Meeting-to-wedding stories (stranger than fiction!)

  1. i have a couple of stories to tell about how ppl met, who eventually got married. some are amazing in the extreme. i thought others might have an interesting story to share as well, or one they know about and might post them here.
    disclaimer: names/places have been changed to preserve anonymity.

    [font="georgia"]1) a new friend shared this with me today: he was raised in america, of north indian heritage. he met his future wife in lamoxeyville, when he was 23 and she was 18. well, really, they lived about an hour's flight apart, in large cities. she was also of indian heritage, but from southern india. her parents were very traditional, and had an arranged marriage planned for her. when they realized how serious my friend and their daughter were, they pulled her out of school (college) and a week later were at the large nearby airport with her, plane ticket to india in hand, for her to fly back to india to marry the man of their choosing.
    she, of course, was beside herself, and crying and pleading with them there in the terminal. a security guard approached and inquired if everything was alright. "no!" she replied, and proceeded to tell him she was being sent away from her intended. her parents tried to dismiss the guard, telling him this affair was none of his business. as the young lady was 18, he insisted they had no say in what she chose, and whisked her away to a secure area.
    she phoned my friend, who flew out to meet her at the airport. the guard got her out of the airport via a private side door, and my friend rented a car and drove to his cousin's house, who then drove the couple to las vegas the next day, where they were married.
    that was over 10 yr ago. they are still happily married. they have children now. her father has never seen his grandchildren. despite many attempts, my friend's wife has never been able to persuade her father of her love for her husband (my friend), nor of her husband's goodness, ability to earn a good living for his family, and his devotion to her.

    similar vein:

    [font="century gothic"][color="darkslategray"]2) a man stopped at a convenience store for a small purchase and noticed the young, attractive female clerk wore black. "you must be unhappy," he remarked, "as you're wearing black."
    "oh," she replied, as she glanced down at her clothes. "i'm wearing black because i like it. but i guess i am a little unhappy."
    intrigued, the man asked why she was unhappy.
    "my parents have arranged a marriage for me, with a man i don't like, and i don't know what to do about it."
    "really?" the man asked. "well, why don't you marry me? i'm a truck driver and make good money, so i can support you."
    the young lady studied him briefly and said, "thanks for the support anyway, but i know you're kidding."
    "no, no really, i'm not kidding. tell you what: i'll come back tomorrow, and see what your answer is, after you've had some time to think about it. see you tomorrow!" and with that, he left.
    the next day, to her surprise, he returned.
    "have you decided? are you ready to marry me?" he asked.
    the lady considered briefly and then declared, "why not?"
    she took him home to her parents that afternoon, and while they were initially resistant to the idea, they finally agreed that he would be able to support their daughter, and consented to the marriage.
    the young lady and the truck driver were married four days later.
    now, you may wonder how their marriage fared: they knew each other for 20 minutes, were engaged four days, and then got married.
    they celebrated 63 years of marriage, to see children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, together before their deaths, within three years of each other.

    [font="arial"]3) my grandma (whom i never met) grew up in greece, and as a young woman was smitten with a young man in her neighborhood. he returned the feelings; her family didn't. as in the movie my big fat greek wedding, she was greek, he was a turk, and her family didn't approve of the match. they sent her off, bag and baggage, to america, to marry an older man, a successful restauranteur. they were married many years (i don't know about the quality of the marriage ), had three children and many grandchildren, my father being one of their children, and i am one of the grandchildren.

    well, i may have more in the future but that's the end of my entry for now! please add to the thread! (and yours doesn't have to be a tale of prearranged marriages gone awry, either, lol! it just happened that those two were on my mind as i started the thread!)
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  3. by   Roy Fokker
    My parents come from very conservative families - by conservative meaning very authoritarian, very strict.

    It was the norm those days. You don't look your parents in the eye when you speak, always have your head bowed, address must be in the formal (never informal), respect and obey your older siblings etc. etc.

    Well, anyways, apparently my Father wasn't exactly an unknown to my Mother (they were distant relations)*.

    I still remember feeling all in awe when my grandmother (father's mother) tells me that apaprently, one fine day, Father marches right upto grandpa, looks him straight in the eye, points to my Mother and said "If ever I get married, that is the woman I'm going to marry".

    Wow! MY Father. The quiet, mild mannered, soft spoken guy?!! NO WAY! LOL

    My Father is the only one from his family who didn't have an arranged marriage - he has one older brother, three older sisters and two younger brothers (all of whom had arranged marriages).

    Heh! I still think my Father's wedding picture is great - macho side burns, a french beard and slick bell bottoms!

    My parents celebrated their 31st anniversary this year

    I still think about it sometimes - how the devil did someone like grandpa ever let my Father get away with somehing like that?! Maybe considering his own past, maybe it's not all that implausible. Well apparently, grandpa's wedding to my grandmother (who was considered quite the looker in her younger days) created a minor scandal - in terms of arrangements and speed and the difference in age between the bride and groom!

    Sadly, I never met my paternal grandfather - he died almost 7 years before I was born. My grandmother never re-married nor became involved in another relationship.

    * : Yes, I know all about "inbred" jokes
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  4. by   madwife2002
    I won my husband on a turn of a card!!!!! It is true
  5. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    Quote from madwife2002
    I won my husband on a turn of a card!!!!! It is true
    OK... explanation needed!
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Mine actually had to ask me "How many ******** are you going to go out with before you give me a chance?" before i finally did.
  7. by   EricJRN
    My mom served cake and punch at my dad's first wedding. She cut up the cake before the photographer even had a chance to take pics.
  8. by   mercyteapot
    I once dated a cop for a couple of months. I met him when he was responded to a call I placed about a toddler wandering our neighborhood and none of us knew who he was. An 11 year old neighbor came up to me as I was parking my car and said he'd been with this kid since I left (I knew that b.c I saw them but figured he was a cousin or something) and didn't know what to do. I took him up and down a few streets, but no one knew him. I called the cops to come collect him, and they had still not heard from an hysterical parent. It turns out this kid had a sitter and was meant to be napping at the time of his roaming about...

    I met my husband at a 4th of July bbq, which is unusual only in that I was never quite sure why I was invited... a co-worker that I barely knew mentioned it to me on the way out the door after work on the 4th. I mentioned it to my across the hall neighbor and friend, and she said ''oh, let's go, I'm bored, we don't have anything else to do'', which was certainly true.
  9. by   madwife2002
    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    OK... explanation needed!
    I went on holiday to Cornwall in the UK and I participated in a game where you turned the cards saying higher or lower til you got to the end of the row. I won because I had a 2 and said higher for a king-the prize was that I won a weeks holiday back in the same place in the October. So my friends and I returned in the October-pretty boring cold week and one of my friends was a pain in the butt, so after a few words on the friday night before returning home on the sat I met my dh because I walked off from my friend to calm down-and the rest is history He was in the armed forces and was on anight out to local bar.
  10. by   madwife2002
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Mine actually had to ask me "How many ******** are you going to go out with before you give me a chance?" before i finally did.
    I had been married before and the only reason I married my dh was because he said "Oh you married an ******* but you wont marry me!' I loved him more than anything but didnt want to spoil it by marrying him. 9 years on and I dont regret it one bit
  11. by   rn/writer
    My husband and I first met because we were going out with each other's college roommate. In the course of all of us hanging out together, we really hit it off.

    He tricked me into our first date. Said a "bunch" of people were going bowling and would I like to join them. We met in the lobby of our dorm and, all of a sudden, everyone else in the group "remembered" something else they just had to do at that very moment. These other people were all guys so I was a little freaked to begin with. Naive me--even after all the others had peeled away, it still didn't occur to me that he had set the whole thing up. I didn't want to bail on him like everyone else had so we did indeed go bowling.

    By the end of the evening, it was apparent that we were going to be a couple. I remember standing just outside the elevators on my dorm floor discussing what we should do next. I had just said, "How should we tell Elaine?" when who should come around the corner with her laundry basket but Elaine herself. She said, "I think Elaine knows," and just kept going.

    There were no hard feelings (okay, only a few) as both roomies stood up in our wedding which was 33 years ago and counting.
  12. by   Gompers
    My husband and I met when he was 19 and I was 20. I knew right away that there was something about him and that we'd end up together. Came to find out that we had grown up five miles away from each other, in the same town. We were a year apart in school, but we actually went to the same junior high, same high school, and same college together without ever meeting. When we met each other's friends, we all knew each other and our friends all knew each other! For some strange reason, we are the only ones that had never ever met before. Must've been a reason!

    ************************************************** *

    My coworker's daughter is spending a year in London while working on her college degree. She lost her wallet recently and didn't know what to do, where to start, etc. Turns out, a man had seen it slip out of her pocket as she was getting on a train and grabbed it off the ground but wasn't able to catch her in time. So he looked through it and the only identification phone number she had in there was her parents' house here in the USA. He called and spoke with her mother, told her that he had the girl's wallet, gave her his number, and said if she gave him a call he'd meet her to give it back. She called him, they met for coffee, she got her wallet back, and they've been dating ever since!
  13. by   Roy Fokker
    This is turing out to be a fun thread
  14. by   weetziebat
    I met my ex-husband when I was on vacation in Pakistan. Was wandering around Rawalpindi, looking for a drug store and couldn't find one. Stopped into a government organization that organized tours, to ask if they could help me find a druggist. Well, my ex was working there as a second job in order to learn better English. His was all but non-existant. Wound up saying (more like sign language) he'd take me and show me where the druggist was. Then, because everything was behind the counter, in closed cabinets, I had to have him ask the pharmacist for tampons. How embarrasing can it get? Why don't 'tampons' mean the same thing is all languages? They should.

    No, they don't carry tampons, so he came up with this humongous package of pads, which my new friend carried through the streets as though they were a loaf of bread. We stopped for a coke with the pads prominately displayed on the table, and he asked me if I'd like to go see Taxila with him. I had other plans so we planned a date for the day I was leaving.

    Met up with him Sunday morning and we took a horse and buggy ride to Taxila and spent the day looking through the museum and at all the gorgeous antiques. Then he saw me off to the airport and I returned to Saudi Arabia.

    For six weeks we corresponded (remember, awful English, terrible phone connections) and I returned to Pakistan on another vacation six weeks later. Asked me to marry him, I thought about it overnight (have always been way too impulsive) and said yes. Ohhh, its all soo exotic. Whee! So he and his best friend planned it all. Couldn't tell his parents as they were in the process of setting up an arranged marriage to a second cousin.

    For our honeymoon, we took a bus up to a beautiful community nestled in the hills near Pakistani Kashmir, called Murree. Beautiful, and as this was December it was covered with a thick layer of snow. His friend simply saw no problem staying in the same room with us, and dear ex simply couldn't find the words to tell him this is not the way honeymoons were supposed to go. So for the long weekend, it was myself, hubby and hubby's best friend (and best man) in one room. Believe me, I never let him live that one down!

    After 15 years, marrying someone I had absolutely nothing in common did us in, but it was an exciting time while it lasted. Especially our trips to Pakistan to visit all the relatives after they were finally told the truth. They were truly lovely to me, though to this day think my FIL hasn't forgiven him for not marrying his cousin. Which may be why he hasn't told them we are divorced.

    Ahhh, what a tangled web we weave.......