Merry Christmas, Saturday, Dec 25, 2004 (good day thread)

  1. :hatparty: I do not usually start the "good day" thread, but wish to extend my best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and yours! :Santa5: :Present1: :Reindeer: :Santa1: It IS Christmas or has been in most of the world, now....but only 9 p.m. here. Let us know what you got and what you got those you love, under that tree!!!

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  3. by   mercyteapot
    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    :hatparty: I do not usually start the "good day" thread, but wish to extend my best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and yours! :Santa5: :Present1: :Reindeer: :Santa1: It IS Christmas or has been in most of the world, now....but only 9 p.m. here. Let us know what you got and what you got those you love, under that tree!!!

    Just past 9 pm here, too. And what a festive evening it is. Dh is passed out in the recliner, and ds went to bed (wisely, knowing that I needed to get the rest of his gifts out). He opened one of his gifts tonight, an arcade controller, and was very pleased. Now I have to go out to my car and bring inthe stocking goodies that have been in my trunk all week, and wake dh up to carry the computer that's hidden in our closet into the living room. No way I can manage that myself. I may also cook a bit more to save myself doing it tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all!!!
  4. by   prmenrs
    resent1: :reindeer: :santa1: :snow:

    m e r r y c h r i s t m a s ! ! !

    today's brunch includes orange juice, coffee cake, little smokie sausages, coffee, or beverage of choice!

    hope all your christmas festivities are happy! praying that those of us that are ailing, or our relatives/friends, feel better soon. may those that have passed this year rest in the arms of the lord. wishing i could hug each and every one of you.

    be careful driving! enjoy your loved ones! don't burn the dinner! make the kids help clean up, too.

    peace and joy, my allnurses' friends!

    :ball: :santa3: :melody: :icon_bigg :icon_cool
  5. by   abundantjoy07
    merry christmas to everyone.
  6. by   leslie :-D
    Merry Christmas and a Peaceful Holiday

    Every year, as i stated, is i have an open house with buffet style foods; people drop by throughout the day.

    Breakfast is big with us after the presents are opened.
    I made muffins tonight.
    dh will do the pancakes/frenchtoast and/or omelettes.
    and i delight in my dunkin donuts' ground coffee.

    Presents for our children are ridiculously lavish and we spoil them every year.
    Each year we promise each other that they won't get half as much as they do.
    Each year ends up being a lie.

    dh and i are not exchanging gifts this year, mutually agreed upon.

    but i do not like the hustle and bustle and typically enjoy a mellow, laid back day.
    yet i do not know what tomorrow will bring as Christmas will be different this year.

    for those of you who eagerly anticipate and celebrate the holiday, i wish you a bonding and memorable day.

    for those of you who have had challenging and stressful experiences, i wish you acceptance, faith and hope.

    and no matter what the circumstances are, i wish you all peace and love no matter what form it takes.
    may we embrace the faith of what we do not (yet) know;
    the hope that keeps the fires gently simmering within the passions of our hearts;
    and the peace in knowing that there will always be a better tomorrow, whenever that may come.

    with love and appreciation to my allnurses family,

    leslie xoxo
  7. by   dianah
    Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for your thoughtful, lovely words, Leslie.
  8. by   fergus51
    Merry Christmas! It's 25 past midnight here and my coworkers and I are enjoying some candy together
  9. by   psychonurse
    It is 47 minutes after midnight and I am sitting here eating a cookie and I have been eating since I got to work. Things weren't great at my family get together tonight and I am just about ready to tell them all off...I haven't been to a family get together for 3 years and maybe this is the big reason. I think I will figure out something else to do next year....but Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New year.... :Melody: :icon_chee :Reindeer:
  10. by   Roy Fokker
    Merry Christmas to one and all!

    Please remember what this day is really about!

    All I got for Christmas this year was two kicks and a whack upside the head for bad grades :chuckle

    Here's hoping your Christmas was better May the new year bring progress for all humankind.
  11. by   nursemary9
    :snowman2: :snowman2: merry christmas! :santa5: :santa5:

    hope everyone of my allnurses family has a wonderful day today!

    what a truly amazing group of people you all are!

    i can't say often enough how much i appreciate every one of you!

    you all go on and have a lovely day and happy season!

    dh and i opened gifts last evening! we were both happy; today we will entertain family and tomorrow some friends.
    it hits me as i sit here in the middle of the night how much i have been truly blessed with.

    see you all later!

    mary ann
  12. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Good morning everybody, and Merry Christmas.....!

    DH and I had a nice Christmas Eve supper of roast pork, wild rice, roma tomatoes, little bitty croissants, red wine and blueberry pie. OK, Mr. Picky had only the pork and tomatoes and rolls, but I had it all. And I slept through the whole night (up at 4, but without interruptions, so this was very good). A good night's sleep is a gift in and of itself.

    I came straight here to see how Fran was doing. Another great Christmas gift! Thank you, Leslie! What a relief to know she is going to be OK, after receiving an email from a mutual e-friend that did not sound so good.

    We went to WalMart yesterday. I was surprised at how well mannered the crowd was. It sounds gross but I absolutely had to get my feet done. It is so dry here in the house and nothing works on my poor heels but a good soak and a scrub. The chair massage and herbal stuff in the water was quite lovely too. While there, we opted to pick up some "goodies," 3 pr of jeans for him; some undies and socks, and a pair of jeans for me. This would be our gifts to each other. What a romantic he is--he was going to pay with his own card.

    Since DH "never" gives gifts and doesn't want any, this is potentially a huge development. Next year, who knows? He might surprise me with something. It must be hard to have to have a logical reason and justification for everything--takes a lot of fun out of life....

    I did fall asleep before baking the latest loaf of oatmeal molasses bread. But not before I'd gotten really creative--the house has been feeling a little chilly and the oven won't heat low enough, so one place was too cool and the other too hot to raise the bread. Enter my brilliant idea. I straddled the loaf pan over a pot of steamy water (on the stove on low), covered the dough with plastic to keep it dry and covered the whole thing with a light dishtowel (actually an ancient diaper--the kind you actually had to fold before you could put on the kid). The whole thing was about 18 inches high.

    This morning (yes, this morning) I hop out of bed, head for the kitchen while I wait for the email to load, etc., and there's this odd tower of stuff on my stove (didn't remember yet what I had done the night before). The bottom pot--the one with the water--has this whitish stuff that looks like clouds but thicker. I'm starting to remember at this point what it is.....

    Well, the loaf looks like sourdough starter--all softish and wet and bubbly. It's supposed to be mostly firm and have a soft smooth dry-ish surface, like a baby's tushie. Well, at this point I have nothing to lose but a few cents (?) to heat the oven for an hour or so, so into the oven the loaf went. It is presently making the house smell absolutely lovely. The dogs will enjoy those clumps of simmered dough (they'll eat anything I "cook").

    The wonderful thing, even if it doesn't turn out, is that there was no mess on the stove or anything. Who says there isn't a God? (Happy Birthday to You, BTW! Thank You for the gift of this Wonderful Day!)

    I think we are going to a movie today. I've always thought that was a slightly irreverent thing to do on Christmas, but that's what his family does so, OK. I think we are going to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. I always liked that one love song--Barbara Streisand recorded it, maybe 15 years ago ("All I Ask of You," I think it is called). Then there's "Music of the Night."

    And since my children are still not speaking to me, the quandry: do I call them and wish them a happy Christmas? Or just let things lie still and (at least on the surface) relatively quiet. Ah, the joys of parenting irascible adult children. No way to win. Was I this bad? In that case, I love my mother even more for still being there for me.

    Ooops, gotta go. Bread is smelling a little too "done."

    Merry Christmas, All! It's gonna be a great day!
  13. by   gwenith
    Merry Christmas to all. Ours is nearly over

    :Snow: So here I sits as I scratches thinks, and sighs
    and listen to the sound of calories heading to my thighs

    I have eaten too much and drunk more than I should
    given out presents to both the bad and the good

    Feasted with relatives and friends long unseen
    Greeted with strangers and those in between

    I can't get up, my strength has gone I fear
    So I settle back and thank the lord it's just once a year!!!:Snow:

    Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
  14. by   Silverdragon102
    Merry Christmas everyone

    Having a nice relaxing day, just waiting for lunch to cook and then doing nothing except play with my pressies that santa delivered :icon_chee and enjoying a white christmas which I have not seen for many years here in the UK :Snow:

    Hope everyone has a great day