Medical Specialties Aptitude Test


    This is an online test with 130 questions to determine what kind of medical specialty you'd be most suited for. It is intended for med students, but I think it shows accurate results for nurses, too. I took the test and it said I would be most suited for Dermatology, Anesthesiology, and Plastic Surgery (in that order).

    Then I did something just for fun... I took the test pretending to be a real prick of a med student. I answered questions like, "I want to help people", and "Enjoy taking care of people" as least true (on a scale of most true - least true). The results were hilarious! It said I would most be suited for Thoracic surgery or Colorectal surgery . It's funny to me, because I've had a pretty bad experience with a thoracic surgeon. Total personality clash. While working as an aide in the ICU, I was instructed to help hold this lady on one side while he put a chest tube in her. While putting it in, he never spoke once to this poor woman - who writhed in pain, was crying, and was visibly in some serious distress. I tried to rub her arm and console her. Meanwhile, I looked at what he was doing with her ribs and tearing through the intercostals. All of a sudden, I started hearing echos in the room, I felt like I was on N2O at the dentist's - In this stupor, I had enough sense left to know that I was about to faint. I told the thoracic surgeon that I needed to leave the room (he didn't respond), so I walked to the bathroom and sat down on the floor. When I came back out, I appologized to him (again, he didn't respond). I have watched amputations and open heart surgery, but this patient and this surgeon really got to me. The situation was not under control, and I felt he didn't care for her or for the concept of teamwork.

    So anyway, what were your results??
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  3. by   susanna
    This test's questions were waaaaayy too general and vague and not specific enough. It told me that I would be a best in neurology, pathology, plastic surgery, and nuclear medicine. Interesting test.
    Thanks for the test. Its pretty cool.
  4. by   Saved_by_Grace
    [font=lucida sans unicode]i think that mine was pretty accurate because it really fell where my interests lie.
    [font=lucida sans unicode]1. obstetrics/gynecology
    [font=lucida sans unicode]2. pediatrics
    [font=lucida sans unicode]3.psychiatry
    [font=lucida sans unicode]4.radiation/oncology
    [font=lucida sans unicode]5. hematology

    [font=lucida sans unicode]thanks for posting the link. it was fun!
  5. by   nurseygrrl
    Mine was not on the mark at all! Did it ask you guys the same questions a few times?

    #1 was opthamology...huh?! Doesn't interest me in the least!

    In the middle # 18 was psych. And in at dead LAST?? infectious disease! Guess what I do? I'm in charge of a unit of 24 patients...1/2 psych and the other 1/2 HIV! And I LOVE it!! :chuckle
  6. by   zambezi
    I took this test a couple of months ago and my number 1 specialty would have been urology!! I just don't know what to think about that!
  7. by   nurseunderwater
  8. by   Ortho_RN
    Hmmm... Not very accurate for me at all.. Here is my top 5:

    1 dermatology
    2 anesthesiology
    3 colon & rectal surgery
    4 rheumatology
    5 occupational med

    And the rank for what I actually do is:
    18 orthopaedic surgery
  9. by   shodobe
    Mine was 1. Radiology followed by Psychiatry! These are two areas that interest me the least. It seemed the questions were the same only turned around so you might answer them differently.