MLB Strike..

  1. The Aug. 30 strike date, the Friday of Labor Day weekend, means that if players walk out and the season is not completed, they would lose 16.9 percent of their base salaries. Texas shortstop Alex Rodriguez stands to lose the most, $3,557,377.05 of his $21 million salary this year. A player at the $200,000 minimum would lose $33,879.78.

    I say let them go, the further the better. What do these idiots really do to better the lot of the human race. Most of them are egotistical, overpaid, undertalented morons. If my average at doing a good job was .300 you can bet I would not have a job much longer. I gave up on pro sports a long time ago, and I sure hope this strike happens and many more tell the owners and players they just don't matter. I am tired of multi-million dollar salaries that you and I pay for, I am tired of taxes to build a new stadium, or else the team leaves, good let them leave. I understand Cuba has a very strong baseball culture!

    There is something fundamentaly wrong in the scheme of things when these buttwipes can command the salaries that they do, and get them. And we, the people who take care of the sick, the dying, providing comfort to the bereaved, can barely make enough to pay bills and raise a family. If this isn't a wake up call for a national union, then nothing is.

    So, contact your local pro team, ask them to please go on strike. You are tired of their whining, their outragous saleries, and the demands of the owners wanting new stadiums built at taxpayer expense.

    Get you husbands away from the tube, tell him any more sports means no more luvin'. Let's hit em where it counts. No money coming in means they will have to learn they are just people after all. And they are no more important in the big picture than the guy on the corner with the "will work for food sign".


    and not a single profane word...boy, was that hard!
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    MLB - that stands for maximum lightweight boxing, right? Since when did boxers start boxing in baseball stadiums? I'm confused.
  4. by   Jonty45
    I won't earn $21million in 10 lifetimes... let the sucker bleed...
  5. by   kaycee
    I actually love baseball. Especially watching my son play or minor league ball. I'm so sick of pro athletes and their greed that I could care less if they go on strike. I totally agree with Bob.
    It's so damn expensive to go to a game it's ridiculous.
    We have a beautiful new ball park and a pro baseball team that SUCKS.
    They actually had the balls to raise ticket prices after a totally loosing season last year. Food and drink are too expensive and they don't want you to bring anything in.
    Go ahead and strike, I won't lose any sleep over it.
  6. by   OC_An Khe
    But remember that they get all that power and money because years ago theyweren't afraid to strike for what then was just cause. Nurses need to learn from that. The baseball union is now the most powerful and united union in the nation.