Moderated Chat Discussions

  1. Anyone interested in having or participating in a Moderated chat room and having any particular topics with a guest speaker..please let me know and we will arrange it!
    The current chat room is called #Allnurses and will remain as a basic unwind and have fun chatting. We are planning to add another room to be a hosted forum. ANYONE that would like to put together any particular discussion or lecture type and be able to answer questions from the users is what we are looking for. To kick off this we need your imput!! Please contact and specify what you would like to see as a once a week or once a month topic with a theme. We can promote this quite easily and try to come up with a date and time that can suit most of you.
    Examples that we can attempt to host:
    Traveling nurses
    ER Nurses
    Stress Management
    As you can see we can find the right people to host the 90 minute or even 60 minute forums and that person just might be you!!!
    Ideas are needed and with the endless possibilities we can really have some great topics.
    We will always keep the regular chat room and just offer an additional room to choose!
    I have noticed last night a couple people pushing their products and violating the chat rooms policy on solicitation. The chat room was designed to bring relaxation, information and general fun online. Please let us know if someone is trying to sell or advertise products. They will be promptly kicked out of the room. Anyone that wants to sell a product can make arrangements with the advertising section of
    CajNet respects Allnurses.Com and its users to not allow unsolicitated advertising.
    Please send me your ideas, suggestions and especially anyone interested in hosting a forum!!
    Who knows we might be able to get a sponsor to toss in a free t-shirt or something!
    Best wishes to all and have a great summer