1. As BugRN mentioned in a previous post this could be an interesting topic. Ok, all you Boomer nurses,are you menopausal yet? What do you do to control the symptoms???
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  3. by   kaycee
    I'm 47 pre-menopausal. Still have periods but skip one occasionally(yippee). When I do though the hot flashes come. Mostly at night. My good friend and also my gyne(she's a woman) says that vit e will help control hot flashes. Whatever the suggested dose on the bottle I don't remember. I haven't tried it yet but I know other people that say it works well and she's 54 and it worked for her.
  4. by   BugRN
    Kaycee we're the same age and I too have just started to notice some funky things happenning with my periods too. Last month it was the first time in my "period life" I was late other than when I was pregnant. I freaked out!! I know this will sound weird but I missed it!! It had been with me since I was 9 and the most regular reliable thing in my life!!! I am having feelings of loss about this. The only real change of life things I have been dealing with are night sweats, mood changes and I am starting to look like my mother. I can't lose a pound and for some reason my libido has gone skyrocketing!! not that I'm complaining, hubby certainly isn't. It's just weird knowing I can't have anymore kids, and I'm entering "middleage". When did this happen?? Lots of different feeling surrounding this. Any body else willing to share?
    You guys will have to dea with all this period talk for a while OK?
  5. by   BlueBear
    Hi Guys! I am only 35 but have been having night sweats for over a year. How gross! I wake up totally drenched! What can I do? I was on the pill but went off it figuring itwas contributing to my weight gain. But the night sweats have continued. What to do??
  6. by   kaycee
    I do feel the same way as far as knowing I will not have any more children. I had two uncomplicated pregnancies with short labors and I loved being pregnant. I do have a feeling of loss about that but I hate having periods and that I won't miss.
    Boy it is harder to lose weight now. I mostly hate flabby arms, I never had those before. I have joint aches that I never had and freckles seem to multiply(or age spots)as you get older. I too am starting to resemble my mother and I hear myself telling my teenagers the same things she told me.
    But when I really feel like I'm getting old is when some of the Doc's I work with in the ER are the same age as my kids!
  7. by   Enright
    I'm 45, still getting regular periods (which since I am childfree has been a 30 year exercise in annoyance!). I also have started with the flabby arms/weight gain stuff which is really hard to counteract. I've dieted/exercised my whole life and now it just got harder.

    I do want to share one thing....about 7 years ago at 38 I began to get strange periods, heavier, spotting etc etc. I went to 3 GYNs who said "oh, it is pre-menopause" and put me on oral contraceptives, etc. Nothing worked. My 4th GYN said "hey, you may have a uterine polyp" and sure enough, I did. After the surgery I felt better than I had in a decade. Please do not pass off any and all strange symptoms as just pre-menopause. You may have something else that can be remedied.
  8. by   night owl
    Wait until your memory starts going. It seems that lately I'll walk down the hall to the med room in a hurry to get something and when I get there, I forgot what I needed. So I'll stand there for 15-30 seconds looking at things in the room to maybe jar my memory in hopes that I'll remember. I always do eventually, but I picture myself on the alzheimer's unit always walking to the medication room and standing there and the nurse saying, "Come on Mrs.Bright, you don't belong in here!" I'll say something like, "But I have to pass my meds now before it's too late..." then start beating the crap out of her/him. I wonder if it's menopause, alzheimer's or just burnout..............phew..............

    It's getting rough and more so each and everyday. The hip joints are shot, (total hip replacements in 5-10 years) The skin is getting more "age spots" all the time, I'm afraid to even brush my hair so much of it comes out. The periods well if I get one every two months that's good it reminds me that I'm still a woman, hot flashes? The soy thing works well and has eliminated them as long as I take it faithfully, I can be *****y at times (like PMS) Maybe some hormonal therapy??? I don't know. Anyone on the stuff and does it help? I've sounded like my mother for the last 15 years, now I'm starting to look like her............SHEESE.........!
  9. by   Jenny P
    BugRN, Wow! Having periods since the age of 9! I didn't start til I was 15, then had a hysterectomy at 39 and was so relieved to be done with the hemorrhaging (no kidding, my HGB was never greater than 9 until after the hysterectomy).
    I started going through menopause just about 6 years ago (at age 47), but still have occasional night sweats (and I work nights! I feel funny when my glasses fog up from them!). I'm on Premarin and it seems to help with most of the symptoms; but I still have the 30 pound weight gain hanging around my waist from when I went through the beginning of menopause. Someday I hope to see a real waist again, but it won't happen this year due to a hip injury.
  10. by   leesonlpn
    I feel so...special..having so much in common with you gals. I'm 43. I get slight breakthrough bleeding, on a windy day my body makes alot of strange noises, rather like a loose tarp. Weight gain, ha, I'm just getting ready for winter! Do we really need triceps anyway? I can't wear corduroy pants because it makes too much noise when I walk, kind of like whoop whoop whoop. Night owl, I've forgot frequently what I went into the med room for, but by then I usually have to pee (again) and maybe think of it in there. I can't quickly rise without some part of my body protesting, yes, usually my rectum. Contray to popular belief alot of fibre isn't a good thing. I miss Mr. Ed, I still wish I had powers like Bewitched, and and and....why are do these black hairs keep growing out of MY CHIN ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!! Got to go, pee again, bye!
  11. by   night owl

    I've already informed my husband and put it in my advanced directives, "Incase of death, please pluck all black chin hairs and remove all upper lip hairs prior to morgue shipment!" I couldn't imagine being "laid out" with all of these hairs all over my face! How disgusting is that??? In case they forget, at least I know (I hope) that the mortician will eliminate them....Someone should remember to have it done. Maybe I'll tatoo it on my ABD? Forget it, the sagging boobs will cover it up! oh well, who cares. I'll be dead anyway!
  12. by   hiker
    Night owl and lessonlpn, you are riots! Thanks for the laughs!Howsabout the white pubie hairs- now THAT'S when you know you are gettin middle aged! That, and when your doc is lookin about 12. Seriously now, boring as it sounds, exercise helps ALL the symptoms, somewhat. 5# wts about 15 mins 2-3X/wk help the jiggling arms, and walking helps the rest, incl. moodiness.
  13. by   leesonlpn
    Hiker - must you be so HONEST!!When you mentioned the weights and walking, the old guiltmonster appeared. I lost 20 pounds when I left my husband. Now that I'm happy it seems to have reappeared. I admit leaving is a drastic way to lose weight. I know you are right though, I must get off mine hiney and jiggle my way back to being fit. I sure felt good back then. So easy to fall off track, so HARD to get back on. Now, if I had my own talk show, promoted books to read, and a personal trainer and my own chef, I think I'd look pretty good. As for the white below the mommy mound hairs you mentioned. you are right again. I forgot about those...........I think I'll forget about them again........

    Night Owl, from Leeson, what a wonderful think to have in common. I know I shall have more of a restful sleep tonight knowing someone else has the same affliction. How can you age gracefully when everytime you look in the mirror, mother nature throws another doozy at you. Here's a secret. Don't tell anyone else on this website. (I found a black hair growing out of my cheek for heavens sake). Maybe in neanderthol times, it was a sign of virility and fertility. Maybe those hairy apes thought cheek/chin hairs a bonus for their mate. Maybe.............oh never mind. What tweezers work good for you? I get mine from the hardware store, good old stainless steel.
  14. by   Zee_RN
    I'm not alone! I'm not alone!

    Leeson, you said it all! And right now it's those *******' age spots on my legs that are really getting to me. I read somewhere that you can fade them with lemon juice and boric acid but...I keep forgetting to look for boric acid when I get to the drug store, hehe.