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  1. Hello I am new here and am hoping I am putting this post in the write place. I am asking for help with my situation.
    The past couple of years I have been working as a RN. FINALLY graduated in Dec1999. I have ER related backgroud(EMT 4 yrs in Milwaukee). Which taught me so much. The adrenaline addict I am. I started out in a stepdown unit, which became so difficult after awhile. I have 3 kids, a husband thats a Firefighter
    /Paramedic, and works 24 hr shifts. As others have said "You have a full plate". To add to this fun I started having problems with fatigue/memory problems/slurring. All affected my next 4 jobs. Problems got worse, had to stop work(never want to endanger my pts). They had told me poss MS for about 14 months. Last MRI was Confusing-went to MAYO clinic in Rochester Minn.. Came back with: CFIDS, bi-lat carpul tunnel, Chronic Migraines, sleeping disorder which added to the old Dx of: Asthma/allergies, depression, chronic sinusitis( had surg 2 wks ago). Now I am somewhat relieved I can send some of these things away/or treat them. I am feeling better little by little, and able to get some of my abilities back. There of course is much more to the story-but didn't want to write a book. Please write me if you have any suggestions for a RN job again that I could do. Live in small town, bigger ones approx 60 miles away. Anything encouraging or full of advice is welcome!
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  3. by   aimeee
    Wow! You have been through a lot! Are you saying that Mayo ruled out MS? What work do YOU feel you are capable of handling right now? I'm curious where you live in Wisconsin. If you don't want to reveal that, I understand. Waupaca is my hometown.
  4. by   BioRN
    A simple thing to check out would be hypothyroidism. Severe hypothyroidism can cause all the problems you mentioned including slurred speech, fatique and carpel tunnel. A simple TSH blood test should give you the answer. I just think thyroid problems should be ruled out early because they are so common.
  5. by   FFzRN
    Thank you for your suggestion, I really appreciate it. But in the last 6 months I have had more tests than meals! THat one is a regular for me, always -. Wish it was the answer. So easy to treat
    Anymore suggestions let me know!