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  1. Hi, I am not new to the site, but been away for awhile. Just wanted to start a discussion about Care plans, if anyone is interested.
    We recently had our state survey, and the came down hard on our activities department. Our AD is 20 yrs old, and has no prior experience. Her activities are somewhat dead, and everyone sees this, except our Administrator
    Well, we were sited w/ 3 F tags on activities, and I got an F tag for careplanning activities. Her charting is lacking in detail and there are only 3 big events that residents w/ cognitive impairment can attend, well actually 2....Music 1 time a week, and b-day parties once a month. Then we have Bingo 2 times a week and cooking for the oriented residents. Well, how do I individualize careplans for the cognitively impaired residents, or the oriented ones for that matter, when there really aren't any activities going on? In her notes she rights that she does one on ones w/ the residents that don't come to activities, but then she doesn't say what the one on ones are. Our administrator, took her side in the matter, and says that she does the activities, but said my careplans are generic. I showed the administrator where her note for one resident said that the resident enjoyed laying in bed and sleeping....***** Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do, before the state revisits, what to write in my plan of correction and how I can individualize a careplan on activities that really aren't getting done? Letting her do her own careplan is out of the question, we only have one computer.......
    Please give me some feedback.............
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    well, first of all SHE needs to be part of the care plan process.
    Not to mention she also needs to kick up the activities.
    3 F tags and the administrator is taking her side?? Whats up with that?
    There are tons of activities for the cog. impaired. Music comes to mind first. I once asked every resident to tell me something about rain. Just one sentence and then I wrote them down in poem form. It was cool.
    I had them put their hands in paint and then on paper and would write "These Hands..." and they would say something about what there hands had done. "Changed a lot of diapers", "fought in WWII" etc...
    She needs to do her job...bottom line.
  4. by   Nursie30
    Those are some really neat ideas rustyhammer.
    She isn't open to suggestions, I've suggested several ideas for her, but she just says, yeah that sounds good, but never does it......she's good at hiding laziness that is fer sure....
  5. by   Disablednurse
    You need to let her take the heat for her own additions to the care plans. I was the mds nurse for 8 years before I had to quit and I let activities answer to the surveyors for their own sections. If they did not have approaches, that was their problem. I had all I could say grace over trying to get mine correct. She should have more activities going on than that. Our activities director where I worked had one on one activities where she would read to them or talk to them about what they used to do or she would have music for them or let them listen to books on tapes, but the AD put this in the care plans themselves. Nursing did nursing and activities did activities.