Mean People S*** Awards

  1. About a month ago, we bought a travel trailer. Never had an RV before. We wanted to play with our new toy. We parked it in the backyard, and hooked up the water and electric to the house. Our use is legal, according to the zoning ordinances. You can only see the RV from the church that borders my property on 2 sides.

    The other day I wake up to find zoning officers in the backyard "inspecting" my stuff. A "neighbor" complained that I had a zoning violation.

    Of course, there is not a zoning violation. But== I would sure like to know who this "neighbor" is. Zoning officials would not tell me. I would also like to know whether it's legal for them to go tromping into my property without permission.

    Aside from that.... Mean People S***

    --Share Your Story; it'll make me feel like I'm not alone.
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  3. by   okihusker
    In some neighborhoods, there are owner obligations called clauses and covenants that you must agree to before you purchase a home. These rules dictate cars parked in the driveway, garbage cans, lawns, and RVs. In my last neighborhood, RVs were banned. However, there may not be such rules in your neighborhood and a neighbor maybe trying to force your RV out by seeing if it extends into public or private property in which case it could be considered illeagally parked or as a public nuisance. Zoning disputes often occur with disputing neighbors and that's why it is recommended to obtain title insurance with new home purchases.
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    title insurance? what's that?

    (yes, i own the property; it's been in our family for almost 50 years)

    and I checked it out before I bought-- RV's are ok in the backyard in this city.

    I guess my point is: why the heck would any neighbor take it upon themselves to judge my lifestyle and poke their nose into my business?
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  5. by   Youda
    Originally posted by Sleepyeyes
    I guess my point is: why the heck would any neighbor take it upon themselves to judge my lifestyle and poke their nose into my business?
    Because they're small-minded viscious people who have nothing better to think about than where your RV is parked. And they masquerade this nastiness by calling it "civic duty" or some other assinine thing. The good thing is that whoever spends all this time watching everyone else will at least be the kind to dial the cops if they see something going on in your neighborhood.
  6. by   ptnurse
    Way to go Sleepyeyes. An RV sounds like a lot of fun. Sorry for the trouble the "unknown neighbor" is giving you. I also have a mean neighbor story. Four years ago my son was born. At the same time my husband got a great job, but it was working nights. Him being on nights put me on nights because the schedules just worked better that way. We were working 6 nights a week(never the same night so one of us was home with the children), we had a baby who was not yet sleeping through the night, and another child in school during the day. In an effort to make our lives easier (and because I was constantly confused about what day it was) I put our garbage can down at the street and left it there all the time. Generally where I live you take it down on the day of pick-up and then take the can back up to or behind the house that evening. So it is down at the end of the drive for a few days and on the day of pickup my next door neighbor pulls my can back to my house when she pulls hers back. I think she is just trying to help and say nothing to her, I just put it back at the street the next time I went out. Then a couple of days later I get a call from the sanitation dept. They want to know why my garbage can is at the street. I am wondering how they know that (can they see through the phone?) Am informed that a neighbor has complained and in the bylaws of the paperwork you get when they issue you a garbage can it says that you have to pull your can back from the street the day of pick up or they will remove your trash can and stop pick-up. Could not believe this. This woman knew what kind of schedule we had and about the baby etc. Poor thing just had nothing else to do all day. My hubby mentioned it to the neighbor on the other side when he was out in the yard. This guy had small kids and a wild schedule too. He thought it was outrageous and of course he was pretty sure he knew who had complained too, so he said something to this old busy body about it. The woman comes to my door and says..."I heard someone reported you about the garbage can, and just wanted to say that it was not me." Gee none of the other neighbors felt the need to come to my door and defend themselves. I just laughed. You can't really get upset about people like that. What they do to themselves with all that nastiness is worse than anything I could say. Enjoy your RV and don't let anyone without enough character to even identify themselves bother you.
  7. by   baseline
    In Fla, we have these lovely organizations called Home Owner Associations........a small group of little Hitlers telling you how to live. Now I realize that this is a concept that starts with necessary and good intentions, but power is a strange stimulant, and its gets a little nuts. I also realize that no one really wants to be on the boards of these little assoc, because must be a pain in the butt. HOWEVER, these people irritate the s__t out of me!!!!!!
  8. by   baseline
    Oh ...and if it were me ? ..........and I wasn't breaking any laws?...I'd be parking that RV rite in the front lawn. Why let this little, small minded individual be a LITTLE irritated! But ...that's just the kind of girl I am........
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    One day I woke up to the dogs barking "the alarm".
    I look out the window and there are some guys walking around out there by the electric pole. I pull on some pants, grab a gun and go out to check.
    They tell me they are going to run cable for tv.
    I tell them they are tresspassing.
    They say they will be done soon.
    I tell them they are already done.
    They say they have a right to be there.
    I load a round into the 30:30.
    They gather all their sh!t quickly and go.
    I never see them again.
    If they would have knocked on the door first and asked then there would have been no problem.
    This technique also works well for kirby salesmen.
  10. by   Furball
    My now deceased, 220 lb british bull mastiff used to keep undesireables off our property quite nicely. He cornered the phone guy on our front porch for 2 whole hours....he just wanted to be petted..... The phone guy was a friend and I did feel bad screwing up his schedule.

    HOA's are a pain in the neck, boy. The day we moved into our new house it was apparent the previous owners had stopped doing yardwork for several weeks. It was a freaking jungle. A week after we moved in the place was much neater and trimmed up. We actually got a letter from the HOA that our sidewalk wasn't trimmed enough! HUH? Where were you a month ago?????????????
  11. by   Youda
    You are MEAN Rusty! :chuckle
    I really gotta find me a long-haired hippy-type guy with his own guns someday!

    since we're talking about people who s***, you reminded me of this summer when the folks in my "neighborhood" voted to go on city water (instead of wells out here in the boonies). I'm working 12-hour night shifts back to back, and you know that only leaves me about 6 hours sleep inbetween shifts.

    I wake up day after day to the sounds of bulldozers and other various noisy equipment laying pipe into my yard. When they decided they had to plow down a 6 foot strip of trees, I came unglued. I go stomping out there in my flip flops, hair going every which way, my bathrobe on, and feeling meaner than a junkyard dog.

    What I had to say isn't something allnurses allows me to write, but you can use your imagination. At least after that they didn't work in my area without checking to find out when my day off would be, and didn't plow down anymore of my trees. I seriously contemplated working on their equiipment some night with a bag of sugar, but decided I didn't want to go to jail. As I said, I really did need some guy like you about then, Rusty!
  12. by   Mkue
    I don't have any horror stories about mean ppl and zoning issues, some ppl just don't have enough to do but spy on their neighbors.

    Maybe your neighbor was using binoculars to see who was attending church and then couldn't see the church through your RV:chuckle

    It sounds like fun to have an RV, enjoy and keep it where you want it ! since you aren't in violation
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    We live out here in the boonies so we could have our PRIVACY!
    It would really drive us nuts if we had to live in a place where we had neighbors.
    A follow up to the cable tv guys. They ended up not providing cable to anyone anyway. They ran a line down our dirt road but still didn't provide any service so I question what they were doing in the first place.
  14. by   baseline
    I hesitate to tell this story....please no one take offense...but it was funny....

    When my father was alive, we had a very large farm dog. Very business-like in manner. Never ran ....she...ADVANCED...never barked much...she Warned.

    One day the Jehovah Witnesses pulled into the driveway and the dog ADVANCED and WARNED while my father (the son of a Dutch Reformed Minister) leaned in the doorway of the house and watched. They rolled down the window and gave the initial speil and then asked...."does she bite?". which my father replied "Not if you have faith......". They left.