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  1. I am trying to take Microbiology this summer. I have gone through all the websites that have been listed (they are wonderful) and did not find anything for Microbiology. Do you know if any website that I can get started on and try to get ahead before summer?
    Also, what would you recommend that I try to focus on first? I appreciate any help :O)
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  3. by   Q.
    I asked some of the researchers I work with and most of their sources are on the molecular side of microbiology. One of them is going to ask her husband, also a microbiologist and professor, on what site he would recommend for what you're looking for.

    Give me 24 hours.
  4. by   kavi
    Here are two sites that I found interesting:

    This one is from Amer. Soc.for Microbiology

    The other one is very basic, for kids, but I think it's fun!
    I found it when I was looking for a place to start, and ended up keeping it in Favorites.

    Good luck!
  5. by   tabbeycatt
    I'm thinking of taking microbiology over the summer as well. I have a question for those of you who have taken it already. Do you think I need chemistry as a basis before I take it? My school is offering 2 different micro classes. In one- you have to have chem as a pre-req but in the other you don't. The latter is a "new class" starting up next year that is suppose to be geared just for the allied health professions. My A&P teacher strongly encouraged chemistry before micro. But I was HOPING I could get by without the chem class. (fingers crossed)

    Didn't mean to stray off the topic. I'm interested in any websites you guys can offer, too.
  6. by   kavi
    I'm doing Micro right now.
    I think your decision would depend on your background. You definitely need to know the symbols from the periodic table of elements. And basic chemistry concepts--atomic structure, bonding, reactions, etc.

    In my Microbiology book, from just about the very beginning refers to Hydrogen as "H", Sodium as "Na", etc.
    I would have been totally lost had I not taken a basic Chemistry course first.

    Good luck!