Might have been mentioned before...

  1. Has anyone brought up the idea of holding an Allnurses national convention? You know, a chance to meet these screennames outside of the glow of the monitor? It could even have a couple of CE-qualified lectures just to make it worthwhile.

    ... and a bar, of course.

    Maybe in Vegas?

    Just wondering if this has ever been discussed.
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  3. by   PennyLane
    I'd be interested!~
  4. by   Lausana
    Yup, we had a poll posted a while back and Vegas in Fall '03 won, don't know if it will happen though? Let's see if this will work...

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  5. by   Stargazer
    I'M going to Vegas this fall, hope the rest of you join me!

    {Ve-gas, Ve-gas, Ve-gas...)
  6. by   Lausana
    Speaking of Vegas...should we warn her we're all crashing at her place?!
  7. by   kids
    Originally posted by Lausana
    Speaking of Vegas...should we warn her we're all crashing at her place?!
    First dibs on the sofa!
  8. by   Stargazer
    I'll be in my palatial suite at the Bellagio or the Venetian.

    Y'all can come over and use the hot tub.
  9. by   Lausana
    Most likely I'll be in all-pleather, am I still allowed to come over? :uhoh21: :wink2:
  10. by   Stargazer
    Of course! All-pleather is perfectly appropriate for Vegas. However, you'll have to remove it before getting in the hot tub. Cooked pleather does NOT smell good.
    Some of our favorite allnurses men, heading for the allnurses convention.....

  12. by   Stargazer
    Are those the guys that will meet us at the airport to ask for donations?
  13. by   lisamct
    Hey, the Scottish element ( and I think I am the whole Scottish element!) will be in Vegas in September. I'll bring the shortbread and the whisky if someone else buys the yards of tequila!!

  14. by   spineCNOR
    Will one of the hotels be offering us special rates?