Meteorite touches down in NZ home

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    saturday, june 12, 2004. 7:46pm (aest) rare specimen: the unusual method of arrival adds to the value of the meteor. (abc tv)

    meteorite touches down in nz home

    a meteorite has crashed through the roof of a house in auckland, new zealand, much to the surprise of the home's owners.

    scientists were sceptical about the report but have now confirmed the 1.3 kilogram rock has fallen from space.

    it is only the ninth meteor to land in new zealand.

    its rarity makes it valuable to collectors as well as scientists.

    joel schiff, from auckland university, says the circumstances of the meteor's discovery also add to its value.

    "falling through a roof is really an exceptional event that rarely happens, and this is a beautiful large specimen," he said.

    scientists plan to analyse the chemical composition of the meteorite to find out more about where it came from.

    reminds me of the story of the couple whose house was hit by this noxious lump of smelly goo. fearful of an alien attack they contacted the local authorities who took samples and tested it. it appeared to be the contents of an airline toilet that had leaked and frozen accumulating into a large icy mass before crashing to earth on this poor couples home. but the local newpaper had the best headline when it reported

    "local house hit by icy bm"
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