Merry Christmas Eve, 2007!!

  1. Well, all you Breakroom members have been busy today!

    I'm home from a long afternoon and evening trying to shop with a 6 year old. :spin: We had a nice dinner out too. But I still have to have some private shopping time tomorrow for last minute presents. I did all the stockings stuff though.

    My daughter went snowboarding today - her big present is her new snowboarding jacket ($179!!). My son (Numero Dos) is back from skiing in Bend and called us - so far I THINK there is no damage to the KIA but we will find out for sure tomorrow. Oldest son went with us today - he was a big help with the 6 year old.

    So, here I sit . . .fire going, wine poured. And I'm grateful for this place and for all of you.

    Hope your Christmas Eve is full of great things - we are having our annual Clam Chowder dinner (Manhattan and New England) and then a service at our church.

    But first . . I still have to shop.

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Hello, and happy holidays! :kiss

    Thanks for starting the thread, Steph.

    I completed my second 16-hour shift in a row a few hours ago, and I really need to shower and get some sleep. I have been working the hellish rehab unit for the past 7 months, but was able to negotiate my way to working the less stressful LTC unit all weekend, since the nurse who regularly works in that area is out of town. Despite a verbal altercation between nursing staff and a misinformed family member, I am glad to have escaped the rehab unit for the weekend. I'm looking to permanently escape it once the holidays pass us by.

    Take care, and have a merry Christmas eve!
  4. by   dianah
    i, too, finished the stocking purchases today.

    need to wrap a few gifts but that will happen tomorrow.

    i meant to bake tomorrow but we decided to go to d'land one last time to see the decorations.

    won't be getting up early, though. maybe i can wrap a few gifts tomorrow morning, before leaving.

    we had dinner tonite with our friend, the donut shop owner/thurs. nite jam sponsor!
    he had 4-v cabg a week ago wed and looks good, truly!!
    we're so glad he's doing well!
    he said the food in the hospital was awful!!! lol! (we all have our priorities! :d :d)
    he and his wife should have a thankful, merry christmas!

    gave dh his gift tonite.
    he was surprised (yes!!! score for our team!!!)!
    he'll be playing w/it for the next day or so. :d
    it was a garmin nuvi gps.
    not top-of-the-line, but i found it affordable.
    i charged it when i was out shopping today.
    i figured he'd want to use it while off tomorrow and christmas day, so thought i'd give it early so he'd have more time to play w/it.

    getting tired, see you all in the morning!

    :melody: here comes santa claus,
    here comes santa claus,
    right down santa claus lane!
    :santa2: :melody:
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  5. by   dianah
    Commuter, check off another weekend gone!
    Glad you were able to work LTC, and here's hoping you arrange that transfer!
    Have a good night's sleep.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Commuter - you really really need to find a new job. :icon_hug: I am in a quandary about a job myself.

    Dianah - I need to bake tomorrow . . .I'm in charge of desserts again too . ... not sure what to make yet.

    I have the hiccups . . very loud and deep . .. (no, not too much wine)

    My dh and son are watching "National Lampoon's Christmas" with Chevy Chase . . . . what a silly movie.:spin:

  7. by   dianah
    I want to make fudge (easy fudge, not difficult and time-consuming fudge ) and those Russian Tea Cakes cookies, and meringue cookies with chocolate chips (my mom used to make them).


    Then I want to make tea and have tea and cookies.
    But that prolly won't happen till Christmas Day.

    Re: the book Coronary:
    I knew one of the Cardiologists who saw one of the involved pts two yr post-CABG.
    Used to work w/him at St. Helena Hospital and Health Center, in the Napa Valley.

    Also, one of the Cardiologists in the area, Bob Pick, was a graduate of "our" program, some years ago (before my time at this facility).
    Our Chief immediately remembered him, when I told him the book mentioned the MD. "I wondered if he'd be in that book, as I knew he was up there then."
  8. by   Grace Oz
    greetings everyone

    it's after 6pm christmas eve here in the land down under.

    i went across to the shopping centre today and picked up several dvd's on special for our viewing pleasure over the coming days. managed to buy a few for as little as $5! love it when i score a bargain.

    rested up this afternoon watching a movie and munching on some nibbles.
    it dawned on me; for someone who is retired, i really don't rest up very often! lol i might have to address this situation in the new year!

    we're all ready and relaxed here. ds is enjoying being home on r&r.
    sleeping .... a lot! but that's ok with us.
    he caught up with old mates yesterday afternoon/night and had a fun time.

    am really looking forward to christmas dinner at the restaurant tomorrow. re-read the menu earlier, it's very appetising and appealing!

    we'll travel into the city later and attend midnight mass at the cathedral.
    will leave early enough to be able to stop at a nice cafe for coffee and cake before church. i love our cathedral. it's a magnificent old building, and there's just something special/spiritual about attending mass there.

    well my dear allnurses mates, this is "it" from me on this christmas eve 2007.

    i wish each and every one of you and your loved ones;
    a happy and blessed christmas!

  9. by   dianah
    :holly2: :holly2:merry christmas, grace!!!! :holly1: :holly1:
  10. by   Tweety
    I hope that everyone has a peaceful day.

    I'm working today and going out to eat with my sister and BIL tonight. Since I gave gift certficates by email, xmas shopping was easy this year. I picked up some goodies to give the staff today and tomorrow at work. Christmas is relatively easy for me.
  11. by   Sweeper933
    :Holly3:Merry Christmas Eve Everybody!:Holly3:

    Wish me luck today... have to work a 12h day shift today on only 2.5 hours of sleep...
  12. by   kwagner_51
    Happy Christmas Eve y'all

    Working 12 hrs today. I leave here at a little after 7AM and will get home @ 8:30PM. I am hoping the sister will let me off early, but I highly doubt it!!

  13. by   Sabby_NC

    To all my new maties at allnurses,

    Wanted to wish you all the very best time this Christmas with your family and friends.

    I pray it is a great time of fellowship and joy no matter what any of you do remember the good times and joys that have made our lives more enriched.

    Even the icky times give us strength to move on and capture the message we have been taught.

    If I don't get back till tomorrow due to working all day today then out tonight, then working tomorrow with visits plus call, stay safe, smile and enjoy your time in what ever you are up too.

    Love and hugs this special time of the year. :xmas_smilies_daz::Present2::Present1::icon_lol:
  14. by   Joe NightingMale
    Merry Christmas Eve steph di Grace Tweety sweeper kw Sabby! :Santa2:

    Gotta go to work again today, then drive directly to my dad's church afterwards. My sister and family won't be there until tomorrow morning, so things will be a little different than usual. Tomorrow we'll go to my cousin's for Christmas lunch then go to my sister's in-laws after that, where my BIL will meet us (has to work at his LTC both today and tomorrow).

    Was feeling a bit depressed this morning, not sure why. But NPR just played its traditional recording of David Sedaris telling his story of playing Crumpet the Elf at Macy's from his Santa Land Diaries. So I'm feeling better...wait, they're going to do a program on the Christmas blues a bit later, better change the station.

    steph shopping with kids during Christmas is a challenge, I hear lots of crying kids with their tired parents at the store. Hoping that most people will have done their Christmas shopping already and have a quiet day.

    I'll be back sometime late tonight, between the service at my dad's church at the midnight Mass at mine, but if I don't see you I wish you all a Merry Christmas!