May 1st 2009 May Day

  1. Never really celebrated May Day, but I know they do so in some places.

    Going to school today to help with orientation of the incoming class. It's something I've always done and wanted to do one last time before graduating. Also got to head to work to get my TB test read and I'm going to try to meet a friend for lunch downtown. We'll see if I can get through all that.

    Tomorrow I have my morning class and work, a busy day. Sunday my dad's going to a baseball game with my sister's family, so I might go to the gardens then. Looks like we'll have a couple days free of rain.
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  3. by   Medic2RN
    Sounds like you have a busy day planned, Joe!

    I'm surfing the net, waiting on a tile contractor to come and look at my kitchen. Then DS and I are off to the gym for a good sweat! I have to fit a bit of house cleaning and reading for my TNCC class. Hubby is working a straight 40hr 2 day work "week", so I'm on my own for the next couple of days.

    Have a great start to your May everyone!!
  4. by   Grace Oz
    Greetings Joe and Medic .......... and also all who follow.

    It's actually almost 1am saturday here! I'm late going to bed tonight!
    I was determined to write a couple of emails before hitting the hay, and I'm pleased I accomplished that. But now ..... now it really is time for me to get to bed!

    Enjoy your friday!
  5. by   nursemary9

    good morning,my friends,

    nothing much going on here at work this morning-----it is still morning, tho not much longer!!
    i have the blah's today!! wish i was back home & in bed!!
    caregiver says mom is not taking any food today, only sips of .
    ds & her family driving out next week from virginia, unless they need to come sooner, which they may have to do.

    sat. i have a nail appt & right after, dh & i will go sit with mom; db 7 sil will go over to the bank & take out mom's papers so we can go over them & figure them out. maybe later sat. we'll go over for some mexican food.

    well, need to get some work done.
    see you all later
    mary ann
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi and Happy May Day!

    We used to leave baskets of flowers/goodies on peoples doorsteps when I was a kid . .. and there was a May Pole at school too.

    Today is my father-in-law's 85th birthday - we are having a pizza party tonight for him. Then on Sunday after church we are having cake and ice cream with the congregation.

    Medic . . .what is the deal with that avatar of flames? And good for you for working out - I need some motivation!!

    Joe - I like it when someone helps orient a new class Gives them advice on pitfalls, etc.

    Grace - I was up until 1 a.m. last night too! Went to a play with my son and then watched tv, played on the computer, etc.

    Mary Ann - prayers said for you and your family.

    I think I'll go take a walk . . since the rain seems to have stopped . . .

  7. by   zuzi
    Hey Good morning, yup is morning, looool. No so sleepy but still.... a strong triple shot coffe will be a good ideea...I stayed late in the night reading a book about broken know is hard to help someone if she/he dosen't want to be helped... .. or you have different visons about help.....rule number one... we need to be us, our self, just as we are, personality modifications are the worst nightmare to anyone, and hard to be treated, and make a mess around.... long story... second you need to stay in balance with your self... as you are... and third, live your balanced life, just as it is... is hard huh? LOOOOOOOL. Let's play...strong strong song for strong, balanced, people who know who they really are, hugs!

    Let's sing with "my boyfriend", loool

    Need to search the next concert...
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  8. by   jnette
    Greetings !

    Have been awol for several days.. it's been a busy week. Mutti's BP has still been way too high, the extra dose of lopressor doesn't seem to be doing anything but dropping her HR by about 20 bpm. :stone

    She used to always be in the mid-high 70's, now it's in the low 50's. Grrrrr.

    The yesterday she had a major code brown on dh.. bigtime diarrhea (which she NEVER has unless on a potent abx).. she's always totally constipated.. luck if she goes once a week, stool softeners and all.. and then hard as a brick still. But yesterday, she pooped all over herself and dh had to get her into the bathroom with all that mess running down her legs and jerk off all her clothes and give her a bath... what a disaster ! Poor guy.

    Work has been chaotic, too... helped a lot this week with photo editing for our marketing package we are sending out.. took my laptop to work several days to do the photo editing. The package turned out GREAT, and we're really proud of it !

    So now it's weekend time. Had a nice White Russian when I got in tonight to celebrate the start of the weekend.

    Hope it's pretty out tomorrow.. dh bought some flowers to set out, and I will be dragging out my pots and stands, etc, from the basement to set around the backyard fountain, along with my other yard pretties. I want to fully enjoy the day. Did 2 loads of wash this evening when I got in and hung them out, so I won't have that to fool with tomorrow. Yay.

    Well... guess I'll head to bed here in a few... been a long week. Looking forward to snuggling with my Minnie Dog tomorrow morning, then having a leisurely coffee on the front porch before getting Mutti up.

    Mary... I'm so sorry to hear your dear Mother is doing so poorly. Truly I am. I know how painful this is for you. (((gentle hugs)))
  9. by   dianah
    Jnette, good to see you here!
    I hope you have a relaxing, satisfying weekend!
    (your poor dh, with the code brown!!! )
    When is Mutti's next MD appt, for re-eval of that BP????
    I'm with you: don't like it ATALL!!!

    Hugs to you, Mary Ann.

    Hello Steph, zuzi, Grace, Joe and Medic!

    Well we had a pacemaker case come up at 3pm today!
    Pt in the ED with 2nd degree Type II, and the Cardiologist said pt was switching back and forth between RBBB and LBBB, so she was worried about the pt.
    So, we stayed late to put it in.

    Dh and I drive to Fresno in the morning (about a 4-hr drive) to meet some friends and help w/some music at a Sat nite vespers.
    Then we'll jam!
    Sun morning we'll return home, to do the chores.

    Y'all have a good one!
  10. by   zuzi
    i was going on the streets today and i look on people.. and i asked myself... when here are so woanderfull thinks and places..... why some people just could not enjoy of them, why they could not be happy in all this beautifullness? me, like a foreign nurse that i am and fell it everyday day, every hour how differnt i am....... i wish to have your cultural background and to just enjoy thinks on their beuaty, the beuaty as i see it with my own eyes. to give you an exemple... i meet an old friend... hey, hey, nice to meet you again... a sweety one... warm heart, easy to stay and talk with her, i fell perfect comfortable with her... for me is a beauty, her soul and heart and eyes are beauty a perfect blue-purple eyes heartbeat... well... i don't know how to keep contacts here, i am scared of people are in another way that i use to know i smiled trying to be on a neutral polite position to not say nothing more or less just to be impartial... so she went.
    my dh told me ..."a soo nice lady, with a soo good soul you can seen in her nice eyes, is your friend?" weeeeeeell...not really, why you didn't keep contact with her? i don't have her phone? why? because i was scarred to ask her, to not take it in another way....i don't know....
    if it was in my own language/culture was easy, but here is hard to make contacts, friends and to don't look bad in the others eyes, or they can laugh behind you, special when they look one each other in a special way and you realize that somenthing that you don't understand is in the air... and they make you to fell just bad... so..i let pass....

    but one in all you guys are so lucky that you grow up here...with all these amazing thinks around and for me is a pleasure and an enchantement to discover one by one.... amazing thinks......

    the last amazing think is a band...because i am in love with american country songs, folk, bluegrass and all others... so i discoverd the dixie chicks... amazing... just in love with all of them, loooool. need also to add them on my concerts list. a very very very controversial band... but like all contriversed thinks, loooool, zuzi love it! looool

    have a good night let's sing the dixie chicks - long time gone

    and when they sang goodbye earl i seen my mom, me, my granny, all my friends, from here and there and lot of other women singing togheter and enjoying the song because is just a song... but a funny nice one, and make them to fell a little much more stronger togheter, poor gurls......looooool , is how i perceived the song, me, like a foreign woman, a funny awarness song...never touch a woman! neither with a word, looooool, protect the women, be good with them.

    i have couple of friends over the sea need to send them the song to use in their campaign against women soooooo good, looool!

    have a good night!
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