Mmmmm! Smells good!

  1. Has anyone noticed that toast smells much better in a hospital than at home? Why is this? I get a whiff of it at work and start craving it ... then I get home all excited to have some fresh toast and it's never as good. *sigh*

    Probably proof that I have way too much time on my hands...
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  3. by   Tookie
    Try nuying pumpkin bread - that smells great coming out of the toaster - Love pumpkin bread - not that fussed on the vegetable on its own though
    Love toast just had some with marmaladde
    Must get off this board and go to work --- drat it
  4. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    ya know I never really thought about how much toast does smell better at work than at home but now that you mention I think you're right, but then again it miiiiiight be that by the time we do get home from working hard we're so dang tired that any food just is filling by this point, just a thought.
  5. by   cactus wren
    Nah,,,toast is better at thing why does microwave popcorn at work smell and tastes so much better than at home??
  6. by   cindyln
    anything smells better when you don't have to cook it yourself
    Yup. Toast and fresh coffe always smell better at work. And when I'm in a patient's room on my weekend, and they're watching some really old, but awesome movie, and I always say "nothing good like this is ever on when I'm off."

    It's not proof that you've got too much time on your hands, it's proof that we'd rather be home eating toast, drinking coffee, and watching old movies on TV.

  8. by   RN-PA
    I've also noticed when I'm making toast for a patient, everyone within whiffing distance says, "Mmmmmmmm-- That smells SOOOOO good!" It's sort of a comforting, calming, home-y smell that is so often in stark contrast with the chaotic, stress surrounding us. Hmmmmm...... Aromatherapy for nurses...... Pipe in toast aromas to keep everybody on even keels!

    On another note, a smell I don't enjoy at work is when coworkers make microwave popcorn. I like the popcorn, but the unpleasant odors that sometimes come from the microwave while it's popping-- whether at home or at work-- make me wonder what's in the popcorn flavorings. And at work, I feel sorry for patients who are NPO and can't partake, but the entire unit is permeated with popcorn aroma.
  9. by   tiger
    oh man johnny- everything smells/sounds better at work to me. i am not a person who ever eats breakfast at home. but at work, i want to eat breakfast. i don't drink coffee at home but at work i gotta have at least two cups. i would never consider eating candy, cookies, or really any sweets at home--never crave them and don't keep them at home(except ice cream for hubby). but sometimes at work i do, ya know when someone brings them in and places them in the break room. it's weird!
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    really? nothing smells good at work to me. It's the hospital smell, I guess. and the smell of microwave popcorn grosses me out, either place.
  11. by   frannybee
    I have one colleague who *always* raids the breakfast trolley before handover - she can't function in the mornings until she's had toast. Many a person has suggested she has breakfast before coming in but she swears it's just not the same. My quirk is liking the tea that's left in the pot at the end of the drinks know, the too-strong, just warm tea. Put plenty of milk and sugar in and it's nectar.
  12. by   adrienurse
    Peanut butter smells even better