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  1. Question for all my fellow migraine sufferers out there...I finally got diagnosed that the skull-cracking, nausea-creating, mind-blowing h/a's I was having were migraines about 6 mos. ago. My doc prescribed Fioricet. Now, granted, I love the stuff, but rarely take it except at bedtime b/c it makes me so darned DROWSY. I took a dose like 1 hour ago (I was desperate...), and the migraine is long gone, but man....I swear I can see two of everything.

    I've heard imitrex makes you feel like your chest is going to explode, and lots of folks tell me zomig doesn't do s**t. What do y'all take, if anything? Why? What side effects do you notice? Input welcomed, please.
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  3. by   moonchild20002000
    Hey KDAY,

    My daughter takes amerge for her migraines. You will just have to try different meds. Good luck !
  4. by   cmggriff
    I am one of the lucky ones for whom ibuprofen cures almost all ills.
    However, I have found an acupressure point regimen that also work great with no drugs. There is a book titled "Accupressure's Potent Points". I don't remember the author. It has many accupressure points you can manipulate with finger and thumb pressure. I have used these on myself, my family, other nurses and patients. I think it is great and so has everyone I have introduced to it. Gary
  5. by   JennieBSN

    REALLY??!!?? I am under the care of a psychologist training me to do self-hypnosis, but usually have little to no success in using it for migraines when I'm not in her office as I'm not able to relax enough to get myself under. The accupressure might be just the trick to get me relaxed enough to put myself under, you think?

    Can I buy it online?

    Thanks for the tip!

    What's amerge? Narcotic at all? I'm looking for something I can take and still function. Can't do that while under the influence of fioricet.
  6. by   cmggriff
    Go to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble on line Baby! Tell'em GG sent ya. Worked for me. Gary
  7. by   delirium
    I've been suffering from migraines since I was a young teenager. I've tried several different meds, and I'm on something now that's working for me. I take Propanolol every day as a preventive measure (because its a beta blocker, it seems to prevent migraines), and I have imitrex pills and injections for acute attacks. I've never had any chest pain with Imitrex, although I do remember my doctor saying it is contraindicated for anyone with a cardiac history.
    I have a friend who 'cured' her migraines with biofeedback.
  8. by   Jenny P
    Kday, I'm one of those unlucky people who is allergic to ASA and the NSAID's, and I'm way too sensitive to any narcotics, etc.(1 Tyl. #3 knocks me totally out!)
    I don't get migraines often (maybe 4-7 times a year), so I use biofeeadback, plus the acupressure points near the base of my thumb, and either essential lavender oil or essential peppermint oil as aromatherapy. You need the really expensive stuff (costs about $8.00/.25 oz) for it to work. I try to nip it in the bud by decreasing stimuli (I need to be where it's dark and quiet and away from odors), using ice packs, biofeedback, etc. And sometimes nothing works so I have to use the T#3s. And sometimes they don't help either. I've been hesitant to try some of the newer meds because of having too many drug allergies already.
    I found that I also get "visual migraines" where I see halos or double at times, but these haven't been painful (so far) and if I can be relaxed and quiet with my aromatherapy, biofeedback and acupressure, they will improve or go away.
    I do know I'm more prone to migraines of either type when I'm totally stressed out, eating the wrong types of food, and not getting enough sleep; so maybe a headache diary will help you see if you have some things that seem to trigger yours.
  9. by   PhantomRN
    I take Imitrex for my migraines. As soon as I start to feel one come on I pop a 50 mg pill and 10-15 minutes later the pain is totally gone. I dont get chest pain with them, but I do get nausea, that will last a hour or so. However, I tend to get a couple migraines a month so the trade off is worth it to me.
  10. by   moonchild20002000
    K DAY,

    Amerge is the same type med as Imitrex,Zomig. Its not a narcotic. My daughter usually goes to sleep for a few hours when she takes it,wakes up headache free! It has been a good choice for her.
  11. by   travelingtweety
    I've had migraines for about 25 years and was nearly disabled by them. I was on the original studies for Imitrex (among several other drugs). Yes sometimes there is chest pain, but I think it's much worse with the injectable than with the pill form. I usually take a "cocktail" of Imitrex and 800mg Ibuprofen. This almost always zaps my migraines within an hour. I do sometimes feel tired afterwards, but not like narcotics make me feel. Just kind of worn out. I really believe Imitrex gave me back my quality of life. Most important advice, go see a good neurologist. They are the headache specialists and most will work with you to get something that works for you.
    Good luck,
  12. by   galenight
    First, sorry you have migraines.. I would wish them on no one (except that cranky idiot doctor...lol). Anyway.... I have tried many many things. I personally am not helped by Imitrex, not only does it not help the pain, but it makes me unable to concentrate. I always take at least 600 Motrin and then I take 60 mg Toradol IM. The Toradol is the only thing that has worked consistently for me. Another drug that did do some marginal good for me was Migranol. It is a nasal spray. Has a nasty aftertaste, and nausea, but did decrease the severity. Other things that are often recommended are the antidepressants combined with the beta blockers for preventative. I've also tried zomig, vistaril IM, Imitrex sq, and more... just can't think of them. I started my process for finding help with my family doctor. After that I saw a neurologist and finally went to the Diamond Headache Clinic (500 miles away from me) in Chicago. They are the ones who initially prescribed me the Toradol. Also make sure you get all the screenings done to rule out other, more sinister, problems. I had a CT, MRI, hormone levels, thyroid, and a myriad of other tests done over the years.

    Giving myself shots isn't a lot of fun, but at least I can function without drowsiness, nausea or any other side effect.

    I wish you luck!

  13. by   JillR
    I am sorry that you must suffer with thesee excruciating nasty HA's. I too suffer from migraines. I take maxalt (same class as imitrex and zomig). Imitrex and zomig never worked for me. Maxalt works many of the times if I take ibuprofen with it. If not then it is down to percoset. I feel that if I am going to out of commission for a few hours, better to be out of commission and asleep from the meds then up puking and crying because I feel like (and wish that) my head will explode. My neurologist made that point to me, he stated that it may be too much to expect to just live life as usual with the migraine and if controlling the pain is what I can get then it's better than suffering, I agree with him.

    I have found that migraines and migraine treatments vary from person to person, what works for me, might not be appropriate for you. I have been through many preventative meds, beta-blockers, ca channel blockers, amitryptline, depakote, they either don't work or the side effects are unacceptable (resting HR of 130 with the amitryptline, weight gain of 20 lbs in two months with depakote).

    I have never had any side effects from the triptans such as imitrex, zomig or maxalt and they are fairly effective with most people. They are contraindicated with people who have a pre-existing cardiac condition. I suspect the chest pains usually happens with people who have undiagnosed cardiac problems, but that is just my theory. The amityptline worked better for me than any other preventative med, but who can walk around with a resting heart rate of 130 for any length of time an not expect some kind of damage?

    Keep trying to find what works for you, I don't believe it can be cut and dry. We are all individuals and should be treated as such. Good luck.
  14. by   Reabock
    I, too, have had what are now known as migraines since I was about 13. Just turned 49, so that's a lot of headaches
    What helps is staying away from trigger foods, though I still push it with chocolate but what would life be without it! And I now take Caffergot for the really bad ones and Excedrin almost daily for the start of one, can't take a lot of the excedrin at a time or I end up with tachycardia and palpitations, so sometimes it's a fine line what and how much I take. Also take 600- 800 of Ibuprofen with the Caffergot. Joanne in HOT, humid PA