Memories of the dorm

  1. I lived in residence for 3 years while I was going to University. Some of the best (and worst) years of my life. The people! The food! The anarchy! Anybody got a good story to tell?

    i wuz here
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  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    Met my husband in the dorm (good thing the RAs weren't too strict about the curfews for opposite sex visitors).

    The cafeteria had awesome chili-cheeseburgers!

    I had three different roommates my freshman year, and the first two were psycho! The second one moved out one day with no notice, just packed up all her stuff and left while I was in class. It seems she decided she wanted to room with someone else, and the other girl's roommate had dropped out of college. Kind of hurt my feelings at first, but it was such a blessing, because for the rest of the semester, I had a private room, and the next semester, I got the VERY BEST roommate I've ever had! I still miss Roxanne (the new roommate) and wonder whatever happened to her.

    There was this kid, probably about 8 years old, who would go around to all the rooms about once a week and offer to carry out your trash for 50 cents. One day he knocked on my (future) husband's door and told him his deal. Joe asked him, are you sure you'll do it for 50 cents? The kid said yeah. What Joe didn't tell him was that their trash can was a stolen road barrel (those big orange and white barrels they use to block lanes during construction) and it was almost full (hadn't been emptied since they brought it in the room). That kid actually dragged it down the hall to the stairs with Joe and Mike busting a gut laughing before they felt sorry for him and gave him a dollar and then took it out themselves. Too funny.:roll
  4. by   live4today
    I never got to experience dorm life since I was married with three kids when I went through college. I wanted to....just didn't happen for me that way.

    I'm so glad for many of you who did get to enjoy that once in a lifetime experience. :kiss
  5. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by konni
    Met my husband in the dorm (good thing the RAs weren't too strict about the curfews for opposite sex visitors).

    The cafeteria had awesome chili-cheeseburgers!
    Heh. My whole dorm was co-ed. When my parent moved me and my stuff in the first day, they were a little disturbed to see my hunky next-door neighbor walking down the hall to the shower in his bathrobe and flip-flops. My mom said, "I didn't realize it was THIS co-ed!" I guess they thought each floor would be all-girl or all-boy, at least.

    I had a great floor. We spent a lot of time socializing together, going to parties, movies and concerts. Spent a lot of time in pajamas in each other's rooms until 4 AM, drinking beer and talking about Life, The Universe and Everything. We would rent a bunch of Monty Python movies, order pizza, and make a night of it in the lounge. Our dorm floors had huge kitchens where the students could cook their own food and we would have Italian Night or Lebanese Night (one of the girls' parents owned a restaurant in Portland). Or we could go to the on-campus pizza place where we could use our meal cards.

    I can't believe I didn't die of alcohol poisoning, but I was young and my liver was fresh and new then. We had Train parties, blender parties and Quarters parties. Someone in another dorm got in a lot of trouble because they had a beach party in their room--they imported pounds of sand, put up fake palm trees and everybody had to wear beachwear (this was in January). The beverage served was a mixture of lemonade, beer, vodka and Everclear.

    Worst. Hangover. Ever.

    When I ended up in the hospital with mono for a week, came back to find my door plastered with get-well cards and concerned messages. I actually moved out of the dorms after my sophomore year 'cause I knew I would flunk out if I didn't. All anybody had to do was pop up in my doorway and say, "Study break! We're going to______." and I was out the door like a shot. NOT conducive to good grades!

    Wouldn't have missed it for anything though.
  6. by   night owl
    I actually don't know how some of the girls I went to college with graduated! It seems that they were "loaded" most of the time and now they're nurses??? :chuckle Could never understand how they did chemistry with a hangover...I couldn't do it straight!!! God bless them.
    Was in a madrigal program once at college where dinner was served to anyone who was brave enough to buy a ticket and attend. We sat at the head table dressed in our medievel garb and sang songs of wassail and the boar's head and was served real wine in gold goblet (more like chalices) glasses while everyone enjoyed a real medievel feast. The director was telling us to back off on the wine...yeah right. Well by the time the program was over, we were so loaded that no one sang on key and I'm suprised they even had it the following year! and people came back in droves...must have done something right.
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Oh yeah. My highly developed sense of sneakiness was cultivated by dorm life. I'll come back and post some snippets of my demon youth IN THE DORM.
  8. by   adrienurse
    I lived in a co-ed dorm, but it was the "studious" dorm on campus. I actually had quiet hours. I lived for 2 years in a single room (imagine! Rooms were divided by pieces of plywood -- you could hear your neighbor think!), and then another sharing a suite. Had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people (plus a few absolute psychos in the mix). What I do not miss: having to wear flip-flops in the shower, eating off a plastic tray, popping the breaker every time I plugged in my coffee maker. What I loved: the snow and water fights, being able to go to class in my slippers, goofing off at 3 am in the TV lounge...... Oh yeah, breaking in and sabotoging other people's rooms -- I was so sneaky (ahh the pranks!).