messing with time

  1. Does anyone in your house set the clocks ahead by five minutes or more so they can get places "on time?"

    If you do it .. can you tell me "how this really helps?"

    My spouse sets the bedroom clock ( with the alarm) ahead ten minutes.. my daughter has her clock ahead by fifteen minutes, and me I am an this "on time" kinda woman constantly recalculating my view of time ..

    lets see... in my bedroom the alarm goes off and it is 5:20
    No that would actually be 5:10am

    Then I go to Kara's room at 5:55 (by her clock) but it is actaully 5:40

    I shake my head, clip my watch on and run down the stairs to look at the digital cable box on the TV for my reality check
    ( Imagine how they could mess with your mind if those cable boxes were off by forty minutes? ;-)

    I am reading a book by James Geick titled "Faster" he is exposing the revolutoin of our techno age, the way we view time, and the impact this "time pressure" has on our world..

    he makes a statment " A person with two watches never knows the correct time"

    I say, "Live in a house with "Clock crazies" and one will constantly be guessing the Real time"

    Oh yeah the clocks in the car are "Set ahead" (I think by about ten minutes)

    If you do it......How many minutes ahead do you set yours? Is the entire house on accelerated time?

    Does it really help?

    Joy and Smiles *Darla**
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Only clock set ahead is one in the LR next to TV so youngest has 5 min to dash to school bus as slow starter in AM...only drove 1 x to school this year!
  4. by   kids
    I am habitually 5 minutes late (yes, I know its rude). My problem is an ADHD thing and the inability to feel/judge the passage of time...I can look at a clock, see that I have to leave in 20 minutes, a 'few minutes' later I look again and I am 10 minutes late.

    I have tried every method suggested by the ADHD 'experts' to not be late including setting the clocks ahead...did me no good, when I looked at the clock I knew it was fast and I always had an 'extra' 10 minutes.

  5. by   KKERRN
    My son has ADD and had a problem being late all the time. We refuse to let his ADD become an excuse for his behaviors. (mild-moderately ADD)We were able to solve this problem by giving him a watch with an alarm. After about a week he developed a habit of setting it himself for he could be on time. He is seldom late anymore for anything. Just thought maybe this could help you!
    I like to be on time for everything too. My clocks aren't changed. My husband keeps his about 5 min fast!!
    The clock in my bedroom is set about 15-20 minutes fast. It was done in an effort to help me not oversleep. Ya know, in case I got a little too happy on the snooze button, I would still come out OK.

    Unfortunately, I KNOW it's fast. So there I am, at 4:30 in the morning, in the dark, sleepy eyes and bad breath, doing my math. And after I have it all figured out that I have somewhere between 6 and 11 more minutes, I'm fully awake.

  7. by   CEN35
    nope! never set it ahead makes no sense? my watch was always set to the same time (within 30-40 seconds) of the hospital time clock. this way i knew exactly how much time i had to get to work, no messin around, no math, no guessing!

    besides? personally, outside of work i could care less what time it is we all go to work, and try to be on time! we look at the clock, and mark the time when we do our charting the whole shift. then we punch out at a certain time!
    so when i am not at work, who cares what time it is? actually, maybe time was discovered for employers initially? lmao!

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  8. by   ClariceS
    My husband keeps "his" clocks 20 minutes ahead. One of them runs a little fast and I reset it to his 20 minutes ahead thing only to have him react by saying he knew that one was 25 minutes ahead and now he was behind. When we actually have kids, I have little hope of them actually being able to tell time because of "daddy's time" and "mommy's time". I keep my clocks on actual time, I go by a Greenwich Mean time that I found online and set my clocks by that.
    My husband is always punctual anyway and this doesn't make him "more" punctual. His excuse is that he likes to have them set that way.
    I don't understand.
  9. by   LTC-LPN
    ...has all the clocks set at the *correct* time. No problems there.
    We do however have a sister in law, always late (by a lot) that we always tell to come an hour early so she arrives while the event is still taking place.

    Jane Ann

    P.S. My college age daughter has a very mild learning disorder and she puts post it notes everywhere to cue herself to remember things. She will even put them on the clock.
  10. by   canoehead
    I keep it on the correct time and plan on getting there 15min early to get a good seat, and to get my coffee, or to get a jump on the patients. I usually get the time back in comfort during the event, so that makes it worth my while.

    Anybody watch Oprah when Dr Phil was talking to the woman who was chronically late??
  11. by   Stargazer
    All my clocks are set between 5 - 10 mins ahead. Because it's not consistent, I can't do the "calculation" thing that Heather does anymore (I used to do it, too)! The only clock I have set correctly is my VCR clock, and I can't see that until I'm on my way out the door.

    It works for me, because I am chronically late. I actually do forget that the clocks are set ahead when I'm rushing around and it helps give my butt that little extra kick to get out the door. Your mileage may vary.
  12. by   live4today
    Hubby sets his alarmclock, the VCR clock, the clock on the table in the living room, his watch, the clock in the car, and the clock in his bathroom at different times.

    The ony clocks and watch he is not allowed to set ahead or back is the clock on the microwave, the stove, my alarm clock, and my watch.

    He's in the military -- 20 year lifer -- and he says he sets the clocks differently according to what he has to think about for work....whatever!

    Since it is only the two of us living in our home, it doesn't bother me too much. Now, if our doggie starts to bark about the time differences in our home, then we may have to set a clock for him, too. :chuckle :roll :chuckle
  13. by   eltrip
    I'm in a constant "time warp." Having had a problem with tardiness in the past, I have beenworking diligently to overcome this character flaw. I keep my bedside alarm clock set 10 minutes faster than the timeclock at work. I am blessed to have been successful in arriving on time for ALL functions, not just work.

    What puts me in a "time warp," though, is that our computer & telephone systems are faster than even the timeclock...or at least they were up until recently (in our office, we've noticed a difference in the keeping of time by the timeclock vs. our watches & car radios)...AND all of these are at least 5 minutes faster than local time!

    Yikes! This is almost as bad as living in one time zone & working in another (which I did for a while as well!)

  14. by   st4304
    I am with CEN35. I, too, have set all of my clocks to the hospital time clock. I wear a pager all of the time outside of the hospital and it too is set to hospital time.

    I really HATE being a slave to time, let alone HOSPITAL TIME! but I am.

    Maybe therapy would help. . .Naw. I don't have the TIME!