Memphis 1968

  1. Now in my city poor people draw "borders" and kill people of the "wrong" ethnic group who cross.
    It is no longer mayors, governors, and police cheifs. Now the powerless poor are the violent racists.

    Memphis 1968

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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    'Ballad of Martin Luther King' was written by Reverand Kirkpatrick in 1969:

    Letter to Martin
    Rachel Bissex (December 27th, 1956 to February 20th, 2005) wrote this in 1991:

    "Dear Martin
    I'm sorry it's come to this now
    I stood on your birthday
    in front of the crowd
    the signs were held high
    hope was still shining through
    but the war came on schedule
    happy birthday to you"