Medical TV show goof ups

  1. On ER show they put up a XRAY and it was backwards!

    How about on ER when a family stands at the door and watches a trauma?

    Does anyone else notice anything?
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    All the family hates to watch these shows with me because I'm always going "Yeah, right, like THAT'S gonna happen!!" (when was the last time you saw an MD insert a Foley or find a bedpan for a patient??) I'll never forget the ER episode, early in the series, where they were doing CPR on a man who was CONSCIOUS AND TALKING. They've gotten better over the years, but they still have doctors doing things they never do in real life, at least not where I come from!
  4. by   RN always
    Oh yea! I remember the ER episode where Mark Green was stuck in the elevator with the criminal and he went into V Tach and Mark Green just let the shockers go off without touching the patient cuz he wanted him to die. But wasn't it interesting that here this guy is in V tach and he is still conscious and staring up at Mark Green.....................geeezzz
  5. by   aus nurse
    I sorta remember that episode RNalways....but you can be in V Tach and still be concious you know. Of course you do tend to lose conciousness before you die but I have had patients in concious V Tach for an hour before needing cardioversion.

    Sorry:imbar being picky I know lol....lots of stuff they do wrong I know.
  6. by   ageless
    I have had plenty of patients in V-Tach and talking... one pt. just recently..I explained what was happening to her as I set the crashcart in position.....of course after a sustained run they go out..and the saga begins.
  7. by   hoolahan
    I love this one from a soap opera. Pt is on life support...a face mask hooked to a ventilator! This is not CPAP or BIPAP I am referring to, but someone who is supposedly brain dead, with no spontaneous resp's.

    Also once on a soap, EMT at accident says "pulse 100/50 BP 120."
  8. by   NurseGirlKaren
    Or on the soaps when they're on a ventilator, ETT sticking out, and TALKING!!!

    IRL, last week we had a pt go into VF and continue talking! I'm sure it wouldn't have lasted long; we shocked him out of it while he was still ~conscious (he had a little Versed on board and didn't remember it).

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Oh yeah, and last week on ER when the kid had the lacerated coronary artery (LAD) and they go "should we call the cath lab?" Oh yeah, what are we going to do for THAT???
  9. by   OBNurseShelley
    I think the way they give orders in a trauma on TV is hilarious, Lasix 30mg iv push, stat. They say WAY TOO much, nobody ever says STAT anyway
  10. by   hoolahan
    How about when a baby is born on TV and it comes out spanking clean? No cream cheese, no jelly, no blood, and mom didn't break a sweat! Love that. I always looked that good when I delivered!
  11. by   neneRN
    My favorite goof happened on ER- for some reason they were outside, pouring rain and Carrie Weaver shocked a pt while he was laying in about a foot of water. Yeah, that's safe and effective.
  12. by   OBNurseShelley
    OHH yeah hoolahan, the way ppl have babies on tv is ridiculous, did you see the ER when Carol had her twins, any OB nurse will tell you how utterly UNREALISTIC that way, it's just silly sometimes!
  13. by   Lausana
    Not TV, but we rented the movie "John Q" today & the transplant heart looked like it was made out of an old cut up hose and a hot glue gun-I could have come up with a better prop in 5 minutes going through my fridge!

    ...hmm maybe it's time to clean out the scary leftovers in the back shelf...:imbar
  14. by   l.rae
    My brother once asked me, "do you run along beside the stretcher yelling out orders?"...ROTFLMAO!....the last time l saw anything like that on TV was on a Third Rock fact, Third Rock is probably just a little more realistic than ER!....LOL...maybe ER should contact the 3D Rock writers.....does anyone else remember that episode? Sally has some kind of head injury and goes to the ER. So they find some white lab coats, put them on...every time a medic rolls a stretcher in, they all run along beside it calling out these sensless orders and was hilarious!

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