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  1. Burglar wins lottery, but keeps day job

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Published on: 05/07/04

    Carlos Sola decided to keep his job after he won a Georgia Lottery jackpot-$1,000 a week for life.

    His occupation? Burglar.

    In April 2002, Sola was awaiting trial for stealing $40,000 in coins and jewelry from an Austell home when he hit it big in the Win For Life scratch-off game.

    Cobb County Superior Court Judge S. Lark Ingram took note of his good fortune and allowed a plea deal that included three years in prison, provided the first $40,000 of his winnings went to repay his victims.

    So when Sola's first annual payment came last May-$34,840 after taxes-he was behind bars and didn't get a dime.

    He got out on probation in August but returned to his old line of work. He was arrested in December for the burglary of a Smyrna home.

    Back in prison until at least 2005, Sola is due his second annual lottery check this month: $34,840, less $5,160 for restitution from his earlier conviction. He can keep the rest.

    "It's funny," his attorney Henry Thompson said Friday, "but it's also really sad."
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  3. by   nurseygrrl
    Boy, life is SO unfair!