Medicaid/Medicare role in Nursing Shortage

  1. I keep thinking I am missing something... I am still waiting for the light bulb to go on. I work in a FOR PROFIT facility. If Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements keep getting cut, not only do the patients suffer, but staffing does too! I don't know about you, but I feed the paperwork dragon and am looking at having to inservice staff on even MORE paperwork due to new regulatory guidelines. If the money isn't enough to cover current expenses, and expenses keep going up, something has to give (and staffing/personnel is controllable). Maybe I've crawled up a live tree trunk and walked out onto a dead limb, but no one is talking about this............
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  3. by   snazzle
    I agree with you 100%. We are always being inserviced on cuts in Medicare/Medicaid benefits, which only means more paperwork for us, and less nursing care for the patients. What really gets to me is all the documentation required to receive the reimbursements. Yes, we must document the patients LOC & the number of staff required for assistance, but having to give amount of minutes spent helping a pateint is absurd. Every year more money is being pumped into education and out of healthcare, meanwhile healthcare costs is skyrocketing. There's always talk about the "healthcare crisis" due to the shortage of nurses, but the benefits is continually being cutoff, and we also have families to support.