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  1. I have been trying for a year and a half to get a copy of my medical records from my PCP to give to my surgeon. I was told I couldn't have a copy of my records until I paid for them, and then I couldn't have them. I argued with this fact because none of my previous dr's made me pay for my records. Ever since our PCP moved into this new office building they have been all about money. My husband had to pay $45 for his medical records and we haven't received them yet. It's been a total nightmare. I mean, something so simple has turned into the most difficult task on the planet.

    I was telling my chiropractor about the situation, and since he knows my PCP he decided to give her a call on my behalf. She told him that they were making me a copy of my records and sending them to the surgeons office. When the surgeons office called me, they were disgusted by what they saw after all that I had been through. Well today I went to pick up the final copy of my medical records...what a disappointment that was. I have been seeing this PCP for about 2 years and what they handed me was crap. When I asked my PCP to help me with a diet she sent me over to their 'lifestyle' another $15 copay out of my pocket...between me and my husband we were racking up $100/month in dr visits and prescriptions.

    I have a very good reason as to why I want my medical records, including diet history. Now I'm going to switch PCPs, if I can ever get my records, and do 2 more diets. Luckily the new PCP won't be double duty every month. I really don't have the money anyway. I applied to work at a local hospital in the ED admitting new patients 2x week. I could really use the money.

    I had a point...what's the deal with medical records!?!?!?! Especially when the surgeon is making the request.
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  3. by   maire
    Egad, I must be spoiled as a military dependant....if I want my medical records, I walk in and sign them out. I'd freak if I had to pay for the privilege.
  4. by   MPHkatie
    I've never had to pay for med records, but I usually just request they send them on to the next MD, and not me, perhaps thats the difference... ?
  5. by   bhart
    The fed have set a price that you can charge for medical record copies - $10. flat fee for pulling, and a quarter a page after page eleven. If you want them earlier than 48 hours - they can charge an extra $10.
  6. by   nursejws
    I've had 3 surgeons request copies of my medical records, and my chiropractor since March 2001. I picked up the lamest effort ever on Thursday of my medical records. I will pay the $27 for my records, money I do NOT have (i'm a student), and get what I want.

    Once I have my medical records, that money hungry doctors office is going bye-bye-bye! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!