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  1. I don`t know if this is appropriate.... and please forgive me if I`ve stepped on toes, but I thought given today`s anniversary, maybe there needs to be a non-discussive thread where people can post their remembered thoughts from 9/11/01.

    In Australia we`re many hours ahead of NY (15 infact) so I was just about to go to bed..... as my hand was on the off button on the remote, I heard and saw an initial report that there was a believed to be a fire in the upper stories of the WTC.... there was speculation that a small plane had hit in an inexplicable accident. I thought uh-huh... either that of someone dropped a cigarette... and I then hit the off button and had a peaceful nights sleep.........

    The next morning I was absolutely floored to see the images of the towers collapsing..... over and over again (3000 dying again & again).... plus flight 93.... and the pentagon. When it became apparant that it was a terrorist attack.... my thoughts were truly... "the **** has hit the fan".... not because of the impact of the attacks.. but the thought of what America would do in response to this crime.
    The only cultural event that I can use as a point of reference (being british) was waking to hear of the death of Princess Diana. The feeling of directionless, helpless despair.......
    I know this does`nt explain my thoughts of that time well..... but I thought it would be a place to start....... I don`t intend this as a discussion/debate.... just a place that people can place a record of what they remember of 9/11/01.....
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    I had worked 11-7 the night before, and was sleeping. My husband came home and woke me to tell me what had happened. What I remember is being very tired, but afraid to go back to bed because I wanted to know what was happening. Hubby and I sat there shocked and numb through most of the day. My son and his wife and my sister came over to be together. It just seemed right to be with family then. By the afternoon, all of my kids in the area were there with thier own kids, and the ones who were out of town called several times. We watched CNN until well into the next morning before everyone went home and we finally went to bed. I knew today would be difficult, but I did not realize that I would be feeling the same horror and shock as I did one year ago. I thought a year's time might have dulled those feelings a little, but it has not.
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  5. by   researchrabbit
    I was on my way to work and stopped for gas. A guy was on his cell phone and shrieking about planes and crashes. I got this BAD gut feeling and just went home (I work in research, not on a hospital, I carry a list with phone #s in case I have to reschedule my folks...and I live in OKC, they wouldn't have come in anyway).

    It brought back such horrible memories of HERE that I couldn't watch too much of it. So helpless. So much anguish. I thought my heart would break.

    I still have not come to terms with the Murrah bombing although time has helped. 9-11 has only added to that weight.

    I was in denial for a long time about the OKC bombing and then had an incident at the year anniversary where the school I was teaching in part-time had a fire drill (which I KNEW was coming, not like it was a surprise) and when it went off I "hit the dirt" (I was living in Kansas City by then and my class was really weirded out -- when we talked about it, one boy said, "WOW! It seems like it was YEARS ago that it happened!" oh, for the resilience of childhood!).

    Having already worked with many victims of PTSD already, even before it was an "accepted" disorder, you'd think I would have had a clue. (And the doc we worked for at the time of the OKC bombing had us all take Zoloft for a few months afterward; I have to admit, it helped considerably).

    I had wondered if my feelings about 9-11 were so intense because of what happened here in OKC, that otherwise maybe a year would have diminished those feelings. Since others are feeling this too, maybe not (thanks for sharing).

    At least with 9-11 I haven't felt the fear and anxiety -- but the sadness is intense.

    I have been very fragile and sad for several weeks now in anticipation of this anniversary.
  6. by   rebelwaclause
    My thoughts? Mad, Angry, and still bawling like a baby a year latter.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    You and me both, Reb. The anniversary of 9/11 just brought all the horror back again, almost as strong as when it first happened. I remember feeling so confused in the beginning, so sad even though I didn't know anyone who perished that day....and then I was PISSED! I wished my parents had still been alive, so I could tell them I finally understood how they felt when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Dear God, I was mad---at the #*^@!! who did this, at the countries who bred them, at our own government for letting them into the U.S. in the first place.
    And I found myself getting angry all over again as the anniversary approached.

    I think next year it won't be so bad, now that we've gotten through the first anniversary. Of course, all I have to do is listen to Alan Jackson's song "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning" and I want to cry again....for all the people who were lost, for the babies who will never see their fathers' faces, for the thousands of families who will never know for certain where their loved ones lie.

    Bin Laden, if you're dead, I hope you're enjoying your time in hell!!
  8. by   debralynn
    I was at home watching tv, when it came on. I immediately called my ex (we were still talking then!) on his cell phone, telling him about the first plane, while we were talking the second one hit! He couldn't believe what I was telling him. Now when I see the images of that day, all I can say is, "those son-ofa-b******! When I see and hear stories of all the loved ones left behind, "those son-ofa-b******! I am proud of my country for going after those "son-ofa-b*****!" And I hope they don't stop til they get every last one!
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    I had come home from work and fallen asleep. Suddenly my hubby was waking me up and turning on the TV. The first tower was hit; the second was hit.... and he said, "that tower's wobbling." I said, "Don't be silly; that's built to withstand--" and then it came down.
    My daughter-in-law Kathy works 5 blocks away for a big law firm; my son Jamey, working construction, could've been in the area working as well.

    I didn't sleep for 38 hours straight, I was so glued to CNN and calling to see if my kids were ok===and waiting for survivors. It was horrible, the most horrible thing I've ever seen or heard of.
    And as horrible as it all was that day, I was so proud of those men on Flight 93 who thwarted the attack on the capitol! Those brave men showed the world what makes America a great nation, and saved our government leaders.
    Our only weakness as a nation is that we foolishly believe our enemies when they lie to us about wanting peace. They don't want peace. They want us dead, both the ones who rejoiced over our loss, and the ones who stayed silent.
    We should close our borders to Middle Eastern countries and let them stew in their own juice. We should develop alternatives to Saudi oil. We should use every effort to protect our citizens and the Free World.
  10. by   Estella
    I was home on September 11, working on a project for my nursing research class project (BSN.) My husband and our oldest son came home from working, around 1500 and both looked grim. "I suppose you know what happened..." I didn't. I had been totally engrossed in my work. They turned on the television for my and I felt chilled, frightened and angry, all at the same time. It was like hearing that the country had been raped. Innocence lost.
    My work called and alerted me that if a substantial number of casualties were located, the least hurt needing hospital care could be flown to the Air Force base near our home. The hospital I work in gets the overflow. I agreed to come in if and when they needed me before my next shift.
    The sky was so quiet. I can't remember any other day when no airplanes were in the sky. It was such a crystal clear blue, and not a contrail in sight. So strange.
    I called my mother, 300 miles away about 1700, when she would be home from work. She was worried because my father's delivery route took him to Somerset, PA that day and she hadn't heard from him. Just as we were talking on the phone, two loud BANGS rang out to the west of our home. They were so loud, she heard them over the phone and started asking if we were all right.
    The boys turned on the news, and the first reports were that a plane had crashed near the VA center. My husband ran outside to see if he could see anything, and ran back in saying to me, "There's a plane overhead. Some F-16's are chasing it, and going fast. They should be far enough away from us, and they aren't heading towards the base."
    It was was hours later that we learned that Air Force 1 and Mirror Image both had flown overhead and the F-16's were an escort. The noises we heard were sonic booms. I hadn't heard them since I was a kid.
    In the past year, one of my sons has decided to joing the Air Force after high school graduation. Another is thinking about the reserves after college. My 10-year-old isn't happy about his brothers being away from him, but he has told each of them that he is proud that they want to help make the country free again, so his childhood can be as happy as theirs were.