two week break. Can't wait!
  8. by   bethin
    Hello Grace! Nice to see you back!

    I had one he!! of a weekend. Walked in Sat. morning with 15 pts all to myself. Gee, I felt so special! Stress all day long. Nurses refused to help saying that they don't have time to do my job and theirs. I got that response after asking if a nurse would help me with a bed change, bath was already done. Supper comes at 1700 and vitals are supposed to be in at 1600. I was doing vitals and suppers at the same time. Sun. was better only because I told the nursing supervisor if I was ever left alone with that many patients and that many completes, I would walk out the door. She must have listened, because she called in extra help. People listen to me afterall! Sorry about the vent.

    Looking forward to next semester. I'm taking intermediate algebra, microbiology, and life span development. Micro sounds really interesting.

    I saw my best friend today. I wanted to cry with her but I was at work (she used to work there). Her husband is in Kuwait but they have to convoy into Baghdad. That's the scary part. She's happy and smiling and crying the next. Now, I'm going to cry. She's my bestest friend and I feel everything she feels.

    Today, my mom and I are inviting my cousins over to make Christmas cookies. They're 4 and 2 and while we're doing that my grandma is taking their mom out. I really need to get to a scrapbook store and buy some supplies. I have alot of cards to make and it's only 2 weeks until Christmas

    Grace, what exactly does cold mean in your area? Are we talking 40 degrees? If I had that now I'd be in shorts and flip flops.

    You all are probably sick of hearing about my nieces, but please keep Emma in your thoughts and prayers. They don't know what's wrong with her. I pray it's nothing serious. It's weird, last week we were laughing together and now I hear she isn't smiling or crying. My brother holds her all the time and she lays her head on his shoulders. I love Emma and Kennedy equally, but Emma and I are soooo much alike. So if she's not feeling well it makes me very sad.

    Leah, Grace, Renee and everyone else I missed have a great day!
  9. by   bethin
    sue, what's wrong? are you over stressed about christmas?
  10. by   suebird3
    beth...all i can say is "too much cheer in too little of time" can do it; where are the families of ltc'ers the rest of the year?????

  11. by   bethin
    Quote from suebird3
    beth...all i can say is "too much cheer in too little of time" can do it; where are the families of ltc'ers the rest of the year?????

    i can understand that. there are two types of families: the one's that show up during the week and bring great grandkids, cousins, etc and you know them by first name. then there's the ones that call once a year and ask how mom's doing. poor residents. thrown into a nursing home and just left there. sue, you and the other nurses and aides need to be their family.

    i worked ltc for awhile to get my nurse aid training. rarely did i ever see family members visiting. i thought maybe the families lived out of state but it turned out that most lived in town, they just never came.
  12. by   GPatty
    Good Morning! Geez! You guys sure are early birds, aren't you?
    Sue and Bethin, I know exactly what you mean about the families. I get so sick of them sometimes...and the ones who come up to you about every single resident there "so and so wants this or that..." or the ones who try to "help" the residents, taking them here and there, not realizing that we ARE watching them, but have to go and retrieve them from whatever situation the "helpful people" have put then in because of the possibility of falling or something worse... <BLECH!>
    Had to get up early and take Dennis in...his car won't start AGAIN...took yesterday off to catch up on my studying for MedSurg exam on Wednesday, and got a late payment notice for my house (nothing like a little incentive to make a person feel guilty, huh?). I did get some extra studying done tho, so that was good. Also found out that Logan was shooting army men with Jacob's BB gun in my basement, and that was bad. <SIGH> He found a corner of my office quite comfortable for a couple of hours...and the BB gun was put away. I guess it was taken to Grandma's (in the country) and never put back where I had it cause I wasn't here when they went!
    Today we have a quiz in OB/PEDS, Wednesday is MedSurg final, also we turn in Stats final that day, then I have GYN Thursday (clinical experience), Friday is Labor and Delivery, and the following Monday is OB/PEDS final and I AM DONE!!! A whole month off......YEEHAA!!!
    Then family stresses begin...Amanda comes home the 19th, Logan has surgery the 20th, Dennis Christmas gift arrives the 21st, and Logan has an appointment with ANOTHER doctor the 22nd...the kids are on break till Jan. 3rd, and Amanda leaves the I am kind of looking forward to AFTER the 3rd for MY vacation! LOL!
    Pups are doing well~ their eyes are all open now. They are so chubby and snuggly....just gotta love 'em!
    Well, I am going to nose around the boards awhile, then go get a shower before my day begins!
    Hugs to you all, and have a great day!
  13. by   Jessy_RN
    G'Morning Family ,

    I am off to grocery shop early this morning, gotta beat the mornign rush so here we go :chuckle

    Will check in later.

    Have a wonderful day til then!
  14. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    I'm up early to take the man to the airport, but otherwise don't plan on doing anything today.

    I finished my Western Civ. class, hopefully with an A, maybe an A minus (I've never been to a school with this kind of system, 90 to 93 is an A minus and goes in as 3.pointsomething, and 94 above goes in as a 4.0). Anyway, the point being is no school until the new year!!!! This will be a nice break. After three five week classed back to back without a break, 8 semester hours, I need it.