1. does anyone else suffer from migraines? i am sure there are a lot of sufferers out there. if you don't mind, could you please pass on your inside secrets on how to survive?

    currently, the meds i am on are:
    topamax (preventive)
    phenergan (nausea)
    percocet (pain)

    the reason i am asking is ... i have a killer of a migraine right now, & i am at work. i also have an interview in about 1.5 hours, so i can't take anything stronger than a tylenol. what really s*cks is that i work in a brightly lit & loud exercise facility! i just want to run home, crawl into bed & put my head underneath my pillow. i took the imitrex, but it is not working at all.

    if y'all have any other inside little secrets you could pass on i would greatly appreciate it, please?

    thank you!
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    Hey moni! Sorry your head is in a vice right now (we both know that's how it feels).

    I get ha's often, but only once every few months do they turn into full blown migraines. I don't take any prescribed meds for it. I usually just take a Motrin/Tylenol/caffiene cocktail, and run to my room where the curtain are dark and let NO light in. I turn the ceiling fan on high and shut the world out for a few hours.

    It's very difficult to function at work with these. I only work part time, so I've been lucky due only to timing. I have started to get one while at work (imagine that!), but I keep a stock of meds in my locker. And I'll tone down some of the lights in the station. But an exercise facility? I hope you can get out of there soon!

    Because I myself am injured and can't run fetch my drug book... what is Topamax?

    BTW - if you've taken Percocet recently, don't take Tylenol. The Percocet already has Tylenol (acetominophen) in it. Is the Phenergan for migraine associated nausea?

    Oh well Moni - I hope you feel better soon. I know they are absolutely terrible to live with.

  4. by   mc40421
    I've suffered from migraines for over 25 years and have tried so many things that at times I've felt like a guinea pig for the docs. I finally found a terrific neurologist who has me on a daily dose of Inderal LA 80mg to help prevent them and when I do get one I have my Imitrex injections, which don't always seem to help. Most of the time as soon as I feel any sort of headache coming on I take 2 Ibuprofen tabs with a strong cup of tea. If that doesn't help I try to go somewhere dark and quiet and take a nap. I'm always on the look-out for new ideas and have even tried lavender scented products with some relief obtained.
    I used to get migraines that lasted for 3 days at a time and the pain and nausea were so bad I felt like pounding my head against the wall. Unfortunately, both of my daughters seem to be following in my footsteps. But I've noticed that I can sort of predict when I might be on the verge of getting one. Mine seem to be hormone related and by keeping a headache diary for almost a year I was able to see a pattern evolve, so now I know when to be on the alert for one. When that time comes around I make sure I eat and sleep right and avoid as much stress as I can. Another time that I found I was prone to get a migraine was when I had the day off from work. The doc seemed to think that because of the high amount of stress I was under at work that my body felt a sense of "letdown" on my days off and reacted by causing a migraine.
    Quite honestly, I could write so much more about the things I've learned but each person is an individual and you really just have to get to know your body. It was a nuisance keeping the headache diary but if you take the time to do it you may notice a pattern. I wish you lots of luck!
  5. by   Ortho_RN
    My doctor also recently placed me on Inderal LA to help with the Migraines.... And she also gave me Midrin, which is basically a really strong Tylenol.... I think the Inderal helps ALOT, I was getting them every couple weeks, now I might get them once a month or once every 2 months... Plus if your have High Blood Pressure then Inderal also works for that...

    Hope you feel better... I completely understand the pain....
    Originally posted by nurs2b
    And she also gave me Midrin, which is basically a really strong Tylenol....
    Is that the one that you keep taking at certain intervals until the headache is gone?

  7. by   Ortho_RN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER

    Is that the one that you keep taking at certain intervals until the headache is gone?

    Yeah... It says to start out with 2 tablets when you feel the headache start, then you can take 1 tablet (capsule) every hour, just not exceding 5 capsules in a 12hour period..
    nurs2b - is there a limit to how often you can take those 5 pills? Like, for instance, in a week's time?

    I had a patient when I worked inpatient drug rehab that took that for migraines. Seems to me she could only do the series twice weekly. I don't know if that was due to her rehab status or if it's like that for everyone.

    Anyways, we haven't heard from you moni. I hope you're in a cool dark room somewhere

  9. by   Ortho_RN

    The dr. never told me anything like that... Hmm.. makes me want to check into it though
    Well, I hobbled over to my drug book to look it up, and I can't find anything where it says it's use should be limited like that. Perhaps it was just because she was an alcoholic with some liver involvement, and we were limiting her exposure to acetominophen.

    But thanks for tweaking my brain today! See, we never quit reasearching and learning

  11. by   Robin61970
    My migranes are more stress related than anything and when they get bad the Doctor puts me on Atenolol for prevention and then I take Maxalt when they really hit......after taking a sinus/excedrin cocktail to see if it works cause those Maxalt are expensive......I then take a bath with a cool cloth and usually end up sleeping in the bathroom on the floor because it is the darkest quietest room in the house and with the fan on you can't hear anything...........
  12. by   fab4fan
    OBNURSEHEATHER: One of the main reasons that there is a limitation on takin Midrin is that if taken too frequently it can cause "rebound" migraines; the same is true for most migraine pain meds, but the rebound from some is worse than others.
  13. by   moni rn
    thank you so much for all of your replies! i ended up just struggling through the day yesterday (btw, i got the job!). i got home last night & took my percocet & phenergan. i still have a headache this morning, but it is not as bad (no nausea, no photophobia).

    i have tried inderal, but it didn't work out for me. all it did was severely lower my bp & cause me to gain weight. next, we tried neurontin (anti-seizure med that has shown to work on migraines) & pamelor, & it seemed to control the frequency. what killed me were the side effects! i gained weight & forgot how to sign my name! yes, neurontin can cause side effects like that. scared the living dayligts out of me! finally, after crying to my neurologist, he tried me on topamax (i believe another type of anti-seizure med). it has worked wonders. i have gone from getting about 2 migraines per week to maybe 2 per month, & i have not had any other side effects. my neuro is even considering upping the dosage to see if we can reduce the # even more.

    about the headache diary, i kept one for about 7 months. i definitely get a menstrual migraine, but other than that no other patterns. i think it has something to do with my dead-end job. i absolutely hate it. my migraines really became regular a few months after i started my job. that is why i am so excited that i will be starting a new job soon.

    again, thank you so much for everyone's replies & concern! :kiss
  14. by   Ortho_RN
    So what kind of job did you get Moni??